Need Real Estate Leads? Work That Sphere

    Recently, I read an article over at, written by Troy Palmquist. The subject is how to “… beef up your referral network,” and Palmquist offered some brilliant tips including one that should be unnecessary.

    Why? Because reminding real estate agents of the value of their real estate sphere, shouldn’t be necessary in 2020.

    Yet, too many agents let it slide, taking for granted the relationships that those names in their CRMs represent.

    Your sphere can be the lifeblood of not only a referral network, but of your entire business if it’s consistently nurtured.

    For that to happen, however, you need to devote more time to your sphere. In other words,

    Focus on lead quality, rather than lead volume.

    Animal II Series

    It takes time to nurture your SOI, to grow it, and, thus, to prosper from it. But the good news is that the tasks involved in accomplishing these goals are far easier and more comfortable for the agent than the constant rotations of the hamster wheel that is new lead gen.

    So, consider stepping off that wheel and working smarter, not harder.

    Let’s take a look at your CRM

    If you’re a new agent, “SOI” may mean little more than three letters. So, let’s start there.

    A sphere of influence in sales is a group of people over which you have some influence and to whom your opinion matters.

    In essence, it’s a group of people who already know, like and trust you. This group naturally includes close family members, colleagues from your previous jobs and anyone else you’ve had a cordial relationship with.

    Established agents: Are these contacts easy to filter in your CRM?

    There are numerous ways to categorize those names.

    Think about it: when creating marketing pieces, you don’t want to be sending information on buying a home to your seller leads and vice versa.

    So, the best place to start is to categorize by whether the contact is a potential buyer or seller.

    You’ll have lots of folks that don’t fit either category because they’re friend, family or others in your sphere.

    Create a category for your SOI as well. It’s ok if someone in your sphere is also a potential buying or selling client, their info will come up when you search for either.

    Need additional CRM organizational tips? Check out these websites:

    Now you’re all set to communicate

    Animal II Series

    Go through your CRM and pick out anyone in your SOI. Remember, they may or may not also be in the market to buy or sell, but they should be a target marketing audience.

    How you market to them is your choice, whether it’s via email (not very effective) or snail mail, this audience requires mostly generic information, such as:

    • How the market in your area is doing
    • The percentage increase in local home values
    • Homeowner DIY tips
    • Local events
    • Restaurant and Mom & Pop store reviews
    • Local and national economic news (in plain English)
    • Local, state and national down payment assistance programs

    Much of the topics that fit your SOI make amazing newsletter fodder and, right now, direct mail is the way to deliver it.

    Basically, you just want to send them something consistently that reminds them that they have a trusted friend in the real estate business.

    Use free social media strategies for all their worth

    If you don’t have a social media strategy, or haven’t been paying attention to the one you have, get busy changing that. If you’re too busy, it’s worth it to hire an intern or virtual assistant to keep on top of it.

    We get it that you don’t have time for a whole lot of schmoozing, so start with one platform. Facebook – it has near-perfect user demographics for real estate marketing.

    If you haven’t been on Facebook in some time you may not be aware of how it’s changed. Users are far more aggressive, bullying of those who disagree on popular news topics is common. The environment is really quite ugly, but it doesn’t impact the platform’s effectiveness for marketers.

    You’ll want to engage with your followers, but avoid (at all costs) becoming involved in the political threads that are quite popular right now. To avoid the temptation, don’t even read them; just scroll right by.

    If you aren’t a member of any local Facebook groups, find out which ones those in your SOI enjoy and join them.

    Your real estate sphere of influence can be a goldmine if you work it. Keep in touch, ask for referrals, and engage with them on social media.

    Animal II Series
    Send a postcard from the Animal II Series to your Sphere of Influence and keep those lines of communication open.

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