Saturday, December 16, 2017

With news of a $7,500 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit spreading quickly across the industry, agents are turning to ProspectsPLUS! for a marketing solution. And they’re finding it in the company’s new Tax Credit postcard series.

“The window of opportunity to take advantage of this incentive is relatively small—from April 9, 2008, to July 1, 2009,” shared Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing. “We’re excited to help agents nationwide reach out to potential first-time homebuyers in their market areas quickly and effectively.”

The new series is available first on the simple web-to-print platform, It also is in the September SupportPLUS! update for ProspectsPLUS! customers and in the next scheduled “impression” for 3-7-27 Agent Branding customers. A free report titled Everything You Need to Know About the $7,500 Tax Credit But Were Afraid to Ask!, along with tips and strategies for effectively utilizing the series, also are included for the more than 60,000 customers of ProspectsPLUS!The initial six postcards are: $7,500 Tax Credit, Build Wealth Now, Credit You Deserve, Do You Qualify?, Paying You! and Tax Credit Refund. Each is designed to capture the interest and garner a response from today’s bargain-seeking consumers. Six additional postcards will follow as the July 1 deadline nears.

The PostcardsPLUS! system allows agents to choose a postcard, upload a mailing list and place an order in minutes. At just $80 per hundred for jumbo and $50 per hundred for standard, full-color postcards are printed, addressed, laminated and mailed first class within 48 hours—making being first in the door with this timely information simple, fast and cost effective. As added incentive to put this or any campaign in motion quickly, orders of 250+ postcards will receive the radial mailing list FREE through September 30, with no limit to the number of leads an agent can receive.

“Agents have such a limited time to capitalize on this unique incentive, we wanted to make it as simple and cost-friendly as possible,” said Director of Operations Jim Studebaker. “By offering lead generation with direct mail, we’re helping agents increase their prospecting pipelines while improving their results.”

“Many agents shut down their marketing and promotion when the economy tightens,” Escobar adds. “Industry experts and business icons such as Bill Bartmann, author of Eight Ways to Recession Proof Your Business, share the opposite advice. Now is the time, they say, to step up and expand your presence in the marketplace—capturing the market share abandoned by inactive or retiring associates.”

Agents can find a variety of postcard series at Customized postcards are available for every major real estate franchise and larger independent organizations across North America.

Want to learn more about the inside strategies, upcoming automated product lines and how leveraging the power of direct mail can generate more than $100,000 per client throughout your career? Call Julie Escobar at 866.405.3641 to schedule a FREE Webinar for your office.

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With the August 24-27 Keller Williams Mega Camp 2008 quickly approaching, ProspectsPLUS! is gearing up to bring its best and most innovative offerings to Austin, including their highly successful integration of the automated product with Keller Williams KWLS System.  Company representatives including President Jim Morton will be on hand for this year’s event to provide live demonstrations, resources and the latest in effective marketing technology. Highlights at ProspectsPLUS! booth #726-728 include: 

  1. This innovative and automated, cutting-edge system with patent-pending technology gives agents fast-track results with little to no effort on their part.  Agents can access each time they take a listing or make a sale directly from their KWLS platform!
  2. ProspectsPLUS! 6.0. This time-tested software gives agents more than 600 marketing pieces to choose from in a matter of minutes. With a guarantee of at least six new listings in just 12 months, more than 60,000 agents across the United States and Canada utilize this time-saving, production-boosting program to ensure their success in ANY market.
  3. RecruitingPLUS! 6.0. Managers and brokers will find this upgraded program an exciting and viable method for rapidly recruiting both new and experienced agents in any market. With 12 full systems and 65 strategies to choose from, users can implement the ones that best fit their unique recruiting goals. The company is so confident in the program that it guarantees 24 recruiting interviews every 12 weeks. Enjoy a full demonstration, and pick up a free copy of the Master Recruiting Guide™, which details “How to Recruit 10 Agents in 60 Days” and “Sure-Fire Strategies for Becoming a Top Recruiter.”
  4. Master Marketing Schedule™. This FREE, hugely popular 24-month wall calendar is for agents who want a simple, effective marketing plan to stay on track in 2008. It offers approximately two campaigns per week and more than eight categories each month to help agents successfully target their sphere-of-influence client base and geographic farm areas. With ideas on how to identify and excel at the niche markets that most interest them, each month also provides creative customer service campaigns, industry resource tips and more.

 Be sure to visit booth #726-728 for winning solutions and your FREE Master Marketing Schedule™, Master Recruiting Guide™, invitation for FREE demonstration of the all new, AUTOMATED system to manage your 8×8 and 12-Direct campaigns as well as the entire suite of ProspectsPLUS! products. You can find more cost-effective ways to boost production while saving time and money at While you’re there, remember to sign up for the FREE Master Marketing Newsletter. Call Julie Escobar at 866.405.3641 or visit and invite us in to share some strategies, jump start your production or share today’s best resource for cutting edge technology and marketing solutions!  

real estate base campProspectsPLUS! has joined forces with industry leader Claudia Wicks to offer the postcard fulfillment solutions for her innovative new Real Estate Base Camp™.

Claudia Wicks and Dennis Sutter set out to create a program that could effectively put the essential business technologies into the hands of new and seasoned agents and teach then how to take control of their internet marketing and generate new business online. This hands-on system is designed to walk agents through the “must-know” components such as how to:

§ Drive web traffic

§ Build a “must-have” foundation or sphere of influence

§ Cultivate leads using

§ Effectively use a contact management system

§ Create and maintain a successful blog

§ Utilize smart marketing solutions through

§ Tap into Virtual Assistant resources“When choosing resources that could best deliver the kind of products and services agents truly need in order to take their careers to the next level, my first thought was to turn to the team at ProspectsPLUS!” shared Ms. Wicks. “I’ve known Company President Jim Morton for years and trust his staff to always go the extra step for their customers. We’ve developed a series of postcards just for our students on that allow them to stay in touch with their sphere of influence, announce their listings and sales and promote their feature properties with click of the mouse simplicity and genuine affordability. They also generously offered a system of real-time leads for a number of specific demographic searches that new agents need when developing their book of business with We’re thrilled to be working with them as we offer much more than a ‘talking points’ seminar to agents. Together we can give new associates a real chance to build their business with confidence, smart systems and a hands-on plan for success.”To learn more about the Real Estate Base Camp, please contact or visit For more information on how ProspectsPLUS! can become a resource for your company or industry training program or how these systems and solutions might benefit individual agents, please call Julie today at 866.405.3641 or visit

Direction you want to goBy Roberta Ross, National Real Estate SpeakerOn my regular commutes from Pittsburgh to Maryland, I try to keep my mind open to new experiences, opportunities and people that cross my path. I was inspired and grateful this week when I again was seated next to “Doug,” a fellow frequent flyer on my morning flight.

Doug travels each week from his home in Pittsburgh to his job in the Baltimore area. People are often amazed when they learn how often I fly into Maryland and that, as a practical matter, I bought a car on eBay and leave it at the Baltimore airport to use when I’m in town.

I, however, am far more impressed with Doug, who doesn’t allow obstacles to get in the way of what he wants or needs to do. I may keep an extra car in Baltimore, but Doug has an entire house there for when he is in town for work. This is a commitment that most would be terrified to make.

My admiration for his can-do attitude is compounded by the fact that Doug is blind. Rather than using his disability as an excuse or reason for what he can’t do, Doug finds solutions that move him in the direction he wants to go. Doug is blind but, in many ways, I’ve discovered that he sees much more clearly than most.

I am always anxious to hear stories of his journeys and the perspective that he offers. He recently shared the story of a trip to Pittsburgh’s West Mifflin Mall with his wife, who also is blind. They boarded the local bus, as they had many times before, and got off at what they believed to be their usual stop—unaware that the bus service had changed its route. Instead of dropping passengers directly in front of the mall entrance, Doug and his wife were let off on the main drag, a very busy four-lane road about seven city blocks from the mall entrance.

In a somewhat frightened and nervous voice, Doug’s wife said, “What are we going to do now?” Doug promptly responded with, “Well, the mall is uphill from here, so let’s just start walking uphill, and eventually we’ll get there!” When I asked him how he could’ve been that composed in such an obviously stressful situation, he simply replied, “Well, the way I see it, you can either stand there and do nothing, or you can move in the direction you want to go.” Now that’s perspective!

How extraordinary would it be for all of us to learn from Doug’s point of view! So many people I’ve met, especially given our current economy, have become so focused on the obstacles they believe are in front of them that they simply cannot let go; they behave as though moving in the direction of their dreams is almost impossible.

If you catch yourself whining about all that is not right in your life, think about Doug. Be wary of the obstacles you THINK are in your way. This market provides an enormous opportunity for you to take charge, grab market share and, while everyone else is moaning, place yourself among the 10% of agents who are doing 90% of the business.

Take a page from “the book of Doug,” and unlock these three keys to moving your life from ordinary to extraordinary:

1. Choose a direction. Know where you want to go! How can you point yourself in the right direction if you are not clear as to where you want to go? Ask yourself: § How much do I want to earn this year? § What market or markets do I want to specialize in? Niche players are developing faster than non-niche players.§ How can I create a laser focus on that specialty? 2. Make a plan. How can you get there if you don’t know what road to take? Once you’ve decided on your dollar goal, your niche market or specialty and your laser focus, you must build a plan that can translate all of that into daily/weekly/monthly activities. The easiest way to do that is to plug everything into a “formula” for success.The National Association of REALTORS recently released new data that shows 74% of top agents’ business comes from their sphere of influence—up from the previous figure of 66%. That same study shows that you can expect a transaction from one out of every 12 people in your sphere, as long as you consistently stay in contact with them each month.

A handy calculator at allows you to plug in the amount you want to make each year and your average commission, then calculates the number you need in your sphere to realize your goals!Another effective way to stay in touch and build that valuable, SALABLE book of business is with BusinessBASE™, shared free with brokers and agents across the nation. Using a proven send-call-see approach, you learn who should be in your SOI and get answers to the how, why and what questions around reaching those VIPs. Visit to download this terrific tool today.3. Start today. It would be easy to put off all those things you want to do, need to do and should do for another day, month or year. Imagine if you were in Doug’s shoes, faced with enormous challenges and obstacles each and every day. It’s a funny thing about people like Doug: They teach us more about what’s possible and the value and blessing in each day than most of us learn in a lifetime. We have no idea what tomorrow holds; the time to cultivate the seeds of success and abundance is now.So what is it that you would like to accomplish? What direction do you want to go? What goals inspire you, ignite your spirit and bring you strength? Don’t “just stand there and do nothing;” move in the direction of your dreams. Push past those obstacles and roadblocks you believe are holding you back, and create the life that you’ve imagined.

Roberta Ross is a national real estate speaker and trainer who has been in the real estate business for more than 12 years. She is the author of two inspirational courses, Seven Keys to Six Figures and Tough Markets Make Tough Agents, and has been featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times and Tribune Review for her accomplishments in real estate investment. She is noted for her energized, meaningful speaking style and travels nationwide speaking to real estate professionals on marketing and prospecting. Her unique blend of business and public speaking experience enables her to educate, entertain and motivate real estate professionals to achieve their goals. She believes in working smart and structuring a plan that is effective, efficient and enjoyable!To invite Roberta to teach your associates how to play at the next level or to sharpen your company’s competitive edge, contact her today at 800.287.5710 or, or visit


PostcardsPLUS! kicks off pre-season with a new series of football postcards to help REALTORS® get into the marketing game by mailing team schedules to the legions of fans nationwide gearing up to answer the call, “Are you ready for some football?” 

This simple web-to-print platform allows agents to choose their team, upload their list and within just minutes place their order.  This year’s jumbo postcards are ready to score big for agents, and at just $80 per hundred, these full-color cards are printed, addressed, laminated and mailed first class within 48 hours, to make staying ‘top-of-mind’ all season simple, fast and cost effective! 

Agents who need a targeted, geographic list for their mailings will find that option available as well with the company’s product.  With just a few quick clicks of the mouse and a few moments of time, agents can customize a specialized mailing list with the variables and demographics that best work for them!  “With football season fast approaching, we wanted to be sure our clients had the opportunity to be first in the door for their prospects with this seasonal favorite.” says Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing for the group.

“Our football postcards are just another way we stay forward of our goal for both ProspectsPLUS! and which is to offer innovative solutions each month to help agents stay in touch with their sphere of influence and geographic farm areas,” continued Escobar.   “This is a challenging market for many agents, one that finds people leaving the business, shutting down or drastically cutting back on their marketing and promotion.  Savvy agents look to our postcard campaigns to help them maintain their top producer status by providing the tools they need to consistently stay in touch with their client base, while effectively capturing the market share abandoned by former or inactive associates.”

Agents can access the football series today by visiting For the non-sports fans in the crowd, offers a wide variety of postcard options such as Inspiration, Recipes, Holiday Series, Animal Series and even Recruiting postcards for the brokers in the crowd.  The site also boasts customized postcards for every major real estate franchise as well as the larger independent organizations across North America. 

Want to learn exactly how monthly marketing to your sphere-of-influence can mean more than $100,000 to you per client over the course of your career?  Call Julie Escobar at 866.405.3641 to schedule a FREE Webinar for your office which will walk you and your fellow associates through how to determine how many prospects you need in your SOI, how to measure your return on investment, how to effectively stay in touch and more. 

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