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Miss the January Webinar — 4 Ways to Hit Any Goal You Set?

We’ve Got it On-Demand!

A big shout out to Todd Robertson for sharing some strong goal setting strategies as well as fielding questions on how to dominate in a geographic farm area.  Awesome questions from the audience as well. Thank you to all who joined us.  We truly  hope it makes a difference in how you approach your goals this year!  Go knock it out of the park!

Meanwhile – if you need a refresher or you missed it – please feel free to watch it in entirety below: 

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Was YOUR Name Drawn?

Wow! A big thanks to all our amazing contestants this past month! We had some terrific entries – and we thank you all so much for sharing your experiences! If your name wasn’t drawn – no worries!  We’ll choose three MORE winners January 5th!  Congratulations everyone!

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Real Estate Holiday Postcards

When Sending Your Season’s Greetings

by Julie Escobar

Planning on sending season’s greetings out to your sphere and farm over the next few months?  Great idea!holiday cards Staying in touch and top of mind never goes out of season.  Before you buy a card, stick a stamp of figure out where your mailing list is — consider these five holiday tips!

  1. Be clear about your message.  Even when you’re sending holiday postcards, you can use the reverse side to send a great message to your customer base.  If you are sending to both your sphere and farm, you may want to consider altering the message slightly for each. Make it personal and heart-felt, with a note of thanks for allowing you the opportunity to serve them as customers — or in the case of your farm – the community.  holiday postcards
  2. Serve two purposes.  Are you having a holiday open house? Customer event?  Charity drive?  Looking for a good time to stop by with a small gift? You can include that information on the cards as well.
  3. Don’t be salesy.  Holiday greetings are not about the sale – they are about the connection.  Keep it warm and personable.
  4. Don’t wait for just Christmas.  Many top agents send a holiday message once a month to their sphere. Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Valentine’s, Easter and beyond. There’s something to celebrate all thanksgiving cardsyear round, and it’s a fun way to stay connected and stand out as someone who is “there” more than just in the month of December.
  5. Have some fun with it.  Got a great team? Or just a great personality?  Take some fun pictures and opt for a photocard rather than a more traditional card and don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your photos.
  6. Don’t leave anyone out! You know all those mailing lists you’ve been collecting throughout the year? For Just Listed postcards, or the stack of business cards that have been sitting on the corner of your desk collecting dust? calendar cards 2016
  7. Order early.  We suggest sending your holiday cards out at LEAST two weeks in advance of the holiday every month — and sending first class as opposed to standard-class to ensure timely delivery.
  8. Follow up.  Sending cards is a great way to easily stay in touch.  Pick a postcard, edit your message, add a list – and you’re done!  In a matter of minutes you’ve created a connection.  However to really get the full impact of ANY mailing (holiday and otherwise) — be sure to follow up – at least with the top 25% of your list.  There is no substitution for this step.  Imagine if you made it a point each year, every year, to speak with every single person in your sphere at least twice a year?  Touch base, see if they have questions, thank them for being great customers, and say hello.  Here’s what happens when you do:  they remember you.  They don’t list with another agent because your name wasn’t on the radar.  They are grateful that you take the time to call.  And one out of 12?  Statistically will do business with you or refer business to you.

Here’s to a great holiday season ahead – and to staying in touch with your sphere and farm!  We’re even going to make that a little easier on your budget! From now until January 5th, send any holiday postcard, photocard, or calendar card and save 15% off your order excluding postage!

Use these money saving promo codes to get your discount! 

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Need help?  We’re here for you!  Call our team at 866.405.3638 today.  We’ll help get your holidays started and save you money at the same time! Have a great one!  


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