Do you have a post-pandemic real estate plan?

    Still hunkering down or has your market finally figured out that real estate agents are “essential”?

    Congrats if you’re back at work and actually bringing in business. This blog post is for those who are either struggling to generate leads or still on lockdown.

    “This too shall pass” is something I find myself thinking repeatedly, every day, during my self-quarantine and I’m hoping you do the same. It will pass. Before you know it, we’ll be looking back on the Pandemic of 2020 as a blur.

    Meanwhile, when we’re finally let loose, you’ll need a plan – sort of like the one you make at the end of each year.

    Let’s take a look at three steps you can take right now to get ready to take on a post-pandemic real estate market.

    Informed Postcard, COVID-19 Series
    Step 1 – Reflection

    Take some time to look back on your business, pre-pandemic. Start with the money aspect. How much did you make in the 6 months or so leading up to the lockdown? Were you where you needed to be? Were you able to stay on budget?

    Which activities generated the leads that led to those commission checks? Which activities are a waste of time and/or money?

    Then, figure out how many times the successful activities were repeated before they worked. For instance, X number of postcards mailed resulted in Y leads, which resulted in [number of] transactions, totaling $Z.

    While income is the final measure of your progress from period-to-period, it’s a useless figure if you don’t also examine which activities generated the money.

    Step 2 – Being organized is being in control

    Now that you know where you stand financially and which activities to resume and which to kick to the curb, it’s time to take a look at the systems you use to keep you on track.

    Just as you did with your lead generation techniques, think about the systems you use – your CRM, etc.

    Think about each system or process and ask yourself:

    • Does it provide consistent quality?
    • Does it save time?
    • Does it help simplify your business life?
    • Is it efficient?
    • Does it lack qualities that you need?

    With the right systems in place you should be able to delegate the work to anyone (an assistant, partner, etc.) and receive the same high-quality customer service results.

    Overall, your systems should save you time and help grow your real estate business. If they don’t, it may be time to reconsider their use and find something new.

    Which systems should you be using?

    “Theoretically, you can have a real estate system for every aspect of your business,” according to Bridget James at LCA. “From prospecting to closing gifts. Even down to the proper way to make a pot of coffee for the office.”

    For this post-pandemic planning session, however, stick to focusing on the systems that carry the bulk of the workload, like your CRM, for instance. And do read the Lab Coat Agents article for tips on how to create the systems you need.

    Connected Postcard, COVID-19 Series
    Some basic systems to consider include:

    Checklists – Checklists are a handy tool and you can use them for just about anything. Use them for what to do after you take a listing, the steps you need to take before a listing presentation, what points to cover in a buyer’s consultation, to keep track of lead generation efforts, marketing steps and more.

    Automate follow-up – If the fortune truly is in the follow-up, and we believe it is, create a system that will save time when performing this critical task. From drip-email campaigns to direct-mail, concentrating on your follow-up strategies is imperative.

    Then, there’s you

    Here’s the conundrum: being productive makes us feel good, but we need to feel good – to be in the right mindset – to be productive.

    We get it. Focus – the ability to concentrate, on work especially — is yet another casualty of the pandemic for many of us.

    One tip we’ve learned from productivity experts is to maintain a daily work schedule. Sure, it may look nothing like January’s schedule. Your workday may be a lot shorter, you may not have showings or listing appointments.

    But you still need to generate business, nurture your sphere and work on those parts of your business that became neglected during busier times.

    Build your work schedule around the time of day when you’re typically most productive and most capable of concentrating.

    Review your pre-pandemic business, fix what needs fixing, and stick to a daily schedule. Three simple ways to build momentum for the post-pandemic real estate market.

    Dedicated Postcard, COVID-19 Series
    Send the Dedicated postcard from the COVID-19 Series to your Sphere and Farm.
    Let them know you’re thinking about them and ready to help.

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