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How to survive the surges of a changing economy Business woman with money
By Julia Escobar, ProspectsPLUS! Director of Corporate Marketing

What goes up must come down. Our current economy is a constant reminder of that adage. Every boom has a bust and, fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining. Your challenge is to be mentally and financially prepared for any market, find the hidden positives, and turn those positives into a profit center.

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners historically fall into three predictable traps on the economic roller coaster. First, they spend when times are good; increased confidence makes them want it all! They buy bigger houses, lease expensive cars, create the corner office shrine to their success, over-expand their businesses and, unfortunately, fail to save for the eventual rainy day.

The second trap occurs when the market slows or normalizes, and business is no longer booming. All of a sudden, as confidence wanes, quick-to-spend entrepreneurs realize the value of saving a dollar. What do they do? They drastically cut back on advertising, marketing, services and expenses. The result is that they become invisible to the buying and selling public and, consequently, find themselves on the slippery slope of fast failure.

What, then, should you do? The opposite of what everyone else is doing! Save during the good times, and spend (wisely) when the going gets tough.

Having a handle on your true expenses is essential in both good times and bad. As entrepreneurs, our first instinct with money tends to lean toward the “I’ll just make more” mindset.

As we make our way into the fourth quarter of the year, and set our sights on a new year, it’s important to break out the budget and make smart cuts in expenses, such as renegotiating phone service rates or sharing expenses with industry partners at networking and prospecting events. Then put capital back into the business by paying off debt, improving your income/expense ratios and strengthening your bottom line.

Don’t be so quick to cut sales-generating activities such as advertising and promotion when the market tightens. Instead, take an aggressive stance by increasing your prospecting and marketing budgets, and you’ll soon reap the rewards of your forward momentum.

Businesses that cut back often emerge smaller and weaker when the market recovers. On the other hand, businesses that spend the money to maintain their branding rebound even stronger – often capturing market share lost by those who left the business or are in a perpetual state of quit.

The third pitfall is that many salespeople fail to grasp the concept of patience. Agents often are looking for a quick fix-immediate gratification for their marketing efforts. They send one postcard or place one ad and expect the phones to ring and their prayers to be answered.

Consistency, repetitive recognition and the understanding that every marketing effort has a track-able cycle for success is vital to your staying power. After all, it takes at least seven contacts for a prospect to recognize your name and place it with your company and profession. Too bad most salespeople throw in the towel after three. When should you stop promoting and marketing your business? When you retire – and not a day before.

Weathering market changes and economic storms is nothing new. How you handle each storm – whether you are willing to seek out the silver lining and keep your mindset on building that forward momentum – will determine your success and survival. Take your cues from the top producers who continuously keep their eye on the bottom line, are never afraid to do a rain dance and always find themselves high and dry no matter the market conditions.

Julie Escobar has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the real estate and speaking industries. From copywriting to convention management, you will find her consistently seeking out innovative solutions, fresh ideas, as well as creative products and tools for the ProspectsPLUS! team of talented speakers and of course, their valued clients.


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networkingNetworking Savvy for Sales and Service Professionals requires much more than putting your company’s name in the yellow pages. By definition, networking means to weave a relationship fabric with local like-minded individuals for support and mutual assistance. To succeed, you must continuously be pro-active, organized and stick to a strategic plan of action.

Build in Your Backyard First. In other words, start with your immediate sphere of influence and compile a list to begin your network database. Friends, relatives, friends of relatives, spouse’s relatives and contacts, current colleagues, neighbors, business associates, doctors, lawyers, and professionals that you work with, members of social or church organizations, professional association members, local school associations, etc.  With names in hand, begin to construct a client profile of each.  Getting to know your customers and potential customers will enable you to both better you can service them and market effectively and efficiently. 

Don’t Try to be All Things to All People.   Spreading your marketing net too wide will waste both time and money.  Choose specific target markets and plan for consistent monthly or bi-monthly contact to ensure high visibility and response rate.  Once you’ve established both your sphere of influence and your target market areas, be diligent in your communication.  Remember to balance your contact by incorporating the “Send, Call, See” method to your marketing.  Send prospects something tangible every 3-6 weeks.  Postcards are the most cost effective and automatic method and can be supplemented with letters, personal notes or promotional items.  Calling your contact list is critical as well every few months to wish a happy holiday, inform them of industry news, upcoming events, promotions, or just to ask if there is anything they need keeps you in their mindset.  Take the time to stop and see your clients when possible.  Putting the actual face with the name and letting customers know you are available helps them to know you are both personable and accessible. 

Join In!  Networking associations can be found in every community.  Local chamber of commerce, civic associations, and community groups abound!  Most hold monthly or regular meetings, which is a tremendous opportunity to share ideas, find mentors and build relationships.  Don’t be a wallflower or passive observer however.  Be genuine in your participation and willingness to help your new colleagues. Present yourself with contagious enthusiasm and good nature, and you will soon find yourself first in mind when someone asks a member of your network who they know in your field!  

Spread the Word. Making a name for yourself as your industry’s resource for expertise takes both time and visibility.  So start soon!  Create short presentations related to your field complete with helpful hints, tips and tools you can share with consumers.  Offer to present at local associations, community meetings, school events, public forums, etc.  Let your local media know that you are available as well for local cable or talk radio.  Put together a series of press releases, articles or both that you can send monthly to your local publications.  In a competitive market, spreading the word that you are the “go-to” expert in your field will reap high dividends in the networking long run.

Fuel Your Business With Follow Up!   In any field, those who follow up will lead, succeed and excel far beyond their competition.  Marketing is not a hit or miss proposition.  It is a systematic process for building a successful organization. Leads are worthless without follow up and you will never hear from customers who never hear from you.   Make sending hand written thank you notes each week a habit.  The power behind this old fashioned format is exponential.  Always express your gratitude and reaffirm commitments in a timely manner.  Timing is EVERYTHING in lead generation.  Use every resource at your disposal.  Develop a weekly plan to set aside time for email, personal notes and phone calls.  Whether that be carving out an hour or two each day or devoting one or two days a week, make it automatic and you will render the best results.  Be sure in every case to personalize your contact with as many specifics as possible. 

Stay in the Know.  It is much too easy to get caught in the timeless trap of working so hard in our business that we lose sight of working on our business.  Keep your mind sharp, your sources fresh and your ability to walk the cutting edge by committing to business and personal development.  Today’s ability to stay on top of the game by manipulating the internet for industry information, skill building tools, motivation and inspiration makes succeeding simpler than any other time in history!  Consider on any given day, at any given hour you can download valuable tools from industry experts to motivate, train and give you the incentives you need to realize your goals, make your dreams possible and truly lead a better life.  Take the time this week, this month, and every month to be the very best you can be personally and professionally.  Networking then becomes that much simpler as you always have fresh ideas to share, new information to deliver and new opportunities to communicate with those around you. 

Make today matter.  Implement networking strategies and marketing plans that will propel your business and bring you new success.  At ProspectsPLUS!, we appreciate your business and consider it our passion and purpose to provide consistent tools and techniques to open new doors and help you solidify your business foundation.  Visit today or call us should you need help at 1.866.405.3641.