Real estate agent marketing: The Personal Brochure

    Employees have it easy when it comes to marketing themselves to prospective employers. A resume and cover letter are typically all that’s expected.

    Employees, however, aren’t the owners of small businesses with brands tied to the business owner.

    Real estate agents looking for “employers” (i.e. clients) go about it more like models, who send out portfolios and composites.

    The Selling a Home brochure is available in the Brochure section under Personal brochures.

    For an agent, a listing presentation is akin to the model’s portfolio and a personal brochure is her composite.

    But it’s not a vanity marketing piece

    It’s easy to keep the content of expired listing and FSBO brochure on the right track. Too many personal brochures, on the other hand, end up looking and reading like vanity marketing pieces.

    In fact, all personal branding walks that fine line. Therefore, lose the sales pitch, avoid trite, over-used statements and, overall, be authentic.

    What to include in your real estate brochure?

    • Your business philosophy
    • Your bio
    • Any impressive sales statistics
    • Awards received
    • Showcase how you give back to the community
    • Testimonials
    The World of Opportunities brochure is available in the Brochure section under Personal Brochures.

    The latter is critical. Choose only the best testimonials and sprinkle them throughout.

    Don’t forget the other stuff

    It’s easy to get carried away with the text aspect of your personal real estate brochure. However, it’s important to pay attention to other aspects as well. These include:

    • Color selection is important and should match the branding colors you use in your logo, website, etc.
    • Layout
    • Typography
    • Font
    • Photographs

    All of these should be carefully considered so that the end result is appealing, eye-catching and different from other agents in your market. Most of all it should convey expertise, authority, and professionalism.

    How to use your personal brochure

    “Our personal brochure is included and placed at the end of every pre-listing presentation package.,” says Barbara Todaro, the head of marketing for the Todaro Team in Franklin, MA. Other agents add to the list of ways to use your personal real estate brochure:

    • Include it in a mailing to owners of expired listings
    • Include it in a mailing to FSBOs
    • Stick it in your buyer’s packet

    “If you do not have a personal brochure, it’s time to get one,” Todaro said.

    “Buyers and sellers don’t want to be sold by you they want to be sold on you.” according to Mark Hughes, author of “Branded Agent: The 7 Strategies of Top Personal Real Estate Brands.”

    The Neighborhood Specialist brochure is available in the Brochure section under Personal Brochures

    Your professional real estate brochure will do just that.

    Order or download the Neighborhood Specialist Personal Brochure and add it to your listing presentation, provide it at your Open Houses, and use it as a leave-behind or hand out.

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