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Committed to helping agents streamline the way they compete in today’s tough market, industry leader ProspectsPLUS! recently teamed with real estate powerhouse Landvoice to launch its all new 3-7-27 Agent Branding System for FSBOs or Expireds.

“It’s definitely the next evolution of real estate marketing,” shared company President Jim Morton. “We’ve taken the benefits and ease of our automated MLSmailings.com product and added best direct mail practices which allow us to effectively automate the process of helping our customers become a brand name for area FSBOs or Expireds.”

Offering geographic exclusivity, the new branding system integrates with Landvoice, a nationwide data aggregator, that specializes in FSBOs and Expireds. They identify every new FSBO or Expired available in an agent’s market area, scrub them against the Do Not Call Registry, tax records, agent-owner information and more to deliver back to the agent the most complete prospecting records possible. ProspectsPLUS! then automatically launches a series of either three, seven or twenty-seven professionally-designed, high-impact, direct response marketing postcards. The system is based on the Law of Prospecting which states that it takes at least three “touches” for a prospect to recognize a name, seven to put the name with occupation and twenty-seven to achieve brand awareness. “Once an agent has locked his or her area and branding level, their campaign can’t be sent by another agent. It’s that simple,” added Mr. Morton. “Each campaign is designed to make the phone ring with powerful direct response questions and free information incentives as well as the agent’s name, photo and contact information prominently displayed. We’ll even deliver to the agents all the collateral materials they need as well as some suggested scripting for follow up phone calls.”

Agents have their choice of branding levels:ð Silver – 3 Mailings, 1 every 4 days ($3 standard postcards, $4.80 jumbo postcards, plus the cost of a Landvoice subscription)ð Gold – 7 Mailings, 1 every 3 days ($7 standard postcards, $11.20 jumbo postcards plus the cost of a Landvoice subscription)ð Platinum – 27 Mailings, 1 every 2 days ($27 standard postcards, $43.20 jumbo postcards plus the cost of a Landvoice subscription)


For a free demonstration of this powerful, new, AUTOMATED system, call the Personal Marketing Team at ProspectsPLUS! at 1.866.405.3648, or email them directly atPMC@ProspectsPlus.com. You may also visit www.prospectsplus.com/fsbo or www.prospectsplus.com/expired

smartagentSmart Agent Branding Strategies for Today’s Top Agents

By Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing, ProspectsPLUS!

You may recall, in last month’s article we started to dive into some of the unique ways top agents “Make a Name for Themselves.” We shared the story of Kathy Casarin, one of real estate’s Top 50 Realtors on the Rise in 2008, who shared terrific strategies for marketing to FSBOs and Expireds. If you missed the February edition of our newsletter you can read Kathy’s solutions in the Newsletter section of the Resources area on our site, www.prospectsplus.com. Enjoy!

This month, we’ll explore the top strategies used by Short Sale Specialist Bob Daniel. Truly one of the founding fathers in short sale systems, Bob Daniel has personally participated in more than 500 short sales and conducts vital workshops on the topic across the United States. Bob’s system is also, in large part, the foundation for Floyd Wickman’s Short Sales Survival Kit.

Why Short Sales? “About seven years ago, a bank representative called me regarding two listings that I had for a client to let me know that my client owed more on the properties than they were currently worth and they would entertain any offer for the property that I received. It was a real eye-opener, and I’ve always believed that if you see a great opportunity, it’s only smart to take advantage of it. That’s when I started immediately working with investors and building a system to replicate and refine the short sale process. Done correctly, so that it’s a win for the lender, the customer and the agent, becoming a short sale specialist is a great way to make a living, especially in today’s market.”

What does Bob do differently to ensure he’s always a “brand name” in the short sale market? “I believe in the necessity to find a niche that works for you and become the absolute best you can be at it. I compare it to my wrestling days as a kid. Our coach always taught us that if you had a move that would dominate every time, you practiced it and practiced it until you knew (as did your competition) that executing that move would give you the winning edge. That creates the confidence to create more wins. It’s the same in niche marketing. You create your own ability to be unstoppable, which means it doesn’t matter what the market does, or what your competition does — with the right system, commitment and constant fine-tuning, you really can become stronger than the market – and ensure that your business truly becomes market-proof.'”

What does Bob recommend you do to make a name for yourself? “First of all, I believe you have to be more consistent and more knowledgeable than anyone else and you have to have the ability to keep learning.

Secondly, you HAVE to have a system. It simplifies your life and keeps you on track. We took everything we did wrong in the early days and learned from them, and put the RIGHT way to do them back into the system. As a short sale specialist, you become keenly aware of the necessity to track EVERYTHING. You have to have the ability to trace every conversation, every transaction and every communication with all parties in order to truly have the leverage to continue to work with the same lenders and investors again and again. It boggles my mind how many agents resist putting a system in place. They continue to try to reinvent the wheel, and really, all that ever accomplishes is a lot of frustration, lost leads, mistakes and missed opportunities.”

Be in the relationship business from the buyers and sellers, to the investors and lenders and everyone in between. “I can always go back to the assistant that maybe another agent ignored who has the ability to move my cases to the front of the line, which means we close faster and I get paid quicker! Why? Because I stay in touch. I can continually count on my customer base for a constant stream of referrals. Why?

Again, I stay in touch. In fact, I have one customer who is a bus driver for our metro system. Many other agents may not have considered him a good resource, but I can tell you, this friendly driver gives my name and contact information out to buyers and sellers all over the city on a regular basis! Why? Because I treat him well, stay in touch with him month after month and in doing so, he knows he’s important to me. This is a relationship business, and if you don’t maintain those relationships, trust me, there goes the business.”

Tools and training: “I have to say that I learned so much from Floyd Wickman and much of the system we have in place comes from what he taught me. Listings are the name of the game, and they always will be.

If you truly want to make a name for yourself and build your business, there’s no better way than to go get listings. I started with Expireds, and I made it a point to get good at them, really good, before I tried my hand at something else. You can always add to what you’re doing once you’ve perfected the niche and put a system in place. Remember, without a system, you can’t achieve volume, can’t maintain those relationships and certainly can’t leverage your competitive edge. We work Monday through Friday and no weekends, and yet, we still accomplish more than our competitors. Top your system off with a Blackberry or PDA that keeps you tapped in, strong social networking skills and definitive time management and you’ll be more than ready to make your mark!”

Thanks Bob! Your insight is truly appreciated! Want to learn more about Bob? Visit www.bdaniel.onehomefinder.com.

Next month we’ll talk to the last of our panelists, Karin Hill, an innovative and resourceful Vice President and manager for Watson Realty, who is passionate about helping her agents discover and own those unique niche markets that truly speak to them. Stay tuned! Read our April article to discover what she does to “Make a Name for Herself!”

Thanks for joining us each month and we’ll see you in April!

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Making a Name for Yourself
Smart Agent Branding Strategies from Some of Today’s Top Agents

by Julie Escobar

It’s not always easy to make a name for yourself in today’s market. With both marketing dollars and hours in the day in short supply and competition fierce, learning the best branding practices in the business for creating your own niche is a “must-do.”

Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down with three top real estate professionals, all in different markets, with different niche interests to find out what THEY do to ensure they are ALWAYS making a name for themselves. This month, we’ll explore the top strategies used by Kathy Casarin — Expireds and FSBOs, Bob Daniel, a Short Sales Specialist, and Karin Hill, an outside-the-box manager whose team of agents embrace a wide variety of community-minded niche markets!

First up, Kathy Casarin. Kathy started in this industry at what some believed to be the worse possible time, but her broker, her character and her “let’s get it started” attitude propelled her to the top of her game. Kathy specializes in Expired listings. Why? “Listings were the name of the game and they still are,” said Kathy. “When I first started, my broker warned me against being a ‘secret agent.’ Listings mean your name is now on a sign, on the web, in the paper and in the minds of area buyers and sellers. The more you get the more exposure you have.”

Why Expireds? “I chose Expireds because you know they want to sell, and more often than not, you know what went wrong with the listing. It was either not marketed properly, overpriced, had a bad photo or no photo, incorrect information, etc. I knew that if I could be better prepared, do my homework and truly educate sellers, I could win their trust and get the listings. Choosing one niche helped keep me focused and helped me to get really good at one thing: listing Expireds. Once you learn to be the best at that one thing, it gives you the confidence to grow, expand your business, and all that ‘good work’ and confidence will bring you more buyers, listing leads and referrals! My advice? Take one niche, perfect your system, make it your own, and then build the next.”

What does Kathy do differently to ensure that 100% of the Expireds she markets to call her for the listing? Clearly a shutterbug at heart, Kathy first takes a few good pictures of the home. “I like to look at homes from different angles, and show it from the perspective of someone who is looking to buy.” She then takes those digital pictures back to her office and uploads them to her ProspectsPLUS! software to create the wide variety of marketing pieces she uses in her pre-listing package. Feature property flyers, pricing brochures, the Merchandising Review and more get added along with a personalized cover page and marketing plan. She then binds everything into a professional booklet using her new binding machine, and puts them in the mail to her prospects. “A lot of people cold call, but with the DNC and time constraints, I’ve just found this to be a highly successful way of doing business. January’s production has just exploded. I hit the ground running this year, marketing to all the Expireds in my area and I’ve literally had homeowners who have had their mail delivered at 10:00 am, and call me at 10:30 am to come list their house. They appreciate and respect that I’ve done the homework ahead of time. I’ve answered their questions before they even knew they had them, and in many cases, I’ve already proven that I can do a better job of marketing their home than their previous agent. The ProspectsPLUS! software makes it easy, my system keeps it streamlined and I love that I can help people get their home sold.”

What about FSBOs? “I’ve approached FSBOs, or what we now call, “unrepresented sellers,” in much the same manner. I think education is still the key. I understand their goal to sell their home and save the commission, but it’s really all about showing them what it’s costing them to try and market their home themselves and the time and money they have to invest. I also help them understand those things they never realized would be part of the process such as ensuring that they are showing their home only to pre-qualified buyers, and, of course, safety concerns. It’s still about doing your homework, preparing your best package, and educating sellers right up front as to what they need to do to get their home sold and why you’re the best person for the job!”

Best Tools of the Trade: ProspectsPLUS!, Facebook, great website, digital camera, good printer, binding machine, great attitude!

Many thanks to Kathy and all three of our special guests; I appreciate all of you for sharing your terrific ideas and career experience. Please look to the March and April editions of the newsletter to learn the best practices in the industry for short sales and niche marketing from Bob Daniel and Karin Hill.

Need some help finding and growing YOUR niche market? Contact me today at 866.405.3641 or email us at pmc@prospectsplus.com.

Want to learn more about our special guest panelists? You can reach
Kathy Casarin, Prudential Preferred Properties at

Putting commitment to service first, industry leader ProspectsPLUS! just announced the addition of five new free webinars to their February training calendar. 

“With more than 60,000 customers, we know first hand how valuable training is to agents and managers in today’s market,” shared of Corporate Marketing, Julie Escobar. “They’re searching for the tools and information they need to thrive, and it’s our commitment to continually meet that need by delivering high-quality, high-content, free webinars on all the vital topics agents need to succeed.”  

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Everything You EVER Wanted to Know About the ProspectsPLUS! Agent Marketing System and More!February 12, 2009, 1:00 pm ET: – Join ProspectsPLUS! Leaders Jim Morton, Julie Escobar, Ramona Williams and guest panelist, Kathy Casarin, recently voted one of the nation’s Top 50 Realtors on the Rise, as they share the most complete end-to-end marketing system in the industry for finding, attracting and keeping a strong, reliable book of business. Learn how you too can have the flexibility to ALWAYS have the right marketing tool for the right person at the right time! Choose from 27 categories, learn fresh, results-producing dialogues, and discover how one system can allow you to build your SOI, find and create new successful niche markets and win 9 out of 10 listing appointments! We’ll also share with you some of the techniques that top producers are using around the country to ensure their consistent success! We’ll even GUARANTEE Six Extra Commissions in the next 12 months for anyone using this powerful program! Don’t miss it! 

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Lead Incubation Strategies for Today’s Competitive AgentsFebruary 26, 2009, 1:00 pm ET:  Join real estate veteran Lee Henderson as he shares top solutions and best industry practices for incubating your buyer and seller leads.
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