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    Agents are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd in their local marketplace.

    Yet one look at any market’s real estate websites disproves this claim because most agent websites look pretty much the same.

    Value propositions are the way many agents try to set themselves apart. However, there are more subtle ways to show the public that you’re different and make a lasting impression.

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    Use your words

    Have you considered dropping the word “testimonials” from your website? There are so many other, more exciting ways to grab your visitor’s attention.

    How about “success stories?” I’d be much more likely to click on a success story link than one labeled “testimonial.”

    Consider changing your “about” or “About the Team” to “Meet Joe Smith” or “Meet the Team.” Or, consider “Get to know Joe Smith.”

    You might also consider titling your first open house as a “Launch Event.”

    Finally, let’s ditch the word “Blog.” From now on, use “Learn” in the navbar. After all, that’s what they’re trying to do by visiting your website, right?

    Want an alternative? How about “Discover?”

    Use your client’s words

    Many agents treat testimonials, or “success stories” as we mentioned earlier, like throwaways. It’s amazing because they are the single most important marketing tool you have yet they’re tucked away on a dedicated page on your website.

    Not used in marketing materials. Not used above the fold on the front page of your website.

    Be generous with those tidbits of valuable, free marketing. Ensure your best one shows up, above the fold, on your home page, so it’s among the first things your visitors see.

    Then sprinkle others throughout the pages of your website. Keep what’s left for the dedicated page.

    Sure, these are subtle changes, but when real estate consumers are visiting multiple agents’ websites, they’ll make a positive and lasting impression.

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    The Take a Listing Today Podcast

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    Convert More Leads to Listings

    If your blog isn’t performing in a way that is resulting in new potential listing traffic, it may be time for a tune-up.

    Yes, we get that you’re busy, but this process is painless and can be done in pieces so you won’t have to take an entire day or evening to get it done.

    Best of all, these tips will help improve your site’s visibility, your visitor’s experience and you won’t have to hire a web developer.

    Fix broken links

    Broken links on your blog return 404 errors to your users. They become frustrated and click away. As a result, you’ve lost them and probably for good. Broken links also impact your search engine ranking.

    In essence, broken links are broken promises, so the first step in the blog tune-up is to check for and fix them.

    There are several easy and free ways to do this:

    • WordPress site? Install “Broken Link Checker”. You can find a walk-through of the process (it’s quite easy) at Org.
    • Check My Links – a Chrome browser extension that checks all the links on a page. Find it in the Chrome Webstore.
    • Xenu Web Sleuth – it’s a rather odd-looking website, and you’ll need to download the software, but according to many, it’s one of the best, free ways to check for dead links.

    Remove any dead links that can’t be replaced and update those that can.

    While you’re in “link” mode

    How is your internal linking structure? Linking from one blog post to another on your site keeps your reader engaged longer on your blog. In addition, search engine spiders love internal links.

    Go through some of your most popular blog posts and find opportunities to link to other posts on your site.

    Add some bling

    Blog posts with compelling images are read more often than those that offer poor images. Therefore, check your blog post images and replace any that may be doing more harm than good.

    Try using to create overlays on your photos to give them that Pinterest look. It’s free and, once you get the hang of it, quite easy to use.

    You can find free images online at:

    • Pixabay
    • Pexels
    • Morgue File
    • New Old Stock (vintage photos)
    • SkitterPhoto (click on “Browse Free Photos)
    • Unsplash

    Fix blog format problems

    The name of the game when writing a blog post is “white space.” Don’t torture your visitor with great, big blocks of text. Break it up with short paragraphs, the use of images, quotes, subheadings and bulleted lists.

    Throw out everything you learned in English composition. You aren’t writing for a teacher, you’re writing for someone who typically scans text online. If it appears on the first scan to be too much of a chore to read, they’ll leave.

    A good rule of thumb is to break up any paragraph that exceeds five sentences in length.

    How’s your call to action?

    If you hope to convert your blog visitors to leads, you’ll need effective “calls to action”. Any money and effort you expend to drive traffic to your blog is wasted if your posts lack this critical component.

    Your call to action must consist of the following:

    • Make it unique
    • Use enticing offers
    • It must be prominent
    Check your post titles

    We get it, you’re not a copywriter. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should neglect the most important component of each post, the title.

    A compelling, descriptive headline can mean the difference between the reader leaving or staying. It also impacts whether they click on the post’s link when you share it on social media.

    Look at each headline and ask yourself if you would be compelled to read on if it weren’t your blog. If not, fix the ones that don’t work.

    Magazine covers are ideal places to look for ideas on how to write catchy blog titles.

    Order at least 100 of the Free Report, “5 Reasons Why Your House May Not Sell”, and use them as an opt-in on your blog site.
    Also, for extra lift add them as a “call to action” on all of your marketing pieces.

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