Want to WIN? Go All IN.

How to Dominate in a Geographic Farm

By Julie Escobar

Many agents are in summer mode right now, and top, savvy agents are in ‘summer success mode’. Which means they’ve got strategies in place to keep their business machines running, planned time outs for vacation memories, and they are all-systems-go with a game plan for the last half of the year.  If that sounds like you, then it’s likely you are in the top 10% of agents out there. If not, let’s take a look at some ways to put your own systems on go so that you are dominating in your market, and still have some time for fun!

To help do that I sat down with Coach Todd Robertson this week to talk about what agents can do to build their brand, their bottom line – and finish this year strong. Here’s what I learned:

Q:  Hey Todd.  We were talking the other day about agents going ‘all-in’ to ensure that they are the dominating force for their sphere and in their farm.  Can you tell our readers a little more about that?

A:  Absolutely.  I like to use the pool analogy to explain this one – seems perfect for summer, right?  When we talk to agents about doing what it takes to win in a market, we know with 100% certainty we can help them do that.  Think about the agents in your market.  90-95% of them are sitting at the edge of the ‘pool’ – with their toes in asking themselves some questions. Is the water too hot? Too cold?  Too deep?  Should I jump in?  But the top 5-10% of agents aren’t asking those questions.  They are the ones that have the mindset that they’ve committed to winning.  Because the truth is you can be a self-made success or a self-made failure.  The difference is whether or not you are all in.  Whether you’ve decided to put everything you’ve got into doing everything right or whether you are like a lot of agents who accept “it’s not you it’s the market.”  That’s direct, I know, but it is a differentiator.

Here’s a video I did recently for our Dominator customers that describes the importance of being “all-in”.

Q:  You’re right – it’s the agents who aren’t holding anything back that are crushing it in their markets.  Part of that means successfully branding themselves – what are customers doing to expand their brand?

A:  Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.  It’s like that country singer who was congratulated on his “overnight success” – the one that took 20 years of “overnights”.  While it doesn’t have to take 20 years to ‘make it’ in real estate, it does take consistency. Remember the 3-7-27 Law of Branding – it takes three touches for someone to know your name.  Seven to put your name with your business. And twenty-seven to be a brand name in their minds.  Consider putting three things in place this month:

  1. A campaign. Doesn’t matter what your campaign is – as long as you’ve got a system in place to ensure it goes out each month, EVERY month. No exceptions. One that’s done, so you’re not spending precious time each month reinventing the wheel, trying to decide what to do, putting it off for another day, etc.  One of the reasons our Market Dominator campaign is so successful is that it is all done for you for the most part and it’s for two years. That means agents aren’t leaving their marketing to chance, they know it’s done for them.  They’re ‘all in’ for that neighborhood or neighborhoods and not going anywhere until they earn at least a 20% market share.
  2. Automate your Just Listed/Just Sold. Put those on auto-pilot.  We have the technology in place these days to do it and they are still one of the best tools in to effectively market yourself, your business, and your listings.
  3. Go meet the neighbors. Listen – mindshare = market share.  Top agents are out in their communities, out in their neighborhood farms. They are knocking on doors with door hangers and meeting the people. They are supporting the schools and the surrounding businesses.  They are present and visible because that’s what it takes in today’s competitive market. That stealth agent thing never got anyone any listings!

Q:  Great to-do list!  Todd, you’re working with agents who already are all-in for their farms.  Recently one had another agent’s sign pop up in their neighborhood market. Let’s talk about the psychology of seeing someone else’s sign in your territory?

A:  Yes, it’s like nails on a chalkboard-right?  And it should be.  Here’s why:  If you’re an agent farming an area and you know that you’re not giving it your all, then there is going to be some pain there.  You should be asking yourself, what else can I do? What am I missing? How can I be stronger?  Because when you take ownership of that area – then you will be all-in.  You’ll be sending out the Just Listed, you’ll be hosting the aggressive open houses, you’ll be walking the neighborhoods and meeting the people.  You’re leaving nothing on the table.  Will there occasionally be one you don’t get because they had a friend of family member in the business?  Sure – but if you know that you’ve done everything you could do – you’re all right with that one because you know the next one belongs to you.

Thanks so much Todd for sharing these strategies and insights with us this week!  If you want to learn more about Todd’s Market Dominator system, watch this video or email him today.  To get help putting some of our other systems in place or speak with a marketing representative about what you’d like to use to hit the rest of the year hard, contact our team at 866-405-3638. 

Todd Robertson
Todd is a national real estate sales trainer, and was recently a featured speaker at the Century 21 Global Conference in Las Vegas. After winning numerous speech contests with Toastmasters International, and enjoying a dominating Real Estate career in California, Todd went on to work with mentors Anthony Robbins, Floyd Wickman and Mike Ferry.