Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Secret Sauce

Engaging your clients, sphere of influence, and geographic farm – isn’t an area for spontaneous effort.

To prosper as a Realtor today, you have to commit to consistency and follow up.

Combine the two and it’s the secret to growth and long term success.

So here are a few ways to engage in consistent follow up and make the difference between what might be and what WILL BE A GREAT 2018!

Send Something Meaningful

For most agents, sending direct mail pieces prior to the first introductory phone call or visit is an effective warming strategy.

A timely holiday card or a recipe card featuring an easy appetizer or dish is a nice way to show your sphere or farm you’re thinking about them.

You can also send a free report to FSBO’s and Expireds who might be feeling anxious about getting their home sold.

Become the resource that goes the extra step. It will be appreciated.

Also, by getting something in front of your prospects and sphere, it will gives you a great ‘reason’ to follow up.

Call Just Because

Calling someone you don’t know well can be uncomfortable. This makes it the perfect task for Realtors to avoid at all costs.

You just need to ignore this instinct, move past the fear, and do it anyway.

Remember you could be just the person they needed to hear from that day. Timing is everything.

Be yourself.

This phone call doesn’t have to be scary or pushy.

Ask if there is anything you can do for them. Do they have any questions about current topics trending in the real estate industry?

Then listen and respond.

After you have made a few phone calls to the same person, you’ve earned the right to ask if there’s anyone they know that might be interested in buying or selling now or in the future?

Break your calls down into manageable numbers so you don’t get overwhelmed – 10-20 a day. Then add them to your calendar like an appointment and commit to making it happen.

Put a face with a name

Get out there from behind your desk and steering wheel and see people – face to face.

As a professional Realtor meeting new people and continually adding to your sphere is not an option, it is a must.

Walk your neighborhood farm with Market Dominators or Door Hangers in your hands. Introduce yourself to anyone you happen upon.

Attend community garage sales, fall festivals or winter carnivals at the nearby schools.  Wear your name badge, bring your business cards, and shake some hands.

Stop into local restaurants, shops, and businesses in the community and get to know people there.

Let them know you work on referrals and you’d love to refer your clients back to them as well.

Share your stories about a great meal, terrific new shop or amazing customer experience on social media.

You’ll not only make new friends, you’ll gain new clients.

Finally, take your top referral clients to coffee or lunch or stop by with a special treat. Stand out as someone who goes the extra mile for their clients.

Ultimately you’re not just in the business of selling homes. You’re in the business of helping people.

So show up again and again through the mail, phones calls and face-to-face visits.

And the results will take care of themselves!

Need help?  Call our support team to help get you started, restarted and fired up for 2018 at 866.405.3638.  They’ve got the experience, knowledge, and solutions you need to succeed!

How long is long enough?

Heading into the new year with visions of grandeur floating in your head?

How this year is going to be the year that’s…


If only you could figure out the answer that nagging question swirling around in your head, “I spent time and money on a bit of marketing last year and it went nowhere, how will this year be any different?”

Well, here’s what statistics tell us —

If you’ve sent out a few marketing pieces throughout the year in the past, it’s going to take much more than that, to get the results you are after.

But how much more?

A strategic ongoing focus

A strategic focus that includes mailings, phone calls, emails, door knocking and community involvement — to be specific.

Don’t forget the 3-7-27 marketing rule of success discussed in the last blog (3 contacts for name recognition, 7 to associate your name with your business, and 27 to be known and trusted enough to do business).

The bottom line,

Don’t be tempted to stop your marketing efforts after a few sporadic tries. Understand the science and psychology behind marketing.

Historically most transactions or calls happen after five to seven contacts or more.

An effective month by month plan

A successful marketing plan includes a combination of the following:

Ongoing monthly direct mail with periodic direct response offers, interspersed with email marketing, phone calls, and neighborhood visits.

Follow this strategy and you are well on your way to putting yourself on the map.

What to send for impact 

Holiday Postcards:

Every month you have the opportunity to add a seasonal timely touch to your marketing.

Be sure to include a personal message on the back and follow this card up with a friendly, “anything I can do for you?” phone call every few months.


Free Offer Postcards:

These are great direct response pieces to send that highlight compelling free offers such as, free market analysis, list of homes and list of resources. These offers encourage interest and low-risk hand raising.

Content Postcards:

These powerful, content-rich cards have timely topics with consumer-friendly information that sets you up as the expert resource in your market.

When to scale back?

How about never?

During the holidays many agents slow down their marketing as social obligations gear up and the industry appears to take a breather.

Be the agent who takes the opposite approach.

Stay top of mind without any lag in exposure so you can hit the ground running in January while other agents are just getting back in the game.

This coming year CAN be your BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST ever!

By expanding your ongoing marketing actions and touch points throughout the year, to ensure your business continues to thrive and grow.

Start making a great impression today, then do it again next week, next month, and so on.

Your business and your bottom line will thank you for it.

Interested in a strategic one year marketing plan that has already been done-for-you? Take a look at our Master Marketing Schedule. Need our assistance?  Our team at ProspectsPLUS! is available at 866.405.3638 and excited to answer your questions.