The Real Estate Coaching Series Part Two: Selecting the Right Coach For You

    A few years ago, when Spencer Krull, Director of Training and Productivity Coach at Keller Williams Santa Monica, CA, was a working agent, he talked to me about his coach, Steve Shull of Performance Training.

    “Real estate agents always like to complicate things, and we love getting in our own way. Steve simplified the process for me,” he said.

    Although he resisted the idea, his coach convinced him to try door-knocking. “I door-knocked three times a week. It worked,” Krull said. “Coaching is only of value if you’re going to do what your coach tells you to do.”

    From simple steps, such as those suggested to Krull, to attitude adjustments, there’s a lot to be said for business coaching.

    “I am really in the breakthrough business. I help people to find a way to break through from where they are to where they want to be,” Tony Robbins tells Inc. editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg.

    How to choose a real estate coach

    When you’re thinking of hiring a coach, consider the different types and formats out there. There are many options, from real estate specialists to general business and inspirational coaches.

    Coaching comes in various formats, from e-courses to teleconferences and webinars to live, one-on-one sessions.

    Choosing “the one” isn’t easy and gets even more confusing if you turn to Google to learn how.

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    Entrepreneur Tim Kitchen hired a coach to help him with his startup, Exposure Ninja. It’s a rather long story, but the coach’s advice cost Kitchen loads of money. The lesson learned is to “ … only take the advice of people who have done what I want to do,” he tells Alison Coleman at

    Sometimes, someone who hasn’t walked in your footsteps may be just what you need, as President Bill Clinton found out when he sought out the help and advice of Tony Robbins.

    On the other hand, many coaches specific to the real estate industry have done what you want to do. And, because results are dependent on so many variables, it’s challenging to pick “the best.” Some agents have worked with several coaches before finding the right fit.

    Take a look at this blog post over at Emile L’Eplattenier breaks down The Best Real Estate Coaches of 2023 and lets you know what niche each fulfills.

    Don’t give up if you don’t feel comfortable with the first coach you try because finding the right one can launch your career to heights you never thought possible.

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