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ProspectsPLUS! continues to press forward to bring top quality training, products and resources to their clients and the real estate industry as a whole. To that end, they announce the August launch of a new series of Master Marketing Webinars.

Spotlighting many of the company’s top producing systems and strategies, agents will find these interactive learning opportunities filled with hands-on how-tos and fresh ideas. Simple to sign up, and free during this introductory period, ProspectsPLUS! President Jim Morton explained, “Our intent has always been to continuously fuel our customers with the right information for their markets, and the right marketing tools for the right people at the right time. We are asked by real estate professionals weekly for additional training and implementation tools to make their jobs easier and more effective in a tightening economy, and we are honored to accept that responsibility.”

Our 2007 Schedule is as follows:

October 22: The BusinessBASE” presented by Tanja Kor
Are you building your book of business to the point where you could sell it when you are ready? Do you want the number one way to grow your referral base and know for certain each year that you have a guaranteed income level based on successfully putting the influence in your sphere? Better still, how would you like a guaranteed 6 extra commissions in the next 12 months by utilizing this tool? Tune in to learn the ins and outs of effective BusinessBASE” management.

October 29th: ProspectsPLUS! 101 presented by Billy Allen
A beginner’s course on how to fully utilize your ProspectsPLUS! software, including setup and placing your first postcard order.

November 12: FSBO Conference Calls” presented by Todd Robertson
We know that better than 80% of all FSBOs eventually list with an agent – right? Join us to learn how this unique system successfully allows you to become the ‘go-to’ resource in your market!

November 26: Data Mining presented by Allan MacKenzie
Savvy agents know that the secret to success in a quickly shifting market is to be as laser-targeted as possible in your marketing. Join us to learn how our data mining strategies can help you finely tune your prospect search, open new niche markets to grow your sphere of influence and win 9 out of 10 listing presentations!

December 10: Working with Expireds presented by Mike O’Boyle
More and more as our market normalizes agents find themselves facing expired listings. How can you turn this particular prospect base into a gold mine for your business? Tune in to learn some of the best strategies in the industry for doing just that!

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FSBOs looking for help will participate in conference calls—if they
can phone in anonymously!

by Mike O’Boyle, National Speaker, Regional Director

Want a creative way to work For Sale By Owners without the worries of do-notcall violations? The FSBO conference call is a powerful guerilla-marketing tool that will put you in touch with a lot of prospects.

According to the Texas Profi le of Homebuyers and Sellers, 16% of sellers in 2004 sold their home without using an agent—up from 11% in 2003, and higher than the national average of 14%. This survey also found that challenges for FSBOs include selling within the time planned, preparing the home for sale, attracting buyers, understanding paperwork, and getting the price right. Clearly, many people who sell their home on their own could benefi t from your help.

Knowing that a large number of FSBOs will eventually list their homes for sale with a real estate agent, why not try a rejection-free approach that will literally get FSBOs to call you? This is a creative, easy, cost-effective, and painless strategy that will get your phone to ring and increase your listing inventory. A word of caution: This tool isn’t for everyone. But if you are the type of person who believes in the magic of creating a relationship first and making the sale later, you’ll love this!

How can I get FSBOs to call me?
Contact your local telephone company or look in the yellow pages under conference call and fi nd out how to set up a conference call. There are many companies offering conference-call technology. You will receive a special phone number and instructions, which probably will include a password for folks calling into the conference call.

Create and print fliers letting FSBOs know that they can participate in a free, anonymous 30-minute conference call each week to help them sell their homes. Let them know what day and time to call and any instructions they need to join the conference call. Try not to pick a time and day of the week that confl ict with a popular TV series or major sporting events. Distribute your fliers/invitations to as many FSBOs as you can fi nd—the more the better. You can also place the fl iers on local bulletin boards in your area. Grocery stores, home-improvement stores, and shopping centers are all great places to start (and all places where FSBOs often advertise their homes). You can even search the Internet for FSBOs by going to Google and searching on the phrase for sale by owner and the name of your city. (For the best results, put for sale by owner in quotes and the name of your city outside the quotes.) Several Web sites will show up where FSBOs are advertising their homes for sale. You will be surprised how many of these Web sites actually display the FSBO e-mail addresses right on the site!

Now, for zero cost you can e-mail your fl ier directly to FSBOs with an invitation to participate in your free For Sale By Owner conference call each week. (Make sure that your e-mail subject line contains ADV:, you include your return e-mail address and postal address, have a means to unsubscribe, and comply with all other state and federal e-mail rules.

Your flier should let FSBOs know that they can talk with other people selling their homes on their own, and they can talk with you, one of the area’s top real estate professionals (or however you brand yourself).

What will you talk about?
Your job during this call is simply to carry the conversation. Thank your callers for joining in and let them know you are available for private consultation if they’d like to call you directly. Have a prepared list of subjects you plan to talk about and a list of sample questions they may want to discuss.

Offer free advice on what they can do in the next few days to help sell their home. Here are just a few examples of free information you can offer the participants of your call:

  • Selecting the right price to attract the most buyers
  • Making the right improvements to avoid wasting money on unnecessary, unprofitable projects
  • Advertising tips, so you don’t waste money
  • Preparing your home for a good showing
  • Holding a great open house
  • Qualifying buyers to separate them from lookers.

Now, imagine you were a caller. What would you ask? What would you want to know about selling your home?

  • What kind of financing alternatives may be offered
  • What to do when a buyer wants to make an offer
  • How to counteroffer without jeopardizing the sale
  • How to negotiate effectively for a better offer
  • Who to contact to help close the sale.

You can also invite guest speakers, such as loan officers, home inspectors, or real estate attorneys to discuss specific topics relating to the sale of a home. You can ask your guest speakers to pay for the cost of the call that week in exchange for the opportunity to market their services to home sellers.

Think about this example—even if a FSBO does sell his home on his own, the buyer will need a loan from somebody. If the buyer is not pre-qualified, and the FSBO can politely recommend the loan officer from the call for immediate pre-qualification, that certainly would be worthwhile for that mortgage professional. It also would be worthwhile for the FSBO, who does not have to waste time on unqualified buyers.

Throughout the conference call, offer free services. A price analysis, an equity analysis, or a FSBO first aid kit usually works well. What’s in a FSBO first aid kit? You can include information or advice to help the sellers sell their property, like a marketing plan, home-staging advice, negotiating tips, etc. These items may encourage the FSBO to invite you to show them how you can sell homes quickly and for top-dollar.

Finally, wrap up your call by asking the participants to call back and report their results to you and discuss new topics next week. This is a great way to build FSBO confidence and eventually gain their business.

Will FSBOs call in?
You bet they will, and here’s why:

  • It’s free
  • It’s anonymous
  • It’s more comfortable to them than meeting face to face with a real estate agent
  • Anybody with a touch-tone phone can call in from any location.

In fact, you can moderate the conference call from the comfort of your own home while you’re wearing pajamas and eating your favorite ice cream.

This is a definite “give before you get” proposition, so be patient. If you expect immediate results, you will be disappointed. Often, there will be a few people on the line who will not talk. After a couple of calls, most people will feel more comfortable and will chime in. It’s a beautiful thing when FSBOs begin sharing their horror stories of “an open house gone bad” with first-time callers.

Keep in mind that while some For Sale By Owners may successfully sell their homes on their own, many will decide to list with an agent. Your value proposition in exchange for offering this free service is that you are simply asking that should the time come when they do decide to list, you hope they will think of you. If they do sell on their own, perhaps you can help them with the purchase of their new home.

Remember to ask everyone on your calls for referrals.

Could this strategy be worth an extra listing (or two or three) per month to you? Set up the call, invite as many FSBOs as you can, and find out.

Mike O’Boyle is regional director with ProspectsPLUS! a personal real estate marketing software company endorsed by CRS. He has trained with industry experts including Floyd Wickman, Dave Beson, and Bill Barrett, and has delivered more than 1,500 talks nationwide helping real estate professionals make more money with proven tools and techniques. You can book him for your event at 972-772-8331,, or

Three Systems for Success

By Todd Robertson, National Speaker – Regional Director, Prospects
This is it!  Now is the time that you are going to meet and exceed your recruiting goals, right?  You’re fired up, competition is pulling back because of market conditions and you are ready to capture those talented agents and lost market share that hang in the balance!

Congratulations, you are officially in Phase One of the Four Phases of Recruiting, the “Enthusiasm/Exhaustion” Phase.  Don’t get me wrong, enthusiasm is crucial, and a necessary, vital tool in attracting the right kind of people to your organization, it is just difficult to maintain long-term without the right momentum.  Enter Phase Two of the process which is the “Work for It Phase” which describes most of the recruiting population who are operating on sheer will and work ethic.  Again, viable traits when sustaining long term forward movement, but you need something more.  You need a shot of the “work smarter, not harder” tools that will give you the highest level of success.

Let us explore the third “Systems in Place Phase” which allows you to funnel your enthusiasm and work ethic into processes which help you realize the maximum results for your efforts and time.

Common sense prevails. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.  While that seems to reduce the problem to the ridiculous, ask yourself what you are doing “differently” to be more effective.  Consider that 70% of recruiters do a poor job.  Why?  More often than not, they lack focus, goals, and have no system for follow up.  Another 20% do a good job, getting by– doing no more and no less than bare minimum with the end result being mediocrity. While good might seem fine to some of you, know that while the cost of greatness is high, the toll of mediocrity is much higher. How do you move from mediocrity to greatness? Master the two common denominators that make the top 10% the industry’s most effective recruiters.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Just Listed/Just Sold program. When I first started out, I was unable to afford an assistant to help with mailings and follow up. This program allowed me to get my name out there at a very affordable price and save a tremendous amount of time.

I estimate that I get at least one call from each mailing, and have gained both buyers and sellers. I also use several of the brochures in my listing presentation. I just pull them out and leave them with the homeowner. I even got a listing because my client shared it with one of their friends.

I think that out of all the products that you can buy, this program has been one of the most profitable and affordable for me. We lead with revenue at Keller Williams, and this product is a great example of how you can do that.”