Is Your Scheduled Postcard Campaign Ending Soon? Don’t Get Off That Horse…

    Always stay with a winning horse!

    If your scheduled postcard campaign is ending, then it’s time to launch another one or launch the same one, again!

    Remember, the number one goal as a real estate agent is to:

    1. Keep homeowners and/or buyers thinking of you to ensure you keep getting new clients.
    2. Remind people in your sphere that you’re the real estate expert so they refer you to others and call you when they need an expert.
    3. Set annual real estate business goals and keep the marketing activity going that will help you achieve these goals.
    4. Complete a multitude of tasks that need to happen in your business in the most organized and time-saving manner.

    And, there is ONE THING that you can do that will help cover everything mentioned above.

    Schedule a one-year postcard campaign!

    Ready to launch your next scheduled postcard campaign? CLICK HERE.

    What if You Haven’t Launched a Scheduled Postcard Campaign Before?
    There’s NO Better Strategy for Kicking off 2022 than with a Scheduled Campaign!

    And, you can launch one in just minutes.

    Here are 5 ways a scheduled postcard campaign can help make 2022 your best year yet:

    1. You’ll get More Done – now that your marketing is on auto-pilot, you can focus on other areas of your business.
    2. Stay in Continuous Contact – your past clients and sphere will get the attention they deserve throughout the year.
    3. Stick to your Marketing Plan – you’ll reap the rewards that a long-term marketing campaign can provide.
    4. Build New Relationships – you’ll cultivate new clients and expand your business and earning potential.
    5. Brand Yourself – you can become known as the neighborhood expert in a specific community.
    6. So choose a scheduled campaign from one of our 10 categories:

    SOI, Farm, Holiday, Absentee, Renters, Expireds, FSBO, Investors, Recruiting, Just Sold Follow-Up.

    And, remember, you don’t pay for each month’s mailing, until it goes out (and you can cancel or change your campaign at any time up til the night before mailing).

    To learn more, CLICK HERE.

    PLUS: When you have time…below are some helpful tools to support your success.

    1. The Free 12 Month Done-For-You Strategic Marketing Plan

    The Real Estate Marketing Planner is a powerful 12-Month-Guide that strategically defines what marketing to do when. Four key market segments are included, niche Markets, geographic farming, sphere of influence, and past clients. – Click Here

    2. The Free Interactive Real Estate Business Plan

    The Free Interactive Real Estate Business Plan allows you to enter your business goals for this year and get a breakdown of how many prospects, listings, closing, and so on are needed to reach your goals.  – Click Here

    Lisa is an accomplished marketer with years of expertise in direct response marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and business development working with both B2C and B2B.