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Dean Jackson

Dean has been helping agents make money for over 28 years. He continues to dedicate his time to create new tools that help agents take their business to the next level including GoGoAgent, ListingAgentLifestyles, BreakthroughDNA, EmailMastery and more.

Dean Jackson (the consummate real estate marketing guru) has done it again. He’s developed a way to automate the process of getting referrals and answered the question, “ If all referrals happen as a result of a conversation, how can we use that knowledge to orchestrate referrals?” Dean Jackson is the founder of GoGoAgent and Listing Agent Lifestyle

The Referral Myth

To begin, let’s clear up a misunderstanding about referrals and why they happen. People do not refer a company or product to someone as a favor to the company. Even if they like the person who owns the company.

People refer for one primary reason – to make themselves feel good. Because when their friend tells them of the “great experience they had” based on their referral it’s personally rewarding.

On a primal level, a successful referral or well-received piece of advice raises our status. And we’re all wired subconsciously with this need for approval and status. When we introduce something to somebody that makes a positive impact on their life we feel good receiving our “thank you” back from them.

So how do we begin the process of orchestrating the referrals, that our clients want to offer, so that they no longer happen by chance?

How referrals happen

For a referral to happen, there are three things that must fall into place.

1. First, the person has to NOTICE that the conversation is about real estate.

2. Then, they have to THINK about you.

3. Finally, they have to INTRODUCE you into the conversation.

Your clients and sphere are surrounded by conversations everywhere they go. We are a conversational society. So the odds are high in the next 30 days every person you know is going to encounter a conversation about real estate.

However, your clients may not even notice the conversation is about real estate or just not think of you at that moment.

Therefore, how can you use the power of suggestion with your clients to stimulate an awareness of real estate conversations? And once they are aware, trigger the right response from them?

Communication is key. And keeping in touch with your sphere on an ongoing basis is pretty easy. You just need to raise their awareness regarding conversations to look out for and what to do when they hear them.

But how do you ensure they’ll follow through? How do you communicate in a way that’s interesting and engaging for them so they stay tuned? And at the same time plant the seed that will help them become the referral “champ” earning rewarding “thank you’s” from everyone they know?

After in-depth research and trial and error, I came up with the perfect, effective solution. This is where my idea for The World’s Most Interesting Postcard came to be.

Orchestrating the referral

The World’s Most Interesting Postcard is a strategic combination of a great client newsletter and a direct response “referral getter”.

The front of the postcard is packed with really interesting, fun and entertaining facts. It includes things that are easy to read and engage in. People love them and look forward to receiving them.

The back of the postcard contains wording meant to stimulate your sphere’s awareness of a specific conversation. It prompts them to look out for this topic and tells them exactly what to do if they hear it.

For example, a postcard back may mention, “what to do when they hear someone talk about selling their home”. Then the card proceeds to state exactly what we want them to do.

The suggestion includes advising your client to call you to make you aware of the referral. This method is more successful because your client already knows you, likes you and trusts you and will have no reluctance calling you.

And when they do, you can offer them a report to pass on to their friend.

Of course, when you hear from your clients regarding a referral, you can figure out the best way for you and their friend to connect. The real purpose of this method is to get them to call you instead of just passing on your name.

After just a few months of this pattern, your clients will really start to notice these conversations. And they’ll know exactly what to do when they hear them.

A targeted referral

Another effective area of the back side of this postcard is a small dialogue box above your photo. Use this space to ask for exactly the kind of referral that you would like right now. Yes, you can even orchestrate a targeted referral.

Maybe you’re working with some buyers who are looking for a particular type of home. Or you’re having a homebuyer workshop and you want to spread the word. Be sure to target something specific that will likely stimulate a quick call from your clients.

How to get The Worlds Most Interesting Postcard

I know with the creativity and ambition that agents possess, many of you are already brainstorming ideas for your own Worlds Most Interesting Postcard.  However, I also understand just how incredibly busy you are and often even the best ideas just won’t get executed simply due to lack of time.

Therefore, I currently design and produce this postcard and all of its contents every month for agents short on time but excited about the opportunity to automate their referrals process.

I also provide a format that you can edit to include your contact information, photo and company logo. You can either print and mail these cards yourself or you can print and mail them through ProspectsPLUS!

Ready to automate your referrals? Send the Worlds Most Interesting postcard to your top 100 clients. Learn more, Here.
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An Interview with Marketing Guru Dean Jackson

By Julie Escobar

When you want big marketing ideas with smart research and strategies to back them up, you want to listen to Dean Jackson.  With humor and character, Dean not only takes agents OUTSIDE the box, he challenges dean-jackson-profilethem to leave the “box” in the dust and look to unconventional, creative strategies that make good solid business sense.  So when we heard about his Listing Multiplier – we knew we wanted to share it with all of you.

Q:  Dean, I read your awesome white paper on the Multiplier – can you give our readers a little nutshell of what this powerful concept is please?

A:  Sure, the big idea here is to have a sense of what you are missing.  To start, I ask agents to think of their last ten listings, and score them, one point each for the following opportunities:

  1. Get it sold
  2. Find the buyer
  3. Find the buyer that buys another house
  4. Get another listing from it
  5. Get a referral from the seller

Now you take your number out of 50 for these opportunities. They’ll range from say, 8 out of 50 to 15 out of jl js cards50.  In some cases, you’re hitting every opportunity, in others, such as a listing expiring, you get zero points. What you get once you’ve done this exercise is a sense of what your  current system yields.

Now take that number and divide it by ten – that’s your Listing Multiplier Index. So, say you have a 20 out of 50, divide that by 10 and you get 2. That means your current system yields 2 listings for every listing you take.  Now – the objective is to get that HIGHER.  Imagine if you could double that or more and turn every listing into three transactions!

Q:  Right? That would be awesome.  Can you share some ways readers can start to do that?

A:  Well yeah.  Start with Just Listed postcards.  Most of the time agents take the approach of, “I’ll just put itdo-you-know-postcard

in the MLS. Right now, listings go fast, so we don’t HAVE to market.”  That’s just short-sighted. Instead of looking at what has to be done to “get by”, agents should be looking at using marketing such as Just Listed/Just Sold postcards, InfoBox flyers, single property websites, and instant open house landing pages — all to extend that one commission into many commissionable activities.  Listing puts you in the ballgame, then it’s time to hit it out of the park.

Q:  Can you explain the Instant Open House Landing page please?

A:  Sure, you can learn more at, but the idea is that you set up an instant landing page for the property address, people add their name and email address to download a pdf of all the property information.  Then you send a very simple, very conversational, expecting a reply email to those folks, and to buyers that might be interested in the home that says, “Got some people coming by the property at 23 Greystone tomorrow afternoon to see the house. Would you care to join them?”

That’s it. No time, no details – just expecting a yes or no answer.  We had one open house where eighteen people showed up at once! That’s letting your marketing do the work – generating buyers, new potential sellers and referrals. Now picture you have five listings, and you do the instant open house for all five – one at noon, one at 2, one at 3:30, 5 and 6:30. How great of a day would that be?wmipcissue38stationeryfrontthu

Q:  Pretty amazing, I’d say! One thing I know that you talk about with your GoGoAgent members is setting your marketing up in such a way that you’re not having to make those dreaded “cold calls”. Can you expand on that?

A:  Nothing I’d ever do would involve cold calls. No one likes to make them and no one likes to get them. I prefer to teach agents to use their email as a better communication tool. Short, conversational emails that make people feel like you are talking directly and specifically to them. That’s leverage-able.

Your postcard marketing as well – put some personality to it. Think of your postcards for what they are – an opportunity to share a message. Not long ago I was in Missouri and I went to the Pony Express Museum.  It makes you think, you know?  Those young people on the Pony Express risked their lives to deliver a message.  Letters and communication were so important that people hired a government employee to take great risks to deliver them. We are still hiring a government employee to deliver our words to someone else – the least we can do is make them interesting! Think about what you would say if you were face-to-face.  Differentiate yourself. Give people something that helps them engage.

Q:  Any last words for our readers?

A:  I would say to really just dive into learning about how to use your Listing Multiplier Index to take your business to incredible levels.  When you think about what it would mean to you to take your multiplier from say a 1.1 to a 3.3 for your next ten listings, that would mean 20 extra transactions. If your average commission is $10,000 – that means an additional $200,000 per year. That’s exciting!

Q:  I totally agree! I know agents would love to learn more about your creative, collaborative listing and sales ideas. How can they find out more?

A:  They can find everything they need at  Thanks!

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The Secret Psychology of Why People Refer Real Estate Agents

In case you missed yesterday’s webinar with marketing expert Dean Jackson, or just want to listen in again, here is the full recording as well as a link to download the audio file.

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