Sunday, May 19, 2024

Fence Sitters Campaign

    Shown above: Postcards from various Just Sold Series and Donna Perri’s Just Sold postcard. See more Just Sold postcards HERE

    Congratulations, Donna Perri you are the winner of this week’s $120 gift card!

    Donna had the following words to say about her success after sending a Just Listed postcard through ProspectsPLUS!,

    I send these postcards to a 3-5 mi radius of each and every sale. They pay for themselves over and over. I have gotten five listings in six months from ProspectsPLUS!. I will continue using them in my marketing plan for sure. It makes farming easy and effective.”

    Donna Perri

    Thank you, Donna! You are a real estate rock star! Keep it up!

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    FARM, Call to Action Series Scheduled Campaign shown above. Learn more, HERE
    Enter this week’s contest for a chance to win a $120 gift card covering the first month of ANY Scheduled Campaign.

    The scheduled campaign includes 150 jumbo-sized postcards, sent standard postage (excluding data and tax. Includes only the first month free of a new campaign).

    HOW TO ENTER: Just leave a review regarding how using marketing from ProspectsPLUS! has impacted your business, and you’re automatically entered into our next contest.

    Mention a “scheduled campaign you’ve launched” in your review and your entry into the contest is doubled.

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    Ready to Schedule an SOI, Farm, Get More Listing, Holiday or Absentee Owner Campaign?

    Holiday Scheduled Campaign shown above, learn more HERE
    Launch a Scheduled Campaign today and save time on your marketing by automating it!

    You Can Launch a Scheduled Campaign to any of the following Markets in Just Minutes:

    Sphere of Influence
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    Fence Sitters*
    Get More Listings*
    Empty Nesters*
    Move-Up Market*

    (*Located under Farm Campaigns)

    And, remember, YOU DON’T PAY for each mailing until it actually goes out (cancel or change each mailing up until the night before mailing goes out. The price shown at check out is per mailing, not campaign total).


    STEP 1: Create your prospect list using our mailing list tools, HERE.

    STEP 2: Then, once you have your list, choose your Campaign, select your start date, and add your list, HERE or hit “Launch a Scheduled Campaign”, below.

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