Interested in Using AI to Write Your Blog Posts? Here’s How!

    Ok, so you aren’t the world’s most engaging writer. That’s why you hired a pro to write your marketing materials, including blog posts.

    Then, along came ChatGPT and many writers were quickly let go, and now the blogosphere is becoming cluttered with robotic content.

    Today we offer up some tips to keep in mind should you decide to use artificial intelligence to craft your blog posts.

    Always proofread the content before publishing

    There is a decided lack of a human touch in ChatGPT’s content. It also lacks the personalization and localization that resonates with readers. 

    The real concern, at least for agents who don’t proofread the blog posts before publishing them, is the accuracy of the content. 

    ChatGPT is updated periodically by what is known as a “knowledge update.” The most recent update (or “knowledge cutoff date”) was in March of 2023. Anything in the world that has happened or changed since April 2023 doesn’t exist to ChatGPT.

    Obviously, there is a good chance that the AI chatbot will produce inaccurate or outdated information. This is especially true in the current rapidly evolving real estate environment.

    TIP: Always proofread ChatGPT’s content and fact-check anything that appears to not be factual. 

    Your credibility is on the line here, so ensure that your “assistant” isn’t messing it up with misinformation.

    You may need to supplement the information ChatGPT provides

    ChatGPT may struggle to grasp the complexities of certain real estate topics, such as legal regulations, market analysis, and client-specific needs. 

    This is easy to remedy when you proofread. Look for definitions or concepts that need your expertise and/or insights so that the reader gets a complete understanding of what’s being discussed. 

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    What else to look for when proofreading your AI-generated blog posts

    Accurate Data: Ensure that any statistical information or market trends mentioned in the blog post are current and sourced from reputable sources.

    Local Relevance: Tailor the content to your market, highlighting unique features and attractions that resonate with local residents.

    Engaging Headlines and Introductions: The first few sentences of a blog post can either send the reader to the back button or capture their attention. 

    ChatGPT isn’t very good at creating compelling headlines or intros, so ensure that you change what’s necessary.

    Prompts to Help Generate Content:

    Prompts for ChatGPT are critical if you hope to get what you ask for when requesting a blog post.

    A prompt, for those new to the world of AI-generated content, “… is an instruction or discussion topic a user provides for the ChatGPT AI model to respond to,” according to Vincent Terrasi at

    I asked ChatGPT for some prompts that real estate agents could use when requesting a blog post and received curious answers.

    • “Explore the latest real estate trends in [specific city/neighborhood].”
    • “Highlight the top-rated schools and amenities in [specific area].”
    • “Offer expert tips for first-time homebuyers in [target demographic].”
    • “Share insights into the current seller’s market in [region].”

    As mentioned earlier, the chatbot has no way of knowing anything that is current, so only the third prompt is of any use.  

    “In conclusion” 

    When you see “in conclusion” at the end of an article or blog post you’ll know how it was written. It’s almost like ChatGPT’s signature. 

    Be different. Remove it.

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    Lisa is an accomplished marketer with years of expertise in direct response marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and business development working with both B2C and B2B.