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Stand out in a Sea of Agents

Multi-channel marketing is a vital strategy for real estate agent lead generation. With a comprehensive approach, you’ll increase the odds of being found in an overcrowded sea of other agents.

Naturally, not all multi-channel marketing programs include the same elements. Agents typically choose a combination of social media, blogging, door knocking, cold calling, email, and direct mail, among others.

Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming direct mail trends you may encounter in 2019.

The nay-sayers are misinformed

If you’re like me and keep up with real estate marketing trends, you’ll notice periodic comments that “direct mail can be hit or miss.”

This often comes from sources selling real estate websites, landing pages, and digital marketing solutions. Naturally, they have a reason to steer people to website and digital options for lead generation.

You might wonder how we’re so certain about our belief in direct mail marketing as the end-all, be-all.

First, we have witnessed the success of direct mail campaigns throughout our 19 years in the real estate marketing industry. In addition, we have statistics to back up our statements.

Direct mail stats say it all

Statistics such as the recent study from the United States Postal Service that finds direct mail marketing boasts a 5.1 percent response rate. Now, compare that to some popular digital marketing methods:

  • Email, 0.6%
  • Paid search, 0.8%
  • Social media, .04%
  • Online display ads, 0.2%

The reality is that direct mail advertising delivers a “700% greater response than all digital response rates combined,” according to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA).

In 2019 consumers will be demanding more personalized marketing. You’ll be glad to know that there’s research out there that drills down into exactly who your best direct mail recipient is: baby boomers and millennials.

More than 80 percent of the former consider direct mail a trusted source, according to In addition, 90 percent of millennials claim that direct mail advertising is a “reliable resource.”

Any research that helps you target your preferred audience for any given campaign is important. And, since millennials and baby boomers make up the bulk of real estate consumers, keep these statistics in mind when preparing your 2019 marketing plan.

Your 2019 ROI with direct mail

Different marketing strategies offer varying levels of a return on your investment. Cold calling, for instance, “costs at least 60% more per lead than other methods,” according to a Hubspot report.

Direct mail in 2019 is about to get a bit more expensive for agents who send letters. reports that the USPS is set to hike some postage rates on January 27, 2019. Although it will only be a few cents (the hike varies according to how you’re mailing), it’s important to factor this into your 2019 marketing budget.

The good news is that there will be no rate hike for sending real estate postcards, so no hit to your ROI from postcard marketing.

As it stands, direct mail marketing offers the third-highest ROI of all formats, according to the DMA (only email and social media marketing best it.)

Consider pairing direct mail with an email campaign for an even better return. “Direct mail and email are like the peanut butter cup of marketing: two great tastes that taste great—or even better—together,” according to Allan Greer of

“When used in combination, direct mail and email can yield response rates of up to 35% compared with standalone campaigns using either channel,” he concludes.

Look for increased targeting opportunities in 2019

If you’ve been farming for some time you know just how the entire direct mail landscape has changed over the years. No longer are you forced to blanket a community or ZIP code, sending mailers to every home.

The data at our fingertips right now enables agents to build marketing campaigns based not only on demographics but on life events (divorce, death, new job) and even behavior.

Consider using some of this data in 2019 to better target your ideal client and improve your ROI.

No, direct mail marketing isn’t the “silver bullet,” of lead generation, but it’s the ideal inclusion in a multi-channel real estate marketing plan.

Start 2019 right, send the Retiring Soon postcard from the Life Events Series to a list of baby boomers in your area.

Need help targeting the perfect niche of buyers or sellers? Use our mailing list tool to create the ideal list (it’s easy) or call our support team for assistance at 866.405.3638!

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direct mail is king

Annual spending on newspaper circulars, coupons, direct mail, and catalogs hit $76 billion in 2017!

Need I say more?

By the way, this was up 85% from 2012, according to a Wallstreet Journal article recently written by Sarah Nassauer.

“Paper ads that arrive in homes spur more buying than emails or texts”, said Jackson Jeyanayagam, chief marketing officer of

“Email is starting to become a sandbox because you get so much”. Boxed spent 80% more on print advertising in 2017 than 2016.

Emily Frankel, senior director of digital marketing at, a Walmart owned company, states, “Jet sent 35 million paper coupons and direct mailers last year”.

She continued, that the mailers have been effective in reaching new, more urban and affluent customers.

So, why is direct mail so effective?

A study commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau discovered that direct mail marketing—leaves a ‘deeper more emotional footprint’ on the brain than digital.

That difference can be pinpointed on MRI brain scans.

It produces brain responses that get stored in your memory. The printed piece itself becomes part of the subliminal messaging.

The following are more reasons for direct mail’s success.

It’s targeted

Most advertising is expensive and casts a wide, but not specific net.

With direct mail, you can match your marketing pieces specifically to your market or niche dramatically increasing your response rates.

You can target your mailing lists for those you most want to market by taking advantage of our Lifestyle Interest search.

It’s personal

Direct mail is your canvas.  You can address your customer by name, share specific offers and communicate information that’s specific to your area.

And begin to create a top-of-mind awareness and trust.

By offering calls to action such as Free Reports, lists of homes, a Free Home Market Analysis and more – you create an opportunity for engagement with your audience. 

It’s flexible  

From postcards to newsletters to brochures, your direct mail options are extensive. 

Add direct response offers and timely information and you again increase your response rates. 

Some agents choose from a specific niche postcard series such as our Expired Series to send each month to develop brand a recognition. expired listing marketing postcards

Others mix and match their marketing messages – preferring to keep consumers alert and eager to see what they’ll send next.

It’s tangible

The truth is, as human beings we are tactile people.

So, engaging different senses is just smart business.   If I get a message from a professional via email or digital ad, it registers in the moment – but not necessarily long term. 

When I get a message that’s directed to me and offers something of importance to me and my family – that’s compelling.

Specifically, when I can feel it, touch it, put it on the refrigerator or tack it to my bulletin board, etc. – that message has a much longer shelf life.

 And a better chance of getting a response – not just once but again and again. 

It’s measurable 

Use a unique URL or make a specific offer on a direct response piece and keep tabs on how many people click or call on that offer. Similiar to our Free Offer Series postcardsfree offer postcard series

Then adjust future mailings based on that response rate.  It’s always advised to make a direct response offer on every piece of direct mail.

As opposed to just a generic, ‘here I am’ mailing. 

Give people valuable reasons to reach out to you and they will!

It’s easy and cost-effective

Direct mail doesn’t have to mean big bucks.

With Every Door Direct Mail costs are low and market saturation is high.

Hopefully, this has given you insight into why direct mail is part of so many highly successful agents ongoing marketing plan.

Start taking advantage of this powerful form of marketing now.

Get started taking advantage of the power of direct mail. Send the Free Home Market Analysis Offer postcard from the Call to Action Series to your Geographic Farm this month.

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