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client appreciation

    The average American says “thank you” 2000 times a year, according to a 2016 study from Merci Chocolates. Sadly, “… more than half of the time, we don’t actually mean it,” according to an unnamed writer at the NY Daily News online.

    More often than not, we imagine that busy real estate folks may just forget. Whatever the reason, it’s never too late to go back to a client or prospect and thank them for their time.

    Put some effort into it

    Yes, dashing off an email is a quick and easy way to get it done, but it’s not very personal and it may not even be read by the recipient.

    Make the recipient feel appreciated by putting some effort into expressing your gratitude. Pop by their office or home or, better yet, mail a thank-you card or a postcard.

    Yes, by mail. With stamps. Addressed by hand to the recipient. Ah, now we are talking!

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    The benefits of direct mail in real estate marketing

    A good real estate email will have an “open rate” of 21.7%, according to the folks at

    Why does this matter? “Tracking open rates will give you a better understanding of how often people look forward to your emails …,” they conclude.

    That sounds like an okay number until it’s compared to the 42.2% of Americans who open and read or scan the direct mail they receive.

    Not only is direct mail more personal, it has less competition for the recipients’ attention. Best of all, it shows that you value the relationship so much you are willing to spend money to maintain it. Email doesn’t do that. Email is lazy. Email is impersonal.

    When to thank your clients

    This may sound like one of those “duh” kinds of questions, but whenever someone does something for you, it’s a good idea to show your appreciation.

    And we aren’t talking just about the big stuff; even the everyday, small kindness should be responded to. Here are a few examples:

    • You showed homes to buyers. Thank them for their time and for choosing you to be their agent.
    • A former client referred you to a buyer or seller. This one is huge and deserves a huge “thank you!”
    • You gave a listing presentation. Say thanks for giving you a chance to represent them in the sale of their home. Even if you aren’t chosen as the listing agent, this is a classy response to being given at least the opportunity.
    • Every attendee at a client appreciation event, a charitable event, or a seminar you host needs to understand how grateful you are that they showed up.
    • Every client should understand your appreciation when a deal closes.

    There are myriad opportunities to show prospects, leads, clients, and former clients how much you appreciate them. Direct mail just happens to be one of the best ways to do it.

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      Nope. Not another debate about whether or not to gift your clients at closing. Just a polite plea to change up what you’re gifting.

      You’ll find what seems like endless advice online about closing gifts. The most popular suggestions include cutting boards (right?), gift cards, welcome mats and knives.

      I think we can all agree that anything with your logo, face or other branding is a giant “no way!” Those are gifts that end up in the trash, the closet or at the local thrift shop.

      So, what’s a modern, thoughtful closing gift?

      “That’s going to depend a lot on the price point of the listing and your relationship with your clients,” according to Emile L’Eplattenier at

      And, we might add, your budget.

      You’ve just spent at least 30 days getting to know these people, so we’re hoping you have some sort of clue as to what they like, need or want when they move into their new place.

      If you’re stuck, read on — we rounded up some gifts that agents are giving at closing that we think are both memorable and trendy.

      Thinking of You postcard from the Customer Appreciation Series
      Get them on the road to a smart home

      There are so many cool and useful smart home gadgets on the market now. From the basics, like an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant to a smart thermostat, doorbell or door lock, any would please the new homeowner.

      Get ideas by checking out Amazon’s most popular smart home tech:

      • Echo Dot (3rd generation)
      • Smart home cameras with night vision
      • Indoor security cameras
      • Ring doorbell
      • Nest Learning Thermostat
      • Smart light switch
      • Smart sprinkler system controller
      • Smart meat thermometer
      For the cash-strapped agent – Give a home management app

      Billed as “The All-In-One Home Management App,” the folks at Centriq have nailed the gifting decision process for those agents on a tight budget.

      This app promises to help your clients “… troubleshoot, operate and maintain …” their homes. The process sounds easy as well.

      “Just snap a picture of the appliances, electronics, and tools in your home. We’ll add the user manuals, warranties, how-to-videos and more.”

      For $7.95 per client, annually, the app will display your branding and it offers a “dedicated management dashboard,” among other goodies.

      Check out the agent plan at  

      Bling for the newly-minted luxury homebuyer

      The luxury home client’s gift may not look anything like that you purchase for the starter home client. And, luxury homebuyers can be further divided by newly-wealthy or old money when it comes time to choose a closing gift.

      “Those who are new to wealth tend to flaunt it,” according to Winston Chesterfield, the founder of Barton Consulting. The old-money types prefer “experiential gifts,” according to the editors at

      How about something to hold the keys to the new home, like a key ring from Tiffany & Co.?

      Old monied client? Consider gifting him/her with a book

      When billionaires gift their billionaire friends, they usually choose an “experiential gift,” according to Harry Cheadle at Agents with deep pockets may get some ideas by reading Cheadle’s blog post.

      Agents on a budget can’t go wrong with the careful selection of a book as a closing gift, according to Cheadle. Especially if that book is the biography of a successful person.

      No, books aren’t particularly trendy, but Steve Seibold, author of “How Rich People Think,” says that one of the first things we’ll notice when we enter a wealthy person’s home is “an extensive library of books they’ve used to educate themselves on how to become more successful.”

      “As long as that book is not attacking them and their way of life, they would value that gift and they would see that gift for an intelligent gift,” according to Chesterfield.

      Some clients are a cinch to buy for while others may take some thought. Hopefully, these ideas will set you on the path to finding that just-right closing gift.

      Thank You: Big as a House postcard from the Customer Appreciation Series
      Send the Thank You: Big as a House postcard from the Customer Appreciation Series to your past clients.

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