Avoid these 3 Listing Video Mistakes

    Did you know that there’s a difference between a video tour and a virtual tour? Indeed, there is.

    While both describe a “digital rendition” of something real, think about the many ways we use the word “virtual.”

    • Virtual assistant
    • Virtual reality
    • Virtual storage

    None of these include video. So, the first difference between the two involves the very definitions of each.

    Then, there is that little issue about who is in control of the home tour. With a video tour, it’s the agent or producer of the video who decides what features of the home will be shown.

    In a virtual tour, the viewer has the control, able to virtually walk through the home at his or her leisure, stop, change directions and pause in areas that are interesting.

    Which one do you think is of most value to a homebuyer? If you said “virtual tour,” pat yourself on the back. In a NAR survey of homebuyers, 40 percent said they found virtual tours “very useful.

    This same survey, by the way (2018 Real Estate in a Digital Age), asked buyers which sources of information they used while home shopping. Mention this study to your sellers, because “online video site” came in last.

    Sadly, the opposite is true for sellers. They want a video tour of their home. Until sellers become more educated about the popularity of 3D virtual home tours, such as those via Matterport, home sellers will continue demanding useless and expensive listing videos.

    But that hasn’t happened yet. If you’re one of those agents who offers video tours, let’s get you up to speed on how to NOT make the 3 most common video mistakes.

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    Mistake 1 – Going the cheap route

    There are two routes you can take when deciding how to produce your listing videos:

    • Hire a professional videographer
    • Do it yourself

    Both can be expensive (after all, your time is worth something), but the DIY route is probably less expensive.

    It’s also probably the least effective. And, if you list luxury properties, DIY listing videos are career killers.

    We ran a quick search of various videographer sites and found prices that start at $300 for a very basic video. Most pros tend to charge at least $500.

    We all want to save as much of our “paycheck” as possible, but there are expenses in small businesses that can’t be avoided. Marketing and branding are but two and they’re crucial for your success.

    Take the leap, hire a professional and write the expense off on your taxes.

    Mistake 2 – It’s a listing video, not “War and Peace”

    Saying that we humans have dinky attention spans might just be the understatement of the century.

    In fact, 56 percent of all videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long. Fewer than half of video viewers (46 percent) stick with a video all the way to the end, according to research published by Vidyard.com.

    Smart marketers know this, which is why that same report shows that 75 percent of videos produced by businesses in the last year are less than two minutes in length.

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    Brevity reigns when it comes to getting someone to press the start button on your videos. Then, you need to engage them immediately. Avoid putting yourself in the frame at the beginning of the video. Head straight to the most compelling aspects of the home.

    Mistake 3- Failure to promote your real estate videos

    Like any content you create, promotion is the key to success. After you upload your listing video to YouTube, embed it on your website and the home’s dedicated page, if you created one.

    Then, start pumping it out via social media (especially Facebook and LinkedIn) and email.

    The days when homes practically sell themselves may be coming to an end this year. If you aren’t producing walk-throughs of your listings, you’re not serving your listing clients.

    Hire a pro and get the job done right.

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    Lisa Gray
    Lisa is an accomplished marketer with years of expertise in direct response marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and business development working with both B2C and B2B.