Your 2018 Business Plan

It’s that time of year…

When we take a moment to look back at our previous year’s successes and shortcomings,

and get our adrenaline running for the start of the new year.

If you had goals or a business plan for 2017, this is your opportunity to compare last year’s plan with what you actually achieved, and learn from the difference.

If you haven’t written a business plan before and find the thought of doing so overwhelming and off-putting, I’d like to change your mind.

You don’t need a degree in business to write an effective business plan.

But you do need a path to follow.

In fact, statistically people who follow a business plan or establish set goals are nearly twice as likely to successfully grow their business than those who do not.

So how do you put a plan together that’s easy and will have you excited about the coming year?

I’m going to tell you how, but first to stack the deck…

Statistics on the Power of Goal Setting:
  • Goals that are written down are 50% more likely to be achieved than unwritten goals.
  • Sharing your goals is proven to increase the success rate of achieving them.
  • The world’s most successful people agree that what you get by achieving your goals and plans is not as important as what you become in the process.
  • Our brains are wired to achieve goals.
  • The act of writing down a goal or business plan is a very powerful motivator.

Now that I’ve warmed you up to the idea…

It’s time to rock out a killer 2018 business plan!

Step One: Determine your income goal

What income goal gets you excited to dive in an attack the new year?

Pick your number, then pull together a few additional numbers from 2017. This is worth a few minutes of your time. The results will be powerful and create a breadcrumb trail right to 2018 goal success!

Numbers to gather include, average commission earned per closing, average percent of sales contracts written that close, average appointments needed to obtain a listing.

Step Two: Complete your one page plan

Use our simple, online “2018 Real Estate Business Plan” to complete a few easy calculations based on the numbers you have gathered above.

Step Three: Calculate your sphere of influence

Since statistically 66% of a Realtor’s business comes from your sphere of influence. It’s time to determine how many people you need in your sphere to achieve the goals you have outlined above.

Use our easy online Sphere of Influence Calculator (from a desktop computer) to get a quick answer to this question.

Step Four: Create a strategic marketing plan

Now that you have your numbers, it’s time to create a strategic marketing plan for 2018.

Remember the 3-7-27 Law of Prospecting? Well it’s the key to your marketing success.

The foundation of this law states it takes 3 contacts for someone to recognize your name, 7 to associate your name with your business, and 27 to become a brand name in your market.

An ideal marketing plan that assists you in adhering to the magic of 3-7-27 is our done-for-you Master Marketing Schedule.

It’s a strategic month-by-month plan for the entire year that covers marketing for, listing inventory, niche marketing, geographic farming and sphere of influence.

Using the Master Marketing Schedule, takes the task of planning a years worth of direct marketing, from overwhelming to easy.

The future is now

With the above tools, and your killer 2018 business plan in place, your path to conquering your goals in the new year is crystal clear!

Is your adrenaline pumping?

The ProspectsPLUS! Team are your biggest fans! We are here to help you succeed in 2018. Please reach out to us if there is anyway we can help you at  866.405.3638!




Lisa Gray
Lisa is an accomplished marketer with years of expertise in direct response marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and business development working with both B2C and B2B.