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Did you know that according to a national survey, over 75% of consumers that receive marketing postcards in the mail, not only read them but keeps them for weeks or more?

With this in mind, it just makes sense for real estate postcards to be a part of your marketing strategy. The following are three tricks to help you begin winning big with postcard marketing.

Direct response marketing

The intent of direct response marketing is to elicit a measured and often emotional response from your prospects. Methods used to trigger this response include a call to action, a question or something that compels your audience to reply.

A great example of direct response marketing using a question is shown in one of our Expired Postcards. The postcard reads, “Did you know more than 90% of people who have had the misfortune of having their listing expire change agents to help improve their ability to sell sooner rather than later?” Quoting statistics is a great way to lend credibility to a point you are making.

Another direct response option is educating your prospect, by raising their awareness and showing your expertise. An example of this is shown in one of our Market Quote Postcards. It reads, “Statistics show the typical FSBO home sold for $210,000, compared to $249,000 for agent-assisted home sales. A professional will net you more!”  Again, the use of statistics helps validate the statement.

The last direct response example uses a “call-to-action” that gives your prospect an exciting reason to contact you that benefits them personally. An example of this is demonstrated in our Free Offer Postcards. These postcards contain offers for a “Free Home Market Analysis”, “Free Home Lists” or a “Free Home Equity Analysis”. Providing exactly what the consumer is in need of and at no cost to them makes it easy for them to raise their hand.

Keep in mind, although you may be tempted to send a postcard with a beautiful image and/or saying, because it’s simple and you know it will be readily accepted, be careful it’s not your only choice, specifically over compelling direct response content.

Most of all, remember a postcard has limited, valuable real estate available on the front and back. So make the most of this space with the right images and copy to drive home your point and gain your audience’s attention.

If you decide to create your own postcard, make sure to ask yourself the question, are you using copy and images that will evoke a response from your prospects?

If you speak to the heart of what your target audience is thinking and feeling, you will create a connection that makes people want to reach out to you.


Begin your strategic marketing by sending out compelling postcards to a designated area and then do it, again and again. Because this is how often you need to “show up” in your prospect’s mailbox and in their lives to make an impact.

I can not stress this strategy enough due to the positive impact it will have over time. In fact, among other things, it signals to your prospects that you have a quality brand and service.

University of Wyoming’s Anthony McGann and Raymond Marquardt researched the effects of repeat advertising. They found that businesses that advertised with high rates of repetition tend to be rated as “high quality” in consumer report studies.

In addition, the results of another study published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that consumers think that products and services repeatedly advertised are “good purchase choices”.

Consequently don’t waste time, effort and marketing dollars on a one-hit mailing because it will not have a worthwhile return on investment or positive long-term effect.

Finally, if you are not consistently seen in your targeted market through marketing, consider what message you are sending to your prospects about your level of commitment? Success comes to those who show up over and over again with the right message, the right attitude and the right promise of service.

A powerful database 

Your mailing list is not just a compiled list of names and addresses. It represents the lifeblood of your business. And it includes people that, if cared for and kept in touch with, will take care of you for your entire career.

In fact, studies show that one out of twelve on this list will result in a transaction each year. This means a list of 200 will provide you 17 transactions per year. That is if you give them the attention they deserve, by consistently and effectively staying in touch.

Therefore, to keep your list information organized and easy to access choose a database program. But don’t stop with inputting just names, addresses, and phone numbers, also get personal with your entries.  Aren’t you impressed when someone remembers your name, asks about your children, spouse, and hobbies?

This is why your database should include spouse and children’s names and don’t forget special interests, likes, dislikes, and personality styles. Begin the habit of contacting your list at least three times a year. Over time you’ll be able to feed more personal details into your database.

free offer postcard series

Finally, don’t forget about the mailing lists you get when you purchase a Just Listed Postcard. Every time you send a postcard out and do a radial or neighborhood search, for the perfect mailing list – that list is yours to keep. Use it to continue to build that prized book of business. Add these individuals to your database and start building a relationship with them.

For more ideas on how to create a powerful database, download our Free BusinessBASE book.  It’s an informative and free resource that explains exactly how to grow your database effectively. And contains information that applies to both short-term and long-term career success.

Start applying these success tricks now. Send the Free Market Analysis Offer postcard from our Free Offer Series to at least 100 new prospects in an area where you want more listings.

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The Answer? Only If You USE Them!

By Julie Escobar

Can we start with how cool our customers are? They are always there to share ideas and what’s working in today’s markets and we so appreciate it.  We know other agents do as well, because while most like hearing from industry coaches and experts, sometimes hearing what other agents just like you are doing is a just what you need most. just sold card

That’s why we wanted to showcase some of what our awesome customers have shared with us that could work for you too!

After sending out my monthly cards, I received 3 calls!!! – Marlene Shelton Giles

I received an email with Just Listed postcards on my new listing from Prospects PLUS!. I changed the copy a bit to announce my first open house sneak preview for the neighborhood. The turnout for the Open House was awesome, and I got an offer from one of the neighbor’s family members within a week later! Thanks! – Margie D’Anna BirchIluxury cards

The first time I used ProspectsPLUS! just listed post cards it was a winner. I received several calls within the first month for new listings and I’ve already ordered my second set. Thanks so much for making my job a little easier. I also donated to my favorite charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. – Kathy Christian Reynolds

Prospect PLUS! was a great way to send out my Just Closed Postcard. I was able to also add my lenders information so future clients will know that we work as a multi photo cardsteam to get the home and the loan that is right for them. – Sasanna Strozier‎

I have been very impressed with the service I get through ProspectsPLUS. I just started implementing Just Listed/Just Sold cards and have gotten two listings; what an amazing return on my investment. I also enjoy the engagement I get from you with your catalogs and Jumbo postcard discount card. Market Dominator is next for my farm! – Duane Wright Realty

ProspectsPLUS! is a great tool for Realtors® everywhere! Their variety of products and services is perfect for any of your real estate needs. I have ordered a number of different postcards and have never been disappointed. The content is effective and gets results! Also a huge fan of their Master Marketing Schedule and the fun ideas for social media sharing. Highly recommend. – Brittany Bairexpired door hanger

I decided to try something new so I ordered Expired Listing door hangers instead of making cold colds or sending out letters. I ordered them on a Thursday evening, and the package was at my office on Monday morning. That was standard delivery. That’s fast! I spent Monday morning putting out the door hangers. This is Thursday. I’ve had 5 listing appointments and 4 new listings as a result. WOW! Thank you ProspectsPLUS! for designing incredibly professional artwork and allowing me to edit/make content changes online. I’ve found my new go-to advertising source. You guys rock! Thank you so much! – Wanda Bond

I found while searching online for prospecting material. I’m glad I did.  I placed my order and received it promptly. Love the door hangers. So professional looking and great price. I was so excited that I referred a friend who placed an order. Then, the next thing I just listed door hangerknow I’m being sent a $25 gift card because of my friend’s order! Thanks and I’m ready to place another order and spread the word about! – Landa White

Wow! I ordered postcards to mail to a 55+ complex that included recent sales and existing sales. Within two weeks, I had two listings from my mailing and I couldn’t be happier! Because of ProspectsPLUS!, I had the opportunity to work with a client from another state to help him sell his mother’s condo. It was listed and sold within two weeks. I will use them on a regular basis! – Sandy Schafer Hayford

We love hearing from our customers and we are always thrilled to give away $400 or more each month in gift cards to those agents who join in the conversation and share their strategies on our Google+ Page and our Facebook Page.  If you haven’t joined in the fun yet, please head over to one or the other of those today and share your story!  You could be one of our next winners.

You may also want to head over to our Master Marketing Schedule and see what’s in store for the rest of this month and all the fun fall ideas we have for you as well.  This week’s tip is to send the Hello Autumn postcard from the Holiday Series to your Sphere-of- Influence.

Need help getting started? We’ve got you covered! Head over to or call our marketing team at 866.405.3638 today and they’ll put you on a path to marketing success!



Three Easy Steps to Success

By Jim Schimpf

Ease of doing business is the name of the game in 2017. For those looking to buy a house, for example, the most information needs to get to them in the fastest way possible.

Millennials are starting to buy houses, and that generation has become accustomed to instant information. They expect that any information they receive is complete and worth their time. When they find their dream home, they don’t want to wait several days to find out whether they can afford it or how much they can afford to offer on the house. You don’t want to lose a hard-earned new client because they don’t have the right mortgage broker.

REALTORS® are constantly marketing to find leads on new homes. Whether it’s sending postcards, updating websites or posting on social media, the need to get your word out is constant. Your success is based on three major areas – sourcing actionable leads, developing strong branding and following up to close prospects.

Mortgage brokers go through the same process, so why not combine your efforts to land the client and then follow that client through the whole process? The process will be seamless, and you’ll have a complete picture come closing day.

Follow these three simple steps to work more closely with mortgage brokers and close on more properties:

  1. Develop relationships with mortgage brokers. You may have one or several brokers whom you work with. Having a broker you trust and who has a large variety of products available gives you confidence when referring clients. You know that if any issues arise, the broker will let you know so you can work it out together.  The client knows and trusts you so, by extension, he or she feels comfortable with the broker you recommend and doesn’t have to waste time searching for a lender. Additionally, by having just a few lenders in mind, you know what types of loans they offer. No matter the buyer’s situation, you should have a broker to refer them to.
  2.  Combine your marketing efforts, and co-brand. Develop a marketing plan together, and make sure your marketing materials have a cohesive look so buyers will immediately associate the two of you. Every dollar that either of you spends on marketing will magically go twice as far. Buyers will trust that your communication will be intact through the whole process.  Share your ad space and your leads. Communication is your top priority in this relationship. If you choose to use postcards for your marketing, social media, word of mouth or even radio advertising, be sure to mention your access to the broker, and make sure the broker is referring new leads back to you. You each have different sources for new leads so, by combining your efforts, you each double your actionable leads.
  3.  Communicate through the whole process. From the time you start working with a new lead until closing, you and the mortgage broker should keep in touch so everyone knows the status of the loan. Surprises at closing are the worst-case-scenario. You want good, clear communication from beginning to end so you never have to wonder about the status of the project. This communication can lead to faster closings, and who doesn’t want that?

Co-marketing is the wave of the future. More and more buyers are looking for “one-stop” shopping and referrals. Everyone’s time is valuable, so help speed up the process. Combine your efforts for ease of doing business, and everyone wins.

NOTE:  Co-branding is NOT allowable in every market. Please check with your broker or attorney before starting this strategy to ensure that it is an acceptable form of marketing for your area.

Learn more by visiting or by calling our team at 866.405.3638.

Staying Top of Mind With Your Sphere

by Julie Escobar

Consistency is key when marketing, but agents call us every week to ask, “What should I send?” So, we put together three suggestions to get you started.

  1. Holiday Postcards:  This week’s Master Marketing Schedule tip is to send your St. Patrick’s Day postcards to your sphere of influence.  Agents love Holiday cards because they are timely, can be easily customized with a fun message, and the consistency (sending one per month) is just what the doctor ordered for staying top of mind.  Just be sure to order the first class option for speedier delivery. Our St. Patrick’s Day postcard and Daylight Savings postcards are perfect for reaching out to that top tier of customers on your list in March. 
  2. Animal II Series:  There’s a reason the internet is filled with puppies and kittens.  They make people smile. As our friend Darryl Davis talks about – that’s one BIG key to building rapport and making connections with people – giving them reasons to SMIILE! We’ve recently added this new series option to our offerings because of agent demand.  You can look for many additional cards to be added to this series over the next few months.
  3. Market Quote Series:  This series is growing as well and is an easy way to communicate some of what’s going on in the market right now, and have a little fun!

To get the most from your postcard campaign follow these steps: 

  • Pick a postcard.
  • Choose a size.
  • Choose first-class delivery for holiday postcards, and your choice of delivery options for non-time sensitive postcards.
  • Choose the pre-written copy – or better yet, customize the back of the card with a message of your own. You can offer an item of value, invite customers to an event such as a home buying or selling workshop, or just send them well wishes.
  • Upload your sphere of influence list:  those who know you, like you and trust you. This list is usually compiled from your friends, family, acquaintances and past customers.  Statistically, if you stay in touch with these folks every month, one in twelve should produce a listing, sale or referral to you per year! If you need a list of the 250 people who should be in your sphere, head over to our resources page and dowload our BusinessBASE.
  • Use a promo code to save 10%! Here are the top postcard promo codes for the current month:
    • VAL10S – standard size, mailed First-Class
    • VAL10J – jumbo size, mailed First-Class
    • VAL10P – panoramic size, mailed First-Class
    • VAL10JSC – jumbo size, mailed Standard-Class
    • VAL10PSC – panoramic size, mailed Standard-Class

Next, a fun tip to help you have more fun with your sphere and farm:  Be sure to check in weekly to our Master Marketing Schedule. In the next few weeks you’ll see Pistachio Day, Dentist Day, Salesperson Day, Doctor Day, Pi Day and more. What do these all have in common?  Each includes interesting and fun ways to connect with the folks in your market and differentiate yourself from your competitors! Find out how! 

Need more help? Call our team at 866.405.3638! They’re happy to assist!