Sunday, April 14, 2024

contact manager

    With our NEW, FREE Contact Manager, you can tag entire mailing lists or just one contact within a list, building one highly targeted list from many.

    Now achieve better results from your marketing and ensure you are hitting the ideal target within your various lists with the right message at the right time!

    This new tool is available to use right now on, for free, just for being a ProspectsPLUS! member.

    To check out the Contact Manager tutorial, CLICK HERE.

    The Following are Five Ways You Can Start Using the New Contact Manager Today!
    Just Sold Follow-Up Series

    1.Compile Contacts From Your Just Listed Just Sold Lists

    Move all your Just Listed Just Sold mailing lists to the Contact Manager. As you move them, “tag” the lists with the name of the neighborhood they are from.

    Now you can send follow-up postcards or schedule a campaign to go out to specific contacts from various “tagged” neighborhoods. The Just Sold Follow-Up campaign or a postcard from this series is a great choice.

    2. Create Monthly Customer Birthday Lists

    Upload your SOI list or move your current one into the Contact Manager. Add birthdays to each contact’s personal information in the space provided.

    Now mid-way through each month, you can select and send a birthday card to all of your contacts with a “Tagged” birthday for the upcoming month. You can even schedule these Birthday postcards to go out for the whole year in one sitting.

    Happy Birthday Postcards

    3. Create Monthly Home Anniversary Lists

    Upload your SOI list or move a current one into the Contact Manager. Add the home anniversary date to the applicable contact’s personal information in the space provided.

    Now mid-way through each month, you can select and send home anniversary postcards to go out to all of your “Tagged” contacts with a home anniversary in the upcoming month. You can even schedule these cards to go out each month for the whole year in one sitting.

    4. Tag Your Past Clients for Special Mailings

    Customer Appreciation Series

    When your current client becomes your past client, be sure to “tag” them with a “past client” tag. Now they are ready for you to be able to quickly pull together a targeted list to send out special Customer Appreciation postcards, thank you’s, and referral reminders.

    5. Tag Your Buyers Across Lists For Special Mailings

    Any time you create a list of buyers, be sure to tag them with the “buyers” tag. Now you can send a targeted mailing to all of your buyers across several lists.

    To get started with the Contact Manager tool now, CLICK HERE.
    Or check out our basic Contact Manager Tutorial, CLICK HERE.

    A couple More Notes About the New Contact Manager:

    1. This is not a free trial. Our Contact Manager will be free to our ProspectsPLUS! members indefinitely.
    2. If you have a CRM you currently use, by all means, continue. However, if you are purchasing a mailing list from us at any time in the future, it’s worth your time to take a moment and tag that list in the event you may want to take advantage of that tag in the future.
    3. We don’t share or sell your data. Please visit our privacy policy in the footer of the website and if you aren’t comfortable initially take a look at our reviews and maybe just start with lists that you are purchasing from us as we already have that data and are providing it to you.
    4. We certainly hope you choose to stay with us, but you can always download any or all of your lists out of the website at any time you choose to, and we even allow you to download a string of data that shows you the tags you associated with your contacts so that it will make it easier for you to take it to your next list management CRM platform.

    Please reach out to our support team at 866.405.3638 with questions or if there is anything we can do to help you in your success.  

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      STEP ONE: Send a List to the Contact Manager

      To send contacts from a list to the Contact Manager, click on your email address from the horizontal black navigational bar in the upper right-hand corner. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Mailing Lists.” from the menu.

      Once in your mailing list section, decide which mailing list of contacts you want to move over. This list will also still remain in the “Mailing List” section as well.

      Once you decide on your list, click the blue “Options” button for that list and choose the option “Send List to the Contact Manager” (see screenshot below).

      STEP TWO: Add Tags to Your Mailing List

      A window will pop up after you complete STEP ONE, allowing you to add tags to the list you are sending to the Contact Manager.

      You can type in one tag or multiple. There are some tags already available in the tag drop-down menu. If you don’t see a tag you want there, you can create a tag by typing it into the provided space.

      Once you are done adding tags, click the yellow “Import” button, and your contacts from this list will be imported into the Contact Manager.

      STEP THREE: View Contacts in Contact Manager

      You can now go to your Contact Manager and view contacts from this list. You will not see your list title from the mailing list section in Contact Manager, only the contacts from the list.

      To get to Contact Manager, click on your email in the upper right-hand corner of the website and choose “Contact Manager” from the drop-down menu (see screenshot below).

      Once in the Contact Manager, you can filter the contacts listed by using the “Tag Filter” located at the top center of this section to see how many tags there are with a specific tag title.

      You can also add a new contact name to your Contact Manager by clicking the yellow button that says “Add Names.” Be sure to complete the new contact’s birthday and home anniversary date if there is one.

      The “Add Names” yellow button can also be used to download your entire “contact Manager” list with tags and export it from the website.

      STEP FOUR: Send a Postcard to a Specific “Tag” of Contacts

      To send a postcard to a specific “tag” of contacts, choose your postcard from our postcard section.

      Once you are on the postcard series screen, select the blue button titled “Add List’ (see screenshot below).

      A drop-down menu will appear. Select the “Contact Manager List” and hit the “select” blue button (see screenshot below).

      STEP FIVE: Add Specific Contact “Tags” to Your Mailing List for Your Postcard Mailing

      Now add the “tags” you want to use to create your super-targeted mailing list in the box provided (see screenshot below). As you add the tags you want for this mailing list, they will appear in blue (see screenshot below). The screen will also give you your new quantity of contacts for this “tagged” mailing list.

      Once you are done adding your tags, you are ready to continue editing your postcard and send it out to your new targeted list.

      Please reach out to our support team at 866.405.3638 with questions or if there is anything we can do to help you in your success.