Go After Expired Listings Now – Get Ahead of the Competition

    January is a productive time of year for listings that have expired. And in most cases, these home sellers are still motivated to sell, have a sense of urgency, and are in need of a new plan.

    What a great combination for the right agent to take a listing and better still – create a client for life, but you have to move fast.

    Your strategic plan of attack 

    During the first days of January, contact every expired in your extended area by sending a postcard from the Expired Series every 5- 7 days. Then follow that up with a phone call. This strategy is so successful because it’s timely. Most of the competition will not have implemented something so quickly.

    Remember to approach sellers of Expired listings with patience and most importantly – a real plan to get their home sold. Good people skills and the ability to bring real solutions to the table will make you the front-runner.

    Now, there’s no doubt you’ll run into all kinds of people. Some will jump at the opportunity to get their home sold, while others will want to wait. And many will take some real salesmanship to prove that you’re the agent for the job.

    How you react to all three will determine your success or failure at not just getting the listing – but getting it sold.

    Get their attention

    Continue to pull the new Expireds in your market, at least twice a week for the coming months and send them a postcard. Use the back to announce that you have a highly effective tool, “The Merchandising Review” that will help determine what went wrong with their home sale and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    When you receive inquiries, explain the Merchandising Review allows you to make a comprehensive analysis of whether their home is salable in today’s market. Then schedule a 20 minute time to meet with them to go over the Review.

    Walk them through each item and negotiate the issues that might keep the property from selling.  Correct these issues, and ask if they would allow you to show them your marketing plan.

    Educate & inspire

    The next step is to get the listing is priced right and make sure the seller knows you’re ready, willing and able to meet their needs, but that they play a role in the successful sale of their home as well.

    The Top Five Common Mistakes Report is a great tool for helping you to educate your seller regarding pricing their property right. Share this and other valuable Free Reports with your seller to inform and inspire them.

    Another great opportunity to display your expertise in action is to invite your expired sellers to a weekly conference call hosted by you on the topic of selling listings fast and for the most money. Or put together a nice presentation on how you will market their home differently, and drop it off at their house.

    The Make Sure it Doesn’t Happen postcard from the Expired Series is available in the postcard section.

    Consider these great ideas for landing the expired listings in your market over the next couple of weeks! Then make these strategies a monthly habit to continue your success.

    Start your campaign now by pulling the current Expireds in your market and sending out the Make Sure it Doesn’t Happen postcard from the Expired Series.
    Then set a reminder on your phone for your next mailing seven days from that date.

    Need help targeting Expired listings? Use our mailing list tool to create the ideal list (it’s easy) or call our support team for assistance at 866.405.3638!

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