Get in Front of Your Audience -and Stay There!

Realtor Marketing with Football Schedules
Achieve Four Months of Marketing – In One Shot.

Marketing is all about exposure, but more importantly, repeated exposure – over time.

And there are oh so many ways to do this now. What a wonderful world we live in chock-full of limitless marketing options.

And new ways to market seem to materialize continuously (yippy!).

Or maybe not.

Because often with good things come bad, every yin (upside) has its yang (downside). So what are the yins and yangs of endless marketing opportunities?

Yins (pros): We now have so many incredible and diverse ways of putting our marketing message out into the world. This also allows us the ability to bundle our message and layer it, so the same people are getting exposed to us through different mediums.

Yangs (cons): That dawg gone “shiny object syndrome”. These endless marketing avenues can have us chasing shiny objects until the “cows come home” (sorry, I’m from Wisconsin). And cost us a fortune as we spread our marketing budgets thinner and thinner to capture every possible new opportunity, often with little to no ROI in return.

So we have to be smart marketers and use these dollars wisely, yet still get as much as possible in the way of exposure and ROI. We have to be on the lookout for the right opportunity to engage in.

Well the right opportunity is here

During this time of the year, you have the ability to get a four-month front row seat inside your audience’s homes and for minimal marketing dollars – time to run, not walk, and knock over any cows that get in your way (that’s called cow tipping btw).

Yeap, every year agents are able to take advantage of a beloved American past time that’s almost 150 years old – AMERICAN FOOTBALL!

Did you know?
  • 103 million viewers watched the Super Bowl last year.
  • 43% of American Households were tuned in (according to Statistica).
  • NFL Sunday Night Football ranked the second highest-rated tv series in 2017 (Nielson ratings).
  • 64% of 30 to 49-year-olds watch football.
  • 58% of 50 years and older watch football.

Enough said?

Tail Wind Marketing

One of the smartest forms of marketing is what I refer to as “Tailwind Marketing”. Its when you find a way to catch the tailwind of something huge that is already loved and accepted.

Well, that’s what Football Schedule Postcards are. You are putting your face, name, contact info, and offers right next to one of the most loved past-times in the U.S. – American football.great fall realtor marketing

In addition, if you get the magnetic backed Football Schedule Postcards, now you are going to be stuck on the FRONT of another one of our American’s most loved things – THE REFRIGERATOR.

Talk about psychological reinforcement.

Every time someone grabs a beer, a glass of water, something to eat or excitedly checks the upcoming football game schedule, they see your face smiling back at them.

It’s like the famous “Pavlov’s dog” experiment, soon you become associated with their happy thoughts. What a superb trust builder and warming exercise.

And I saved the best part for last…the cost

You can get 100 Football Schedule Panoramic Postcards mailed to your specified mailing list for about $110.

Or get 100 Magnetic Panoramic Football Schedules sent to your delivery address for you to hand out personally for about $205. What a great excuse to get face-to-face with your audience. This is you, “Hey, it’s (your name) just dropping off your football schedule” (big smile). 

Or get 100 Football Schedule Panoramic Postcards shipped to you for you to give out all over town. Hand them out at your open houses, listing appointments, community events, local coffee shops, and local businesses, for about $49.00.

Hey, and don’t forget about social media. Once you get your Football Schedule Postcards in the mail, post a photo on all of your social media sites. Offer to mail one to anyone who didn’t get one from you yet and would like to be added to your mailing list (very clever).perfect fall realtor marketing

So, Go, NOW…and get your Football Schedule postcards ordered and out! There are only four more weeks until game time.
Which means only four more weeks to take your position on your audience’s refrigerator, for your four-month stay! (you’re such a smart marketer).

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Lisa is an accomplished marketer with years of expertise in direct response marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and business development working with both B2C and B2B.