Thursday, January 21, 2021

    Congratulations Donna Perri on being our $100 ProspectsPLUS! Gift Card Winner!

    Donna shared this story regarding her experience using marketing pieces from ProspectsPLUS!,

    “I send 150-250 Just Sold postcards on each sale and I have quickly become the expert in my target area. One listing/sale led to four within three months. ProspectsPLUS is my secret weapon!

    Donna recently sent out postcards from a Just Sold Series (below).

    Just Sold postcards

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      If you’ve been in the real estate business for at least 5 years, congratulations! It’s a testament to your tenacity.

      If you’re still struggling to achieve the level of success you desire, you’re not alone. However, now is the time to put the past behind you and start off 2021 committed to making your real estate business dreams a reality.

      You can do this by executing at least one of the following 2021 New Year’s resolutions listed below.

      Or adopt them all and truly DOMINATE IN 2021!

      1. Resolve to let go of old expectations

      Remember your pre-agent days when you thought that, to make the big bucks, all a real estate agent had to do was buy a fancy car, dress like Serhant, and schmooze with folks?

      Not only that, but there’s no boss in charge of your workday. You can come and go as you like and it won’t matter to anyone. Your pocketbook may take a hit, but you’re free and in control of your life.

      Here’s a sample of some additional rookie agent assumptions and expectations:

      • Your broker will supply you with what you need to become wildly successful.
      • You’ll receive expert training on the day-to-day business aspects of real estate.
      • You are not accountable for your success.
      • You can work short days and weeks, take lots of vacations and still make a killing in real estate as a newbie.

      If you still harbor any of these misconceptions, do yourself a favor and let them go. They aren’t serving you or your business growth.

      2. Promise yourself to pursue more listings in 2021

      Why? Because “when you list, you last.”

      Sure, buyers are abundant in the current market and finding a homeowner willing to sell is like trying to find gold in a silver mine.

      But if you’re going to focus on one area of your business in 2021, and you hope to be wildly successful without putting in so many hours that you become a stranger to family and friends, concentrating on becoming a listing agent is critical.

      Yeah, it’s a bit like trying to eat an elephant, but start slow and start small, taking one bite at a time.

      3. Resolve to enter the new year with a solid marketing plan

      Every business needs a roadmap for the upcoming year. You have goals and objectives, right? To meet them, you’ll need to know how to get there and your marketing plan will guide you.

      Check Out These 2021 Free Marketing Tools to Help You achieve Your Goals:
      And, Don’t Forget the 2021 Game-changer – The NEW Master Marketing Magazine

      It’s the ultimate educational and inspirational guide for real estate agents that are ready to catapult their business to the next level.

      The New Master Marketing Magazine is overflowing with highly effective real estate marketing tactics and easy, actionable steps.

      Be sure to waste no time turning to the ProspectsPLUS! first time ever, “3 EXTRA CLOSINGS A YEAR GUARANTEE” on Page 5. It’s a 100% risk-free offer for you that could be transformative for your real estate business!

      Make sure the contents of this magazine are a “MUST INCLUDE” in your 2021 marketing success plan.

      A Few Surprises That Await You Inside the Magazine Include:
      • The 50 people to add to your sphere to get more referrals
      • 7 local market opportunities in your area right now
      • How to prove you’re the neighborhood expert & dominate
      • Go from one new listing to becoming a market maker
      • How to use Direct Response Reports to get more listings
      • How to uncover a goldmine with absentee owners
      • And, more…

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      Here’s wishing you a prosperous 2021!

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        PLUS: When you have time…here are some helpful resources we’ve made available to support your success.

        1. The Free 12 Month Done-For-You Strategic Marketing Plan

        The Real Estate Marketing Planner is a powerful 12-Month-Guide that strategically defines what marketing to do when. Four key market segments are included, Niche Marketing, Get More Listings, Geographic Farming, and Sphere of Influence. –Click Here

        2.Become a Neighborhood Brand

        Become branded in a specific neighborhood with a 12X15 marketing piece sent automatically each month to an exclusive carrier route. Watch this video to learn more or Click Here.

        3. The Free Real Estate Mailing List Guide

        This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Real-Estate-Mailing-List-Guide2-3-D-999x1024.jpg

        The Real Estate Mailing List Guide outlines the top tools for generating targeted prospecting lists including Baby Boomers, Empty Nesters, Investors, Lifestyle Interests, High-Income Renters, Move-Up Markets, and more. The Guide also defines done-for-you marketing campaigns to match these markets. –Click Here

        4. The Free One-Page Real Estate Business Plan

        This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Business-Plan-3D-Book-New1-270x300.png

        Treat your business like a business it is vital to long-term success in this industry. Some agents may put together elaborate business plans, yet there’s something powerful about keeping it simple. Check out our one page Online Real Estate Business Plan.  – Click Here

        5. Become a Listing Legend Free eBook 

        This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Become-A-Listing-Legend-3D-Book-White-274x300.jpg

        Ready to take a vertical leap in your real estate career? If you’re looking for inspiration…and the tools and methods to dominate a market and go to the top in real estate…you’ll find them in this free book. – Click Here

        6. The Free Online ROI Calculator

        This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ROI-calculator-b-233x300.jpg

        Consistency and automation are the keys to success. Discover how effective direct mail marketing can dramatically increase your bottom line. Enter your statistics in our Free online ROI Calculator and click the ‘CALCULATE MY ROI’ button to see your results instantly! –Click Here

        7. The Free Real Estate Marketing Guide “CRUSH IT” 

        This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CRUSH-IT-Guide-3-d-298x300.jpg

        The “Crush It” Guide includes easy steps to launching an effective direct mail marketing campaign, how to create a targeted prospect list, the perfect way to layout marketing materials for success, seven opportunities available to target in your area right now. –Click Here

          Wishing you and those you love a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

          We are sincerely grateful to have you as a client.

          Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.

          From your Team at ProspectsPLUS!

          New Master Marketing Magazine

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