Choosing the Right Farm: Expert Secrets Revealed

Game-Changing Advice

One area of marketing that can’t be ignored if you intend to enjoy a profitable career as a Realtor is working a Geographic Farm.


Because it alleviates the ongoing frustration of constantly chasing new commissions.

You’re working a system instead. And that ensures you don’t end up like 85% of agents who continue to struggle.

To reveal the secrets to choosing the right farm, we turned to expert Todd Robertson, Director of Market Dominator. He offered incredible insight into, not only how to choose the right farm, but what to do once you’ve found it.

Todd is a national real estate sales trainer who has, among other things, helped numerous agents choose their ideal farm.

He states, “Even if you find a geographic farm that you think works for you based on location and number of homes your research isn’t done yet.”

“There are two more crucial factors that can’t be missed.”

The Two Crucial Factors

Turn-Over Rate – Ideally you want a location with at least a 10-15% turnover rate. You can easily determine turnover rate by dividing the number of homes in the farm by the number of homes which have sold.

Competition – If you choose a farm that already has an agent who’s achieved 20% or more of that market, you will find yourself working much harder and longer to see any positive results. Finding an area where an agent has less than 10% market share is preferable. Or an area where a previously aggressive agent has slowed or stopped marketing.

Time to Take Action

“Once you’ve chosen the perfect farm” Todd points out, “it’s time to take action.”

He stresses the importance of getting out there and meeting the people in your new farm. It’s time to make your name, face and brand as visible as possible.

Your goal is to help people get to know you, like you, and trust you enough to do business with you.

You can’t do that sitting in your office. In fact, statistically it takes 27 contacts to create effective branding of who you are and what you do.

“Send people marketing pieces at least once a month, call them at least once a quarter, and see them at least once a quarter.”, states Todd.

A great piece to send this time of year is a holiday photocard. Sharing a photo of your family with your farm helps them get to know you better, fostering a relationship on a more familiar level.

Canvassing a neighborhood may be old school, but it also makes you highly competitive.

In a market where so many agents are relying on email and social media to spread the word, walking your farm gives you a definitive advantage.

Work Smart – Automate

How do you free-up the extra time your farm will need from you? By automating your marketing wherever you can.

“The perfect place to begin, says Todd, “is with your just listed/just sold postcard marketing.”

With automation in place, every time you list or sell a home, postcards announcing your success go out in that neighborhood.

More importantly, people choosing a Realtor, want to know they are choosing someone who:

  • Knows their neighborhood
  • And, Knows how to get results in their neighborhood
The Top 7% of Agents

“The top 7% of agents in the country have one thing in common – they have systems in place.” states Todd.

They aren’t leaving things to fall through the cracks or chasing the next commission. They’re following a solid, systematic plan to generate business utilizing a farm as one of their areas of focus.

Todd states he often talks about agents who are ‘one-dimensional’.

“In other words, they only have one prospecting system or tool in place.  That, unfortunately, can lead to dry months with zero commissions.”

He continues, “Instead, if you put multiple systems (dimensions) in place your marketing will be layered, and so will your results.”

Think about it…

If you have a farm in an area that has 600 homes with a 10% turnover and you could take 10-20% or better, you’re talking about an additional 6-12 deals.

This is all because you have positioned yourself with systems that result in repeated wins.

“That’s one of the reasons our Market Dominator system is so powerful” Todd adds

“especially for strong agents who are not afraid to compete.”

The Market Dominator is a one-of-a-kind piece that physically stands out in a the mailbox (due to sheer size).

And it is also a stand out due to its compelling content that brands you as the expert resource to work with in that neighborhood.

The Market Dominator packs a powerful punch.

If that weren’t enough, in addition, it is another brilliant done-for-you automated program.

Which means more time available to give to your farm through phone calls, neighborhood visits, and emails.

So Get Ready, Get Set, time to choose your geographic farm. Then get some automated systems in place and dominate your market!

Always know that we are here to help you in any way we can.  Call our support team at 866.405.3638 if you would like help creating your new mailing lists or marketing materials. 

Lisa Gray
Lisa is an accomplished marketer with years of expertise in direct response marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and business development working with both B2C and B2B.