Saturday, December 16, 2017

Three Systems for Success

By Todd Robertson, National Speaker – Regional Director, Prospects
This is it!  Now is the time that you are going to meet and exceed your recruiting goals, right?  You’re fired up, competition is pulling back because of market conditions and you are ready to capture those talented agents and lost market share that hang in the balance!

Congratulations, you are officially in Phase One of the Four Phases of Recruiting, the “Enthusiasm/Exhaustion” Phase.  Don’t get me wrong, enthusiasm is crucial, and a necessary, vital tool in attracting the right kind of people to your organization, it is just difficult to maintain long-term without the right momentum.  Enter Phase Two of the process which is the “Work for It Phase” which describes most of the recruiting population who are operating on sheer will and work ethic.  Again, viable traits when sustaining long term forward movement, but you need something more.  You need a shot of the “work smarter, not harder” tools that will give you the highest level of success.

Let us explore the third “Systems in Place Phase” which allows you to funnel your enthusiasm and work ethic into processes which help you realize the maximum results for your efforts and time.

Common sense prevails. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.  While that seems to reduce the problem to the ridiculous, ask yourself what you are doing “differently” to be more effective.  Consider that 70% of recruiters do a poor job.  Why?  More often than not, they lack focus, goals, and have no system for follow up.  Another 20% do a good job, getting by– doing no more and no less than bare minimum with the end result being mediocrity. While good might seem fine to some of you, know that while the cost of greatness is high, the toll of mediocrity is much higher. How do you move from mediocrity to greatness? Master the two common denominators that make the top 10% the industry’s most effective recruiters.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Just Listed/Just Sold program. When I first started out, I was unable to afford an assistant to help with mailings and follow up. This program allowed me to get my name out there at a very affordable price and save a tremendous amount of time.

I estimate that I get at least one call from each mailing, and have gained both buyers and sellers. I also use several of the brochures in my listing presentation. I just pull them out and leave them with the homeowner. I even got a listing because my client shared it with one of their friends.

I think that out of all the products that you can buy, this program has been one of the most profitable and affordable for me. We lead with revenue at Keller Williams, and this product is a great example of how you can do that.”

“I believe in working smart and utilizing software to help. To that end, ProspectsPLUS! has become an integral part of our listing presentation and marketing program.

For listings, we take pictures of the property before a presentation and then WOW prospects with postcards and flyers featuring their own home. By taking the time to publish these items upfront, the prospects feel comfortable that we will work hard for them after we get the listing too. The ‘plus’ is that ProspectsPLUS! gives us the tools to market to all clients, both past and future.

Sending out a polished newsletter is really just a click away. I also want to mention that the customer service and support has been exceptional. After spending 20 years in the software business, I demand a certain level of support, and ProspectsPLUS! has exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all those involved!”

Jody Deeds“I always knew I should, but never did keep in contact with my sphere of influence on a consistent basis. Getting that task done always took so much time to prepare just the right message, prepare the mailing and actually get it in the mail.

After seeing the ProspectsPLUS! presentation, I implemented the system right away. I followed the Master Marketing Schedule™ and sent my sphere of influence postcards. I received two calls the first month I sent them. So I stayed with the system and sent postcards the next month… and got three calls and a listing appointment!

The program is easy to use, easy to follow and takes very little time to maintain CONSISTENTLY. Now there is no question who my sphere of influence should call when they or someone they know has a real estate need.”