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floor plans

    Congratulations on that new listing. And those photos that your pro photographer snapped are gorgeous. Also looks like you put a lot of thought into writing the listing description.

    It’s a pity that you hit the submit button before you uploaded a floor plan. But you don’t use floor plans in your listings, do you? Most agents don’t, and those who do want to thank you for not using them.

    Maybe this will convince you: One in 10 buyers surveyed said that they wouldn’t even look at a home for sale if they hadn’t seen a floor plan first, and this number continues to increase. (Rightmove).

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    NAR’s latest Generational Trends Report says that the third most important feature of an agent’s website (according to buyers) is a floor plan in listings. It ranked third last year as well.

    Numbers one and two are photos and the listing description.

    It’s a new era. We’re in a worldwide pandemic that’s turned the way you do business upside down.

    Consider including floor plans with your listings. The process isn’t as expensive and time-consuming as you might assume.

    Besides, buyers want them.


    The OG of real estate agent floorplans, Matterport is typically what we think of when the topic comes up.

    Matterport’s 3D interactive floor plan offers clients what they truly crave: the ability to “walk through” a home and view what they want to view, not what a videographer wants them to see.

    According to the company’s website, using Matterport floor plans in your real estate listings will result in:

    • A 4-9% higher sales price
    • DOM decrease of up to 31%

    Matterport currently offers four price points:

    • Free
    • $9.99 a month
    • $69 a month
    • $309 a month

    Along with the price of the plan, you’ll need to purchase a 360 camera. Learn more about that process at

    Agent reviews are all over the map.

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    One Las Vegas agent claims that although Matterport’s “… virtual tours are the gold standard when advertising properties online … The price of the equipment and storage is expensive.”

    Read additional reviews online at


    Around 2007, you may have known about RoomSketcher’s software as “Home Designer.” While “The tool is still the same … our new name emphasizes our focus on creating both the best floor plan tool, as well as the best home design tool, on the market,” according to the company’s website (

    With RoomSketcher you have options:

    • Draw the floor plans yourself using the app
    • Order them from RoomSketcher’s Floor Plan Services
    • Hire a freelancer to draw them for you

    With a drag and drop interface, it couldn’t be simpler.

    Finally, choose between 2D and 3D.

    Prices start at $49.99 a year for the VIP package or step up to the Pro plan for $99.99 a year. If you’ll be creating more than 100-floor plans a year, go for the Hi-Volume plan. You’ll need to contact the company for the price of this one.

    RoomSketcher garners excellent reviews at

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