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Leads – the lifeblood of every real estate practice. Determining where to get them, how to nurture them and how to convert them is a full-time job.

Unfortunately, it’s a job most agents can’t afford to outsource, so they end up trying to squeeze the duties into an already full day of listing and selling real estate.

Everyone, just about, will eventually buy or sell a house so the world is an unlimited source of leads. Choosing where to focus your energy, then, is challenging and most agents start first with what’s free.

And, unless you pay to advertise on social media, it’s a free and lucrative way to generate real estate leads. And, although LinkedIn is overlooked by many in the real estate industry, it’s a goldmine.

Need more referrals?

It’s important to understand that although you can be sociable on LinkedIn, it’s more of a business networking site than a social media site, like Facebook or Twitter.

Like the aforementioned, however, LinkedIn is the ideal place to nurture relationships with agents across the globe, with vendors and with former clients – relationships that can be a valuable source of referral business.

Think of LinkedIn as a great-big networking web and you’ll get an idea of how much value it can add to your business when it comes to obtaining referrals.

LinkedIn can help boost your online presence

A complete LinkedIn profile adds immensely to your ability to be discovered in general searches. Then, there’s the fact that LinkedIn allows you to link your on-site profile to your business website or blog.

“If this is done properly, you can have those links attached to your chosen keyword phrases, thereby further enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO) both within LinkedIn and on the open web,” claims Jeff Korhan, writing on Social Media Examiner.

This, in turn, boosts your overall online presence.

Getting started

Like all things social media, a LinkedIn campaign takes time to become and to remain established. A complete profile is a must and it’s the first step you should take after joining the site.

In fact, “your profile is a powerful marketing tool,” according to digital marketing strategist Stephanie Sammons.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your professional curb appeal. Use care with your descriptions and upload a professional photo of you, not your dog and not your child.

Sure, it takes time, but when you understand that complete profiles are viewed seven times more often than incomplete ones, you’ll see that it’s worth the time and effort. You can find a walk-through of how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile at Easy Agent Pro.

After you’ve completed the profile, move on to create your company page. From this page, you can link to content on your blog or other social media sites.

Become a joiner

LinkedIn groups are the goldmines of the site – or lead mines if you will. Choosing local groups, or groups populated with folks with similar interests can lead to a whole new sphere of influence to mine for referrals and, possibly, expose you directly to new clients.

Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert tells Libby Kane at about joining a group for new moms. “When I needed an accountant, it turned out there was one in my group who I ended up hiring because of the connection we made over being new moms,” she says.

Don’t hesitate to join a group that has nothing to do with real estate but everything to do with one of your passions. It’s about making connections and networking with others. Mahjong players, history buffs and even new moms buy and sell homes, after all.

And they also know people who are considering buying or selling a home.

A little research within LinkedIn will turn up an abundance of information on how to get the most out of the platform and its many features. Take the time to get to know LinkedIn – it may just turn out to be one of your favorite lead generation tools.

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