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Action Items:  

3rd: Send the Still on the Fence postcard from the Fence Sitter Seller Series to at least 100 new prospects in an area you want more listings.

12th: Send the Financial Future postcard from the First Time Homebuyer/Renter Series to at least 100 renters in your area. Need a list? Call us we can help!

17th: Order the done-for-you Market Dominator System to selected carrier routes to get your 20% market share.

26th:  Send Thanksgiving postcards to your Sphere-of- Influence.

October Holidays and Special Observations: 

  • Cancer Awareness Month
  • Rosh Hashanah (2nd)
  • Yom Kippur (11th)
  • Columbus Day (10th)
  • Halloween (31st)

October Tip of the Month:  Heading to the NAR Conference next month? First load up on new business cards that can help you network with ease!  Learn more at:

October Fun Days and Ways to Connect This Month: 

  • 23 Rosh Hashana Begins– Happy New Year to all of our friends of the Jewish faith!
  • 4 National Golf Day– Invite a few of your top clients out today for a few holes of golf.  It’s a great opportunity to network, share ideas, show your appreciation and maybe even pick up a referral or two!
  • 5 World Teacher’s Day-Teachers are some of the hardest working folks in the world – stop by your neighborhood school with a nice treat for the teachers with a note attached.  Consider, “From your friendly neighborhood REALTOR – let me say THANKS for all you do on World Teacher Day!  Teachers RULE!”  — And add your contact information!
  • 6 Physician Assistant Day –Recognize the PA’s in your area today by stopping in to 5 local physicians groups and leaving a muffin or apple or small token for them with a nice note from you!  “Thank you for all you do to keep our community healthy!  If you ever need a prescription for a real estate problem – I’m happy to help!”
  • 10 Columbus Day– share fun facts and great ideas for this important day in American history with your social circle.  Learn more at:
  • 10 Emergency Nurses Day –Head down to your local ER with a basket a muffins and a handful of cards and show a little extra appreciation for the ER nurses in your market!  Nurses are terrific sources of referrals!
  • 14 National Dessert Day –Head to your local bakery and pick up some sweet treats for three clients and while you’re at it – don’t forget the support staff in the office!  Wish them a great day and a big thank you as well!
  • 16 Dictionary Day –A great day to find a great word! Our pick? per·se·ver·ance [pur-suh-veer-uhns] noun 1. Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Challenge your team to choose THEIR favorite word.
  • 17 Bosses Day –Even though you’re an independent contractor – recognize those brokers and managers today who go the extra mile to make sure they always have your back and you have what you need!  Take yours out to lunch; bring some flowers, a good bottle of wine or a special surprise just for them!
  • 22 National Nut Day– Head to your local Sam’s club to buy a big box of packaged nuts. Attach a label to each one saying “I’m NUTS about being your local real estate specialist!”  Include your contact info and either walk your farm area yourself or hire a college kid to make the rounds and deliver for you!
  • 25 World Pasta Day– All right – I can TOTALLY get behind this day!  Here’s one of my favorite recipes:  Linguini and Clam Sauce!  Share your favorite with us at
  • 27 Navy Day– Honor the Navy service men and women in your sphere or farm today by delivering flags to the homes of those you know are either active duty or retired.  You can also visit the VA Hospital in your area and spend some time with veterans who could use a friendly face and a listening ear.
  • 31 Halloween– Here’s to wishing you a day filled with way more treats than tricks!  I know many agents who deliver trick or treat bags to the kids in their neighborhood farms about a week before this popular holiday!  Have fun and stay safe.




Action Items: 

2nd: Send the Waiting for the Market postcard from the Fence Sitter Seller Series to at least 100 new prospects in an area you want more listings.

7th: Send the Perfect Timing postcard from the First Time Homebuyer/Renter Series to at least 100 renters in your area. Need a list? Call us we can help!

16th: Order the done-for-you Market Dominator System to selected carrier routes to get your 20% market share.

21st: Send Christmas or Happy Holiday postcards to your Sphere-of- Influence.

30th:  Learn about adding a new niche to your marketing plan based on Lifestyle Interest by going to

 November Holidays and Special Observations: 

  • American Indian Heritage Month
  • NAR Annual Conference (4-7)
  • Daylight Savings Time Ends (6th)
  • Election Day (8th)
  • Veteran’s Day (11th)
  • Thanksgiving (24th)

 November Tip of the Month:

Help us help St. Jude’s kids!  We’re raising fifty thousand dollars with our Year of the Kids campaign.  Won’t you join us? Visit

November Fun Days and Ways to Connect 

3 Sandwich Day – Head down to your local Subway or sandwich shop and pick up 5 gift cards for 5 favorite referral clients and deliver to them with a thank you card.

10 Forget-Me-Not Day – Traditionally a day to remember people in your life that you haven’t been in touch with for a while.  Perfect for those of you who haven’t touched base with your sphere or farm in a while.  Call 10 past clients today just to say hi and that you were thinking of them.  Ask them if there is anything they need or if they have any real estate question or need.  (It might just be worth a referral or three!)

10 USMC Day – God bless our military men and women!  Honor the marines in your life and in your sphere or farm today with a special card, or even just a call thanking them for their service.

11 Veteran’s Day – Honor our veterans this day!  Share a special message on your social media platforms, deliver flags to your neighborhood farm and call those you know who have served and say thanks!

12 Chicken Soup for the Soul Day – Pick up a copy of your favorite chicken soup book (or a few pints of ACTUAL chicken soup from your local restaurant or deli and deliver to five top clients with a note that says, “Thanks for being part of my recipe for success!  Enjoy!” –

13 Sadie Hawkins Day – It’s the girls’ turn to ask the boys out!  Have fun ladies!

13 World Kindness Day – We can’t have enough of this in today’s world now can we?  Today practice and promote random acts of kindness.  Check out this site for some fantastic ideas – click here!

17 World Peace Day – If ever there was a time when we need to find more peace and less hatred in the world – it’s now.

23 National Cashew Day – Head to your local Sam’s club or warehouse store and pick up a big box of cashew packets – add a sticker on them that says “I’m nuts about helping people with their real estate questions or needs! Include your contact information – or even add a QR code!  Send to your sphere or walk your farm for a fun day of meet and greet!  You’d be surprised how well people will respond!

24 Thanksgiving – Giving thanks for all the great blessings and bounty in your life!  From our homes to yours – Wishing you memorable moments and quiet peace of mind!



5th: Send the Time is Running Out postcard from the Fence Sitter Seller Series to at least 100 new prospects in an area you want more listings.

14th: Send Calendar postcards to your Sphere-of- Influence.

19th: Order the done-for-you Market Dominator System to selected carrier routes to get your 20% market share.

28th: Send the Timing is Everything postcard from the First Time Homebuyer/Renter Series to at least 100 renters in your area. Need a list? Call us we can help!

December Holidays and Special Observations: 

  • Drunk Driving Prevention Month
  • Human Rights Month
  • Pearl Harbor Day (7th)
  • First Day of Winter (22nd)
  • Hanukkah Begins (24th)
  • Christmas Day (25th)
  • New Year’s Eve (31st)

 December Tip of the Month: 

Want to calculate how many people you need in your sphere-of-influence to start your new year strong and hit your goals in 2017?  We can help you figure that out!  Visit today, enter how much you want to make next year and your average commission and calculate.  Then use that number to help modify your business and marketing plan for the new year.

  • 3 National Roof over Your Head Day– Well this is a perfect one for the real estate profession!  Share with your sphere on Facebook and celebrate the roofs over your heads!
  • 4 Santas’ List Day– Have you been naughty or nice?  Get your lists together and put your holiday hats on!
  • 5 Repeal Day– Today celebrates the end of the 21st Amendment and Prohibition. There’s a fun fact to share with your friends, family and on social media!  Cheers!
  • 7 Letter Writing Day –When was the last time you wrote a good old fashioned LETTER?  Pick 5 clients and send a personal greeting letting them know how very much you appreciate them!  (Oh and send a note to your mom and dad too if you’re fortunate enough to still have them with you in your life!  They’ll LOVE it!)
  • 7 Pearl Harbor Day– Click here to gather all kinds of information on this infamous day in history!
  • 9 Christmas Card Day– Don’t feel like addressing and stamping your cards this year?  Send our fun and beautifully designed postcards in minutes – and check this one off your holiday to-do list!  Click here to view our postcards.
  • 9 National Pastry Day– Stop by your local bakery and pick up some sweet pastry treats for 5 of your favorite clients and deliver with a note from you thanking them for trusting you with their business!
  • 12 Poinsettia Day  – Poinsettias are plentiful now – pick up 10 small ones and deliver to 10 of your best clients with a  holiday note and an attitude of gratitude!
  • 13 Ice Cream Day –Head to your local ice cream shop and pick up gift certificates for 5 great customers and send them out or hand deliver with a note – “Thank you for being such a COOL customer!  Happy Ice Cream Day!”
  • 15 Bill of Rights Day– Learn more about the Bill of Rights here!
  • 20 Go Caroling Day –invite some friends and neighbors to go caroling – or you could get a group from the office together and carol in each other’s farm neighborhoods as a company event!  What’s YOUR favorite  carol?
  • 21 Mayan Calendar Ends– (Don’t Panic!)  I think we’re going to be all right on this one – but it should make for some fun discussions on Facebook & Twitter!
  • 21 Humbug Day–Don’t be a Scrooge!  Turn that frown upside down and do something wonderful for someone else today!  It’ll put the spirit right back in you!
  • 23 Festivus–Don’t want to take part in the commercial holiday hustle & bustle?  That’s why Festivus was created!  Enjoy a laugh – click here and share this great video from Seinfeld!
  • 24 National Chocolate Day– Still have top clients to see this month?  Grab 10 of those awesome chocolate samplers and head out to give warm wishes and big thanks to the VIPs in your sphere!
  • 24Hanukkah begins and ends in the evening of January 1st  To all of our Jewish friends and customers – Wishing you a memorable Hanukkah!
  • 24 Christmas Eve –Last minute dash time for those celebrating Christmas!  So – what’s still on the list?  Batteries?  Stocking stuffers?
  • 25 Christmas Day– Wishing you and yours an amazing and memorable holiday with your friends and family!  Enjoy!
  • 26 Boxing Day– Happy Boxing Day!  Want some trivia & information on this celebration to share?  Click here!
  • 26 Kwanzaa begins and ends January 1, 2013. Happy Kwanzaa everyone!
  • 27 Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day– used to LOVE doing this as a kid didn’t you?  Click here for a cool website for making them – VIRTUALLY!  (Less mess – still fun!)
  • 31 New Year’s Eve– A raised glass and a happy toast to all of our friends and family this eve as we head into a wonderful new year filled with promise, opportunities and new memories just waiting to be made!  Happy New Year!

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