How to Knock Their Socks Off BEFORE the Listing Appointment

    You counsel your listing clients about staging their homes and improving their curb appeal.

    Now it’s your turn to take your own advice. Amp up your professional curb appeal with a brilliant pre-listing package that will knock any prospective client’s socks off.

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    New to the biz?

    A pre-listing packet contains information about you, your services, your track record, and what you do to successfully market homes.

    Just as you want your clients’ homes to offer a brilliant first impression, so it goes with creating the same for yourself.

    And you won’t have a lot of time to do that during the listing presentation. In fact, you’ll have exactly one-tenth of one second to make that first impression in-person, according to research by Princeton psychologists and researchers Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov.

    So, knock their socks off before the listing appointment.

    What to include in your pre-listing packet

    Naturally, everything you include in the packet should be branded. Here are a few ideas on what to share with your potential listing clients:

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    • About you and your team (if you have one)
    • Impressive sales statistics. Lacking those, consider using the brokerage’s statistics. Again, if they are impressive.
    • Success stories with testimonials as proof.
    • Your marketing plan, including examples of past marketing efforts, a list of websites and other vehicles you will turn to in your marketing efforts.
    • Anything that makes you stand out from other agents. For example, if you offer free staging and few others do in your market, that’s a value proposition worth mentioning.
    • Consider including the contracts and other paperwork that they will be signing when they list with you. Yes, you should still explain them when they list, but they’ll be familiar with the documents, allowing you to save time during the presentation.
    • A diagram or infographic of the steps they can expect to take during the sales process.

    This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of what to include in a pre-listing packet.

    Pretty it up
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    The pre-listing packet doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical, bound handout. If you prefer, make it virtual. Many agents like to include their marketing videos, listing videos, and other virtual goodies, creating a virtual introduction to their services is ideal.

    If you decide to go the other route, ensure that the presentation is professional, polished and reflects your business style and values, and is targeted to your potential client.

    If you need help with design, check out For a virtual pre-listing presentation, visit And don’t forget to check out our pre-designed presentation folders or design-your-own, HERE.

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