Sunday, June 16, 2024

building a book of business

Average More Transactions Every Year

The difference between always chasing commissions, or having a reliable referral base to count on, depends on your investment in a sphere of influence.

Want to build a business that is strong, sustainable and competitive, and that you can sell when you’re ready to retire?

Start by creating your SOI.

It’s easier than you think – and will help you get on track to average more transactions every year.

Think about this, if you had 250 people in a database you consistently stay in touch with and develop a relationship with, who will they call when they have a real estate question, need or referral?


If just 10% of your database sold or referred to you every year, what would that mean for your income?

Building a database doesn’t have to be hard.

It just needs to be a consistent part of your weekly business habits.

Not having a sphere of influence is hands-down, the single biggest obstacle to agent success.

It will keep you in the endless cycle of always chasing new business, without the benefit of ever gaining any traction.

And think about this, statistically, 1 in every 12 people in your SOI will either do business with you or refer business to you each year.

Not bad odds. Is this worth your time now?

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Time to Create Your List.

Begin with the following names (including email, address, phone):

Family, spouse’s family, extended family, neighbors, past customers

best friends, close friends, children’s friends parents, church congregation

Children’s teachers, coaches, principal

Family dentist, doctors, optometrists, business coleagues

Employees/owners of retail establishments and restaurants you frequent

PTA board at your children’s school, Sunday school teacher

Manicurist, facialist, hair dresser, dry cleaner

Auto maintenance/repair shop, tire shop, mailman

Once you have compiled your list – Take Action

Start a touch marketing campaign every 21-35 days. 

Send our done-for-you newsletters every month. They’re designed to be eye-catching, informational, and are filled with direct response offers that get results.

Or consider a series of postcards such as holidayrecipe postcards, customer appreciation cards, or listing inventory cards that will keep you top of mind until you have the opportunity to see or speak to them.

Even if your list is small, don’t wait to start your marketing.

Momentum doesn’t just happen. But over time you can build something powerful.

The 20 year value of a client is roughly $49,647.

With that number in mind – how many people do you plan to put in your book of business?

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