Friday, February 23, 2018

Insights from Helene Nunez

by Julie Escobar

We seriously have the best customers. They are always so generous in their willingness to share ideas, experience, and strategies with our readers. I loved the spirit of one of our customers who recently jumped into the $10K Realtor Contest with a fun entry, who turned one Master Marketing Schedule idea into an exciting and fun opportunity to reach out to some of her current clients. Meet Helene Nunez and see what SHE’S doing to shake things up in her market!

Q:  Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Can you first tell our readers a little about yourself?

A: Sure, I am a mother of three daughters and two stepdaughters, and I am so blessed to have 12 healthy grandchildren. I am a native of Tampa, Florida, where Irma just paid a visit! I am so thankful my family is all safe. I am a family of seven. I have two older brothers, then me, then two more brothers, then two sisters. (We are all a family of workaholics!) My Mom, Abby, and stepdad, Bob, came here to Louisiana to avoid Irma. My mom is/was a licensed broker in Tampa, and if truth be known, she could sell ice to an Eskimo!  My sister Paula is also a Realtor in Tampa. And she is super amazing and is a true workaholic, like me! I moved to Louisiana in 1995.  I started real estate in 2003 with Keller Williams, then three years later opened Helene Team Realty. I was very nervous taking the broker exam, and I told my two clients that wanted me to list their home that failure is not an option. I had to pass this broker exam, and God was with me, and I passed!  I always wondered what I wanted to do when I grew up, and in my very first week of being a Realtor, I KNEW I’d found my calling. I was terrified, but absolutely love what I do.

Q:  I loved that you took on one of the fun Master Marketing Schedule tips and chose the Trail Mix Day! How fun is that?  What made you choose that and what kind of reaction did you get from clients?

A: Well, when I saw that it was National Trail Mix Day, I thought, I can do that! So, I went out and purchased several bags of Trail Mix, and took it to the clients I was currently working with, and man, oh man, they were so excited! And, their excitement, made me realize even more that I found the right company to work with. I love your ideas!

Q:  What do you like most about the Schedule and what, if anything, surprised you about it?

A: I was totally surprised by most of the ideas. Man, they are fantastic. I love the schedule because it gives me ideas that I could not possibly think of myself. What great inspiration.

Q:  What’s most important to you in terms of staying top of mind with your sphere of influence and farm area prospects?

A: Staying top of mind with your sphere is everything. It is so important. If you don’t stay in touch, your past client can and will buy from another agent. Real estate is about building long-standing relationships. You see, you want to sell to your client, and when done the right way, then, they refer their family, friends, and even their children to you when they come of age!

Q:  So many agents struggle to market because they never put a database together. What advice would you have for them?

A:  No database??? You have to have a database to build your business. That is the most basic need. And, be sure to feed it daily. And, one day when you retire, you will actually have a business to sell.  Your book of business IS your database.

Q:  How often do you personally connect with your sphere?

A: I try to contact my sphere four times a year. Some have moved and have different addresses, and some have changed their cell phone numbers, but I drive by their house and drop off a little gift. Maybe some fresh baked cookies, or a treat of some kind. But it is so important to stay top of mind with your sphere.

Q:  What expert advice would you have for agents just beginning to brand and market themselves in an area?

A: In order to grow your business be consistent. Start with a database. That IS your business. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more you can protect your clients’ interest. Yes, it takes time and money. But, if you stay disciplined, the money will follow and you can build a great business.  I’d also like to share one of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein: “Strive not to be a success but rather be of value.”  If being of value is your focus, success will follow.

Q:  If agents have a referral for you, how can they reach you?

A: The best way to reach me is by my cell phone 504-427-6183. My office number is 985-639-3991. Email and my office is in Olde Towne Slidell, 2010 First Street, Slidell, LA 70458.

Thank you so much, Helene! You’re awesome! If you are a customer and would like to share ideas of your own, please contact me today to set up an interview! I can be reached at

Be like Helene! Jump into the contest!  



How to Take Your Results to the Next Level

By Julie Escobar

Sphere, farm, niche – it’s the real estate agent’s version of lather, rinse, repeat. Success in this business requires staying in touch, staying positioned and staying top of mind in all three areas. When agents ask me where to start, my first answer is always “the sphere” (i.e., your sphere of influence or book of business).

Now if I had a dollar for every agent who said “no” when asked if he/she had ever taken the time to put his/her sphere (people who know you, like you, trust you and would do business with you) into a database, I could buy a very large piece of property – like an island or something! So don’t let yourself fall into THAT category!

Savvy agents understand that their best customers are the ones they’ve consistently built and nurtured relationships with. Who should be in your sphere? Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, past clients and all of the other people whose lives you touch and touch yours back.

Sphere. For a list of 250 people who SHOULD be in your book of business, download a pdf of our BusinessBASETM at no cost today. Then make THIS the week you turn YOUR sphere into a working, viable, referral-generating database. Need help inputting the data? College students with bills to pay are perfect for that kind of task, or you can hire a virtual assistant. Your highest and best use of time is prospecting, presenting and closing, so gather up the data, and delegate to make it happen.

Four Great Marketing Pieces for Your Sphere

Holiday postcards – something every month that can be sent as a friendly hello.


Recipe cards – many agents swear by these as customer “keepers.”


content cards
Content cards – content-rich, consumer-friendly postcards filled to the brim with valuable information that people love.


Newsletters – powerful tools perfect for connecting with your sphere.



Pick an area – but not just ANY area. Coach Todd Robertson’s how-to advice? “Even if you find a geographic farm that works location-wise with commission-friendly price ranges, you still need to be mindful of two other factors:  turnover rate and competition.

“Ideally, we want to help position you to secure a 20% market share in a geo farm. If you start in a farm where another agent already has that or more, you’re going to work much harder and have to be at it longer to get the results you’re seeking. An area where no agent has more than 10% market share is preferable; an area where a previously aggressive agent has slowed or stopped marketing is another good choice.

“In terms of turnover rate, ideally you want one that’s at least 10% to 15%. You can easily determine the turnover rate by dividing the number of homes in the farm by the number of homes that have sold.”

That’s a great starting point. So take a snapshot of your market area, look at the neighborhoods close to you that fit the criteria, and then use our MapMyMailSM system to easily capture mailing lists from those areas. You can choose a radial search by address, or zip code.  You can further define your mailing area by using the points on the map to define your target area.

Talk to your broker, look at your options, and then map out your marketing list! Once you have that, remember to stay in touch with these folks – CONSISTENTLY – month after month.

Read The Smart Scoop on Geographic Farming for more great tips from Todd.


Farm Options

free offer
Neighborhood Update/Free Offer Series – People want two things: to know the agent they work with can get results and to be confident that they have the resources they need.  These cards present you as the agent with both!


listing inventory
Listing Inventory Series – These postcards speak to the mindset of potential sellers with the right questions and direct response offers.



The Market Dominator – For agents who are serious about dominating a geographic farm and earning a 20% market share, this powerful direct response piece demands attention with its 12 x 15 size. It also takes advantage of Every Door Direct Mail, so the cost is even more affordable.



Now we’re getting fancy! Top agents don’t stop at marketing to their sphere and farm. They specialize in a demographic that resonates with them.  To help them do that – we’re taking data-mining to the next level, by suggesting several different means of searching data.  Our Geographic search on MapMyMailSM , a Demographic search on MapMyMailSM, Nielsen’s PRIZM Code data, and outside real estate data companies such as REDX, LANDVOICE, and your own MLS.

Let’s break down some marketing “recipes” that can help you achieve the results you want:

Mailing List Options

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for agents is finding the right list for their marketing.  With our system, you can geographically search over 128 million deliverable records from Tax Assessor data (MapMyMail) or search demographically over 200 million consumer records in just minutes at unbelievably affordable rates.  Unlike some list services which ‘rent’ lists – these lists are yours to keep, and remarket to as often as you like. Here are some of the most popular lists agents pull from our system – and the marketing tools that correspond to them:

Investors: Use Demographic search option, then click on custom, then choose records with a household income of $150,000 or higher.  You also can look for REI or REIA websites to learn more about real estate investors.   Use our Investor Series postcards to reach out to these lists each month.


1st time
First-Time Homebuyers: Use the Demographic search option to find local renters.  Offer a variety of free reports such as How to Save for a Down Payment or Top Ten Checklist for Choosing an Agent. Send our First-Time Homebuyer/Renter Series of postcards monthly, with a fair trade offer to connect.


property management
Property Management: Use the MapMyMailSM system to find non-owner occupants in resort areas or second home markets. Plug in the area you are looking for, then click on the Homeowner option, and change it from just homeowners to Homeowners and Non-Owner Occupants.  Use our Free Report: Fives Signs It’s Time to Hire a Property Manager as a fair trade item, and use our Property Management Series of postcards to reach out this list.


senior cards
Seniors: Use the Demographic search option to find Baby Boomers and older. You can also use the custom search and choose the age selects and income selects of your choice. Send our Senior Series of postcards to these fine folks!



Specialty Data Selects Using Nielsen’s PRIZM Codes

As leaders in the real estate marketing space, we’re excited to offer these creative data segments to our valued customers to help make their marketing easier – and more effective. What is PRIZM segmentation? According to Nielsen, “Segmentation links your customer data with household-level and neighborhood-level demographics, syndicated survey and primary research data to reveal exactly what types of consumers are currently using your products or services. Any customer files, lists or survey data with complete addresses or at least a ZIP code can be coded with Nielsen’s segmentation systems. This allows you to identify your best prospect segments with the greatest efficiency for effective marketing strategies that align with marketplace demands.”

Smart, right? So what does that mean to YOU as a real estate professional? It means that marketing just got more interesting. Here are some top PRIZM segments for today’s real estate professionals:

Investors: Choose from the PRIZM Codes found in our Mailing List option. Click on Nielsen’s PRIZM code search, then select Upper Crust, Big Fish, Small Pond, Cosmopolitans.  Send our Investor Series to these folks!


move up market
Move Up Market: Choose from the PRIZM Codes found in our Mailing List option. Click on Nielsen’s PRIZM code search, then select Upward Bound, Fast Track Families, Country Squires, and Cul de Sacs. Send our Move Up Market Series to this group.  You may want to use our Free Report: Six Move Up Market Mistakes Home Buyers Make as a fair trade item for this group.


life event
Seniors: If you want a little more advanced data, choose from the PRIZM Codes found in our Mailing List option. Click on Nielsen’s PRIZM code search, then select Upper Crust, Money & Brains, Gray Power, New Empty Nests – and send the senior-centric postcards from our Life Events series such as Too Much House to this group.


listing inventory
Luxury Property Market: Look for the higher-end income contacts in your market by choosing from the Mailing List Options  and Nielsen’s PRIZM Codes and select Pools & Patios, Fast Track Families, Beltway Boomers, Home Sweet Home, White Picket Fences, American Dreams.  Send the Listing Inventory Series to these folks.


local market
Young Affluent Families: Choose from the PRIZM Codes found in our Mailing List system then PRIZM codes and select Winner’s Circle, Blue Blood Estates, Upward Bound, White Picket Fences, Blue-Chip Blues, New Homesteaders and send our Local Market Series of postcards to these folks to get their attention.


Outside Data Source Options

FSBOs and Expireds have long been a tried and true means of generating listing inventory.  The two companies below have established a great name for themselves in our industry to deliver the data for these segments in a timely, affordable way.  Give them a try!

fsbo expired

FSBOs & Expireds: Great services such as LANDVOICE or REDX offer data for FSBOs & Expireds in market areas all across North America. Use our 7 Series for FSBOs or Expireds – send 3 to 7 postcards in rapid succession (every 3 to 5 days) as soon as you see a new prospect for these demographics, offer a free report such as 5 Factors That Cause a Property Not to Sell, and follow up with a direct response offer after you’ve sent the postcards. Offer to perform a Merchandising Review to ensure the home sells for the best price possible in the fastest time possible. For all three marketing avenues – your sphere, your farm and your niche – connect every 28 to 45 days to ensure you maintain top-of-mind awareness. Armed with your database and marketing materials – and a reminder system to FOLLOW UP with the people in each – you will quickly gain a competitive edge that allows you to develop and maintain a long and prosperous career. Ready, set, GO!

For all market segments, remember to that the key to all marketing is consistency.  Many agents build databases of all kinds of lists – and then they sit dormant in their computer never to be used again. Don’t let that be YOU!  Your lists are the lifeblood of your business.  Take some time today to map out the next six months – and decide which segments you’ll market to, and what campaign you’ll use.  Then send no less than three postcards, with diligent follow up after the second and third. Remember: Most agents stop at two touches, and most transactions happen after five. It actually takes 27 contacts to properly brand yourself with your target market! Layer your marketing with community involvement, social media, phone calls, walking your farm and email. The key to any successful marketing effort is staying top of mind.

We’ll continue to create powerful content that speaks to all of the top demographic searches as well as new specialty data selects and share them as they are developed. Be sure to always keep our Specials Page bookmarked so that you can see what leading agents are using each month and take advantage of our budget-saving promo codes.

Need help? Contact our team today at 866.405.3638. Our goal is to help you always have the right marketing for the right people at the right time. From developing the right lists, helping you choose the right niche, and staying consistently top-of-mind – we’re committed to being the resource for all your marketing needs.

Why Consumer Information Can Be Key in Direct Response Marketing

By Julie Escobar

Do you know one of the biggest reasons why so many real estate agents LEFT the business when
the going got tough?  And what was a key component in helping those that stayed in succeed, even thrive?  A database.  A strong, reliable, well-nurtured, up-to-date database.

The best ones start with a solid sphere of influence, and grow exponentially over years in the soi calculatorbusiness.  Adding niche markets, new geographic farms and new customers.  And what do the agents get in return?  A referral base they can count on without having to constantly chase new business.

Start with your sphere.  (Those people who know you, like you, and would trust you to do business with them.) And build from there.  If you don’t already have your sphere of influence or book of business in a solid database – don’t waste another month putting that together.  (There are plenty of college kids who could use the extra money inputting data for you this summer!)  Top agents tell us that 66% of their business comes from their sphere.  And that one in every twelve result in a transaction per year.

We can help you calculate how many people should be in your sphere to realize your goals – and help you identify top 150 people who should be in your sphere right now.  Click here to calculate your SOI.

Next add a geographic farm and a niche.  We can help you with that data as well.  Continue marketing to those folks until you connect and build a relationship with them as well.  Click here to see data options.

Then continue to grow your book of business – and your bottom line by taking care of the 20 Year Value of a Real Estate Customerfoundation of your business – your database of clients and customers.  Create touch points every 28-45 days using a multi-media method.  Send postcards or powerful newsletters for an easy touch once a month. Add email, face-to-face events, phone calls, and neighborhood canvassing.  And stick with it! Remember – most agents quit after the SECOND try, most transactions happen after the FIFTH.

As an organization that has developed top-of-the-line marketing tools for real estate agents for more than 20 years, we know the true value of a customer for all of our customers.  That’s why in terms of products, services and data—we leave nothing to chance.

And that’s why we’ve done the research – and we deliver the very best data resources — Experian® — for those agents eager to market to:

Renters – including high-income renters who are candidates for home ownership. On our site, we use Experian® data to make it possible for agents to search by data selects such as renter, and income level.

Move-Up Market:  Not only can you select confirmed home owners, but you also can define your target market more specifically by considering a real estate lead’s estimated available equity or property characteristics such as year built and presence of a swimming pool.

• Potential Downsizing or Second Home Market:  One real estate trend is Baby boomers who are downsizing or investing in second homes right now. To target baby boomers, you can use the year of birth demographic selection available in our consumer database to narrow your pool of real estate leads to those born between 1946 and 1964.

• Potential Investors:  Targeting high-income earners as investors.

• Generational Niche Markets:  Target specific generational niches such as:generations

  • Silent Generation (1925-1945)
  • Baby Boomers (1946-1964)
  • Generation  X (1964-1976)
  • Generation Y (1976-2000)

How does Experian® get their data?  They are an original source compiler, which means they collect data directly from more than 3,500 original public and proprietary sources, including:

  • White pages
  • Census data
  • State and local public records
  • Product registrations and surveys (self-reported)
  • Property/Realty records such as property deeds
  • Mail-order transactions
  • Other proprietary sources

The data we receive is then tested and validated. It is cleansed and combined using Experian’s proprietary logic to create the most accurate and comprehensive repository of consumer marketing information available. This process sets them apart from other data suppliers who typically rely on secondary data sources. Since they acquire data directly from the original source, they have in-depth knowledge of the data.

So every time you choose to use our list service, whether you are choosing from data selects such as income and age, or even geographic – to market around current listings, know that you are getting the very best data on the market.  And those lists are yours to keep.  We tell our customers to add them to their marketing list and stay in touch, at least once every 28-45 days (a Direct Marketing Association recommendation).  Before long you’ll have taken those contacts from being a potential lead – to a contact that has come to know you as the brand name to call in real estate.

Need help understanding data and lists?  Call our marketing team today at 866.405.3638.  Good luck and happy listing!