Build Your Real Estate Business for the Long Haul. Choose a Speciality

    In the medical field, a physician that deals with the masses is a general practitioner. In the real estate industry, an agent that deals with the masses is . . . well, a real estate agent.

    Just as there are medical specialties like neurosurgery and psychiatry, so are their specialties in real estate, yet the industry professionals have been slow to catch on.

    Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker, in a speech to a group of real estate agents, talks about micro-specialization and claims that it’s the best way to build financial assets for the long haul.

    Micro-specialization is drilling down into the various specialties you might offer and choosing just one. So, instead of being the guy or gal in town that handles everything from condos to ranches, you would be the Empty-Nest expert or the Move-Up Market, expert.

    Move-Up Market Campaign shown above

    Then, you can employ hyper-targeted marketing until you own that specialty. It’s not a quick process, but if you stick with it, you will find long-term success.

    Some Markets aren’t Conducive

    Niche marketing in large real estate markets, such as Los Angeles or Chicago is easy. Agents in tiny markets, however, will probably find that the strategy narrows your potential client pool drastically and the benefits you might find in a large market just won’t present themselves.

    Sure, it’s a Scary Thought

    Many real estate agents are cut from the same cloth. They present like they’re unique in their market yet copy other agents. Does “It’s a GREAT time to buy a home!” ring a bell?


    Because everyone else is doing it and because breaking away from the pack is frightening to many people. So, they allow the fear of driving away even one potential client to fuel their march, in lock-step, with every other agent in town.

    Godin likens this fear to burning all other bridges in the industry. But to become memorable – to own a specialty – you must burn those bridges. You must step outside the safety zone of the pack.

    The Bonus

    Choosing a specialty comes with a bonus – branding and targeted marketing are a snap. Once you’ve settled on a niche, you know exactly who your audience is, you know where to find them and, sometimes, even their ages.

    “Let me tell you, the day I decided to cut all the other specialties loose to concentrate on my niche, I was terrified. The future was so unsure, but I did it anyway,” one of our Florida clients recently told us.

    “Am I sorry? No way!”

    If you want to stop chasing business, choose a niche and own it. Become the First Time Buyer Specialist, the Absentee Owner Expert, or go after the Move-Up Market and let prospects come to you instead of you chasing after them — while competing with every other generalist in town.

    You won’t be sorry.

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