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personal assistant

    She keeps track of our grocery lists, knows what music we prefer, keeps us up-to-date on the news, wakes us in the morning, and wishes us sweet dreams at night.

    Yet, Alexa’s true identity is a mystery. But, like duct tape and a Swiss army knife, she’s indispensable to millions of Americans. She’s not without her share of controversy, however. If that’s what’s keeping you from utilizing a smart speaker, perhaps you should reconsider.

    She has some pretty amazing skills

    Out of the box, Alexa can help you with many everyday tasks, But, she has additional skills as well, which are worth digging into.

    “At their simplest, Alexa skills are like smartphone apps. They are created by developers from third-party companies,” according to Alistair Charleton at

    “Some skills work entirely on their own, while others are required to make Alexa interact with something else, such as an online service like Spotify, or a smart home product like a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner,” he notes.

    You’ll find a list of some of the more popular skills at

    Consider creating your own, branded skill. Learn how from Dustin Brohm at

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    Alexa, remind me to stop procrastinating

    Time management is one of our favorite ways to use Alexa.

    Agents who cold-call for a set period of time may find this one handy as well. Ask Alexa to remind you when you can stop. Or, take periodic short breaks and she will remind you when it’s time to get back to it.

    She’ll also help you keep track of everything on your daily calendar when you connect it to your smart speaker. Echo supports the following calendars:

    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Apple iCloud calendar
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Google G Suite or Gmail
    • Microsoft Office 365

    Just like in those futuristic movies, “Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?” will have her reading it off to you while you shave or put on your makeup.

    Learn how at

    Alexa: admin extraordinaire

    Finally, you can stop all the grunt work and pass it off to “someone” else:

    • Let Alexa send your text messages. Just dictate it to her and off they go. Learn how, here.
    • How many times have you been writing something and wish you had a better word? Alexa will find it for you. She can also offer up definitions for words.
    • Research: From reminding you what riparian rights are to keeping current on COVID-19, Alexa is at the ready.
    • Keep track of the tasks you need to perform for listing or buying clients with an Alexa-created list. Or, you’re at your desk and remembered you’re almost out of milk. “Alexa, put milk on my shopping list,” will let you forget about it and get back to work.
    • Take Alexa on the road with Echo Auto, $49.99 right now at Load her up with the addresses of homes you’ll be touring and she’ll guide you to each one. Shout out to put that milk you need on your shopping list, get the latest weather, news or listen to a motivational podcast while driving to that listing appointment.

    How else can Amazon Echo and Alexa help your real estate business? Check out Alexa for Business. From turning on your video conferencing gear to dialing you into a conference call, we think you’ll love this one.

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