How to Harness the 5 Key Traits of ‘Rock Star’ Agents

    And, find out what trait helps guinea pigs make money (under creativity)

    Success in any endeavor is in the eye and mind of the beholder. My idea of personal success may mean something completely different than yours.

    Some folks use money as a benchmark while others don’t feel successful unless they are fulfilled in what they do for a living.

    In real estate, money has a lot to do with success. Without it, you won’t stay in business for long. The keys to making money – financial success — in the industry involves a combination of certain personality and character traits and ingrained habits.

    Let’s take a look at some of the traits that the most ‘Rock Star’ agents exhibit.

    1. Tenacity

     Successful real estate agents don’t let go. They treat every contact from a potential client with a ferocious tenacity, returning calls and emails immediately and following up relentlessly.

    This doesn’t mean they become the fatal attraction of the local real estate industry, it means that the agents make their leads feel attended to and that they are ready and able to assist.

    The same treatment is given to former clients, with consistent follow-up to ensure they remain top-of-mind when the topic of real estate comes up. Sending a Customer Appreciation Thank You postcard is a great way to stay connected and let your clients know you appreciate them.

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    2. Creativity

    “Best practices.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing that phrase a lot lately. Applied to the real estate industry, the term should make you wary.

    Sure, it sounds quite professional. The problem is, what old-school real estate agents call “best practices” are often nothing more than old, worn-out tactics.

    It means doing the same stuff all the other agents are doing and have done for decades.

    Best practices? Wipe that from your memory chip as the established go-to resource.

    Sure, there are some conventional real estate marketing tactics that still work but to rely on them exclusively in lieu of trying something new is just plain stupid.

    The flip side is that following the herd to every new tactic that comes along is equally silly.

    Once upon a time, there was a real estate agent who decided to do her video blogs from her car on her way to the office in the morning. I’m not absolutely sure who that was, but I have a good idea.

    I often wonder if she resents the fact that thousands of other agents decided to allow her to be the guinea pig with this new technique. And then when they saw it worked, generated revenue, and created new clients, they brazenly stole her idea. It’s to the point now that those agent dashboard video blogs are as trite as some agent taglines and just as ridiculed by the public.

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    Don’t be afraid to be different and to stand out from the rest of the agents in town. Do something new, novel and fun and forget about “best practices.” Don’t rely on any one technique to remain unique for long. Keep on your toes.

     3. Communication

    Successful real estate agents know when to hold em’ and know when to fold ‘em. They walk their clients through every last thing that can possibly be expected to occur in the transaction and then they shut up and listen.

    They gain an understanding of and pay attention to what the client expects out of the relationship. They listen to what the client wants and needs. Then, they act on that, not some supposition of the client’s desires.

    Both sellers and buyers that are dissatisfied with their real estate agents typically claim that their agents didn’t communicate enough. Rich, fulfilled agents keep in contact with their clients at all points during the process, even when there’s nothing new to communicate.

    Clients also expect you to communicate in the manner they prefer. So, text the texters, email the emailers and phone the phoners. And send direct mail when you are after a lasting impact. Even if there is nothing new to talk about, reach out and touch.

    4. Congeniality

    Successful real estate agents are, for the most part, easy to be around. They are network- builders and relationship retainers.

    If the Rolodex were still a staple on every agent’s desk, theirs would be the biggest. Since they understand the value of being pleasant, they have vast networks. They can set a client up with the best trash-out guy in town, the best contractor, plumber, lender, and title company.

    5. Not afraid to spend

    A couple of years ago, real estate social network Active Rain site conducted a survey of 1,758 real estate agents to determine what separates rich real estate agents from poor ones.

    Successful agents understand that they need to spend money to make money.  In fact, according to the study, agents earning more than $100,000 a year spend 10 times more money on marketing than their less successful counterparts.

    They also spend six times more money on technology. Whether spending the money made them a rich agent or it took being rich to be able to spend it, is another question.

    Agents that succeed approach their real estate career as a business. They begin each year with a plan which is updated and tweaked throughout the year.

    Most of all, they are somewhat fearless, willing to take risks and tenaciously devoted to their success.

    Start building good habits today by sending at least 100 Please Allow Me postcards from the Agent Introduction Series to an area where you would like more business.
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