Brand New to Real Estate? Here’s How to Hit the Ground Running!

    The one thing few new real estate agents are prepared for is to hit the ground running the minute they hand over their license to a broker.

    Sure, you’ll find lots of information on how to get a license, but zilch about how to productively use that time when you aren’t taking classes or studying for the exam any longer.

    That’s time wasted, and commission checks pushed further into the future.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to prepare yourself to enter the world of real estate, ready to take it on.

    Research and shop for a CRM

    Customer relation management (CRM) will be an ongoing and critical aspect of your business. To make it easier and more efficient, you’ll need CRM software.

    Some of the larger brokerages offer in-house CRM software, but most don’t.

    We offer a free Contact Manager on that helps turn your mailing lists into micro-targeted marketing machines. To learn more about how to use this relationship-building customer tool, Click Here.

    Surfing the internet to find reviews of real estate CRMs, I found a couple of sites that might help you get a better picture of CRM options available (for a fee):

    Once you have chosen your CRM and learned how to use it, start loading it with the names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other information you know about everyone you know.

    Yup, everyone that is old enough to buy or sell a home.

    Getting this task out of the way up front will streamline your entry into the real estate business, and you’ll be forever grateful that you did it.

    The Photo Introduction Series is shown above. To learn more, Click Here.

    Your first direct mail campaign

    Take all those addresses in your CRM and send each one an announcement of your pending licensure.

    A text-only, simple postcard isn’t going to cut it now that you’re on the threshold of owning your own business. Send out a Photo Introduction postcard and properly introduce yourself to these VIPs who are going to prove invaluable to the growth of your real estate business over the coming years.

    Set up a Facebook business page

    Yes, there are other social media platforms, and some that you may prefer over Facebook. But Facebook is hands down, the best of them for marketing your real estate business.

    So, start with Facebook and work on the others later.

    This is a task you can actually begin on your personal page. Post the image included in your direct mail campaign for starters. Then, when you get your Facebook business page set up, invite your personal page friends to join you there.

    Start engaging with others by visiting their pages and responding to their posts.

    Join Facebook groups. They don’t have to be real estate-related. As long as you’re active and engaging, the groups will help build your follower list.

    You can do a lot to hit the ground running before your license arrives at your broker’s office. Get going. I wish you much success!

    PLUS: When you have time…below are some marketing tools to help support your success.

    1. Put Your Real Estate Business a Step Above with Your Own Branded Magazine

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    4. The Free Interactive Real Estate Business Plan

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    5. The Become a Listing Legend Free eBook 

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    Lisa is an accomplished marketer with years of expertise in direct response marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and business development working with both B2C and B2B.