Saturday, July 13, 2024

Gfit card

    Congratulations Jason Berger on being our $100 ProspectsPLUS! Gift Card Winner!

    Jason shared this story regarding her experience using marketing pieces from ProspectsPLUS!,

    I’ve been a customer of ProspectsPLUS! for about 6 months using their Market Dominator and soon to be utilizing some of their other marketing material. Having been in the business for almost 19-years I’ve never found a marketing company that offers so many options that are all 100% easily editable.

    The material produced is printed on nice card stock and the final product is crisp and colorful. The customer service offered by Hayley and Ramona is AMAZING. Nowadays, as we all know, customer service seems to be secondary with many companies, this is not the case when working with Hayley and Ramona. If you’re looking for a marketing company, I urge you to give ProspectsPLUS! serious consideration”.

    Jason recently sent out the monthly, exclusive Market Dominator.

    Market Dominator

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