Sunday, April 14, 2024

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    I heard my first holiday song of the season during the first week of October this year. About two weeks later, the big box stores started clearing out their garden centers to make way for the thousands of pallets of holiday décor.

    Even the biggest procrastinators can’t miss retailers’ attempts to start the winter holidays early.

    If you aren’t in the spirit yet, it’s time to take a cue from the retail industry. Especially if your CRM is crammed full of contacts, the time to start was yesterday.

    Add an extra blog post every week during the holiday season

    In many cities and towns, the weeks between Thanksgiving and the new year are full of local activities. These are activities that folks love to attend, so let them know about what’s happening in your town or city. 

    What is the best way to do that? By blogging and promoting those posts on social media and emails to your sphere.

    “Create a holiday gift guide featuring local vendors,” suggests Ada Ciuca with Keller Williams. She adds this brilliant tip: “If you can secure discount coupons as well, even better!” 

    Here are some additional holiday blog post topics you can punch out in under an hour:

    • Neighborhoods with amazing holiday light displays
    • A list of “Adopt a Family for the Holidays” charities in your area
    • Best hot chocolate spots in your town
    • Best places to ski, sled, ice skate
    • Local restaurants serving holiday dinners and brunches
    • Winter weekend nearby getaways
    • A list of holiday concerts and performances (the Symphony, the Nutcracker, etc.)
    • New Year’s Eve events
    • New Year’s Eve events for families
    • A rundown of top economists’ housing market predictions for 2024, niched down to your market
    • A list of New Year’s resolutions for homeowners, such as “work on increasing your emergency fund,” “routinely change HVAC filters (mention local retailers that sell them),” etc.

    Remember to keep these posts focused on the hyper-local, include business addresses or website URLs whenever possible, and link back to any earlier, pertinent posts on your blog. Internal linking is great for SEO.

    Finally, don’t skimp when it comes to photos

    Shannon Johnson at discussed an experiment they performed that found “… the click-through rate of posts containing photos is 128% higher than the CTR of posts containing videos or links.” 

    She concludes that they “… also know photos on Facebook generate 53% more ‘likes’ than the average post.”

    Speaking of Facebook, push those posts out to your followers. Hyper-local topics (which is what we’re dealing with here) are eminently sharable. The more your followers share your posts, the better the chances of increasing your website traffic.

    We have more holiday real estate marketing ideas to share with you, so check back soon!

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