What You Need to Know About Real Estate Testimonials

    I won’t spend $6 on a vegetable brush at Amazon.com without first checking customer reviews.

    It would be an understatement, then, to say that it blows my mind that a guy wanting to sell his house (his HOUSE, for pity’s sake) picks the first agent that comes along.

    After all these decades, real estate consumers still find the pool of agents in their town interchangeable. “You’re all alike” is a statement that deserves a look of shock in polite society, yet people think nothing of using it to describe real estate agents.

    So, how does a knowledgeable, hard-working, awesome customer-service-providing agent combat this?

    By getting your clients to do it for you, via testimonials (or, reviews as they are more commonly known).

    Reviews are critical in the current marketplace

    We recently read a study published at BrightLocal.com, that found nearly 90% of consumers age 35 to 54 (which is roughly the average age of buyers and sellers) routinely read reviews for businesses.

    Sadly, only 15% of those folks were reading reviews of agents. As Millennials get older, however, experts predict this number to grow.

    There is a right way, and there’s a wrong way

    We’ve found several real estate trainer blog posts recommending that agents give a “thank-you gift” in exchange for a “positive” testimonial.

    There’s a difference between encouraging honest feedback from your clients and requesting “positive” reviews specifically in exchange for something.

    This suggestion violates federal law and, sometimes, the terms of service of the testimonial site.

    “Companies must make it clear when they have paid their customers to write favorable testimonials,” according to Jessica Rich, director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

    Google will ban users for offering to pay for positive testimonials. And, over at yelp.com they state that “Business owners should not be asking customers to write positive reviews for their business.” Learn more about Yelp’s terms here.

    Other things to consider about real estate testimonials
    • Like most online content, it’s only as good as its recency. If you aren’t consistently posting fresh reviews, you may lose business to the agent who does.
    • The average number of reviews Americans read before making a decision is 10 (statista.com). Keep this in mind when updating or creating your website’s testimonial pages. Put the 10 best reviews you have at the top of the list.
    • An unsigned testimonial, or one signed with first and last initial, has the potential to create distrust in the viewer. Don’t use them.
    • Always ask permission from a client to post their review but never ask him or her to give up intellectual property rights to the content in the review. Oh, and get that permission in writing (or via email) and keep a copy in the client’s file.

    Consider including testimonials in your direct mail marketing pieces, specifically if they come from the same niche you are targeting.

    For instance, a rave review from a client with a rental property that you helped sell, would be a highly credible addition to the marketing pieces in an absentee owner campaign you’re launching.

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