Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ready to Finish This Year Strong? 

Well, I have a highly effective marketing technique to help with that – Door Hangers.

You know what’s great about Door Hangers? Aside from affordability. When you are out hanging them, there is a good chance you will run into the very people you are trying to get to know better (what is not to love about that)?

Plus, they’re a tangible that the homeowner can touch and feel and save for future reference – perfect!

Are you currently in search of MORE listing inventory? Great! Compel sellers to pick up the phone and call you by offering a Free Home Market Analysis with the Free Offer Door Hanger Series.

Or Hang the Ready to Sell Door Hanger or I Have More Buyers Door Hanger on their doors to peak their interest and get them excited about selling.

Do you have an Open House coming up? Congrats! Hang an Open House Series Door Hanger on the doors in the surrounding neighborhood to get the word out.

Whatever niche you plan to go after, there is a targeted Door Hanger available. We even offer FSBO and Expired Door Hangers too.

The September Challenge: Choose your areas of focus, then order 100 Door Hangers and make a commitment to get all 100 Door Hangers hung in the month of September.

Post your story of how you got Door Hangers hung on doors during the month of September on our Facebook page with the hashtag #doorhangerchallenge

By the way, the prize for the most fun/clever story is a $250.00 ProspectsPLUS! Gift Card!

Are you up for the challenge? GO NOW!

Agent Strategy Challenge Do-Over

Our October Strategy Challenge was such a hit we are hitting it again. It’s an Agent Strategy Challenge Do-Over!

And Guess What? If you entered this challenge in October – You’re still entered for a chance to win in November!!

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

As we said last month, there is no better real estate agent marketing strategist than YOU! You are in the trenches, fighting the fight every day, win, lose or draw. Therefore, get in on this challenge and post one of your marketing strategies on our Facebook Page in the comments with the hashtag #agentstrategychallenge for your chance to win.

This is the perfect win-win scenario. Your strategy will help inspire others to continue pushing hard to finish the year strong. And, you have a chance to win the first prize, $250 ProspectsPLUS! Gift Card!

To Enter:
  1. Post one of your marketing strategies on our facebook page in the comments.
  2. Use hashtag #Agentstrategychallenge in your post (that’s it).

Are you in? Then, don’t wait. Share your strategy now, Go Now!


Take your team along and create a plan of attack that includes breaking up the canvassing in sections. Then blitz the neighborhood from all sides and begin the process of branding the area and officially introducing everyone to the new area experts.

REMINDER: 12 days left in the September Doorhanger Challenge!

TO ENTER: Do your best to hang 100 door hangers during the month of September and post your story on our facebook page using #doorhangerchallenge

The winner of the best story receives a $250 ProspectsPLUS! Gift Card!

Top agents don’t listen to nay-sayers. The people that say “that won’t work”. They dig in. Find the possibilities. Embrace the opportunities.  Make it happen.

A new week ahead. Are you ready to knock it out of the park?  If so, let’s go!

Remember the 3-7-27 Rule of Branding. 

  • It takes 3 touches for someone to remember your name.
  • 7 touches for them to put your name with your business.
  • 27 for your name and business to become a brand.

How many VIPs in your Sphere of Influence can you reach out to today to get closer to your goals?

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Don’t miss out! Remember to jump into our big contest this week!