Minding Your Mind–Developing an Organic Mindset for Success

By Roberta Ross, National Speaker

Every day, our world becomes more and more focused on the benefits of choosing a more organic—or green—lifestyle. Cleansing the environment of toxins found in our daily lives is a tremendous way to protect our earth, but imagine if you took it just a step further and adopted that same green effect into your personal mindset.

You may have already gone organic in your diet and in your home—choosing organic groceries, purified water and a switch to green mountain energy—but what about your mind? Have you gone organic in your thoughts? At any given point in the day, if we placed a camera in your mind, would it be a place of peace and serenity or more like a scene from The War of the Roses?

In a changing market, our natural inclination is to focus on dropping market values, rising interest rates and tightening loan qualifications. We worry about the business we don’t have or the prospecting pipeline that has all but dried up. We drone on about money that is lacking and wonder if this is the beginning of the end of our chosen career. These are the most critical times to mind your mind. As important as our diet, the air we breathe and the water we drink are, the ability to cleanse our minds of the toxic waste we allow to pollute our thoughts enables us to enjoy a much healthier lifestyle and career.

You might have seen or heard a great deal in the media lately about the Law of Attraction—the premise being that what we focus on is what expands in our life. Your thoughts are the seeds you plant in every moment of every day. If you’re choosing thoughts of doubt about why something won’t work, should it be any surprise when it doesn’t work?

For example, if you say to yourself, “The market is a disaster, and I can’t pay my bills,” then NOT being able to pay your bills is exactly what you will get. If you say, “Nobody is buying,” then NO BUYERS is what you’ll have. Or, if you tell yourself, “I’m not going to make it in this business; I should get a job,” then a job is what you’ll get.

These poisonous thoughts set in motion a downward spiral of events. Always remember that your thoughts determine your outcome. Your past performance was, in large part, a result of the thoughts you chose in the past. The thoughts you choose now will determine your future performance.

Let’s face it: A changing economy can make life more stressful for all of us. This is why it’s vital to be very careful about the thoughts you choose and concentrate on, as those are the things that will launch you in the right direction—or not. Most of us are familiar with the expression, “If you want to catch wind, you need to put your sail up.” But putting your sail up is not enough. You need to steer the ship where you want it to go! The questions you ask yourself will determine your direction.

What types of questions, then, are you asking yourself? For example, when things are not going the way you want them to, instead of a downward spiral question such as, “Why don’t people ever send me referrals?” ask yourself, “What can I do to be a more exceptional real estate professional?” or “What systems can I implement today to attract more referrals?” You will be astonished at the number of new ideas, solutions and tools that propel you toward becoming a more exceptional agent—and how much more business seems to effortlessly come your way.

There is little doubt that focus is important—but for real results, you need a laser beam. Light has power, but a laser beam is exponential in comparison. Point your laser beam toward the things that really matter, and the rest will follow.  For starters, in our changing economy it’s important to ask questions such as, “How can I attract more prospects?” “How can I provide exceptional service to the people I already have attracted?” and “What do I need to do each day to make my customers and prospects a priority?”

Once you have adopted the right mindset, you then need to employ the right systems. Savvy, top-producing agents don’t feel the enormous market fluctuations that most agents weather. Why? Because they have systems that stay in place through every market twist and turn. Systems ensure your pipeline is always filled with prospects and provide some insulation from the perpetual market roller coaster ride.

A system that really packs the punch to that laser focus is our powerful, productive and—best of all—FREE BusinessBASE™. We know from National Association of REALTOR® statistics that 74% of an agent’s business comes from his or her sphere of influence. So rather than focusing on the deal you didn’t get or the buyer whose financing fell through, put your laser beam on your sphere!

BusinessBASE™ enables you to stay in consistent contact with the people you know through a communication process of send-call-see. If, while reading this, you just said to yourself, “I don’t know anybody!” then you might want to begin reading from the top of this article again!  A better question is, “Who DO I know?” Need inspiration? Visit www.prospectsplus.com to download BusinessBASE™ today. In addition to learning many powerful strategies, you will be presented with 150 questions to help you discover exactly who should be in your sphere. Go ahead, answer all 150 questions; I think you’ll be amazed at the capacity to grow your business.

Make today the day that you truly begin cleansing your mind of the negative thoughts and influences that infect your days, your weeks and, more importantly, your career. Norman Vincent Peale had the right idea when he said, “Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” Define your days by the dreams, desires, and positive thoughts and actions that will ignite your forward momentum. Leave the “can’t be done” attitude in the dust, and kick up your business with a mental framework for success.

Once you rid your mind and your life of toxic thoughts and beliefs, you can—and will—find yourself quickly climbing the rungs toward a healthier and more lucrative career.
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Roberta Ross has been in the real estate business for more than 10 years and has been featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times and Tribune Review for her accomplishments in real estate investment. She is noted for her energized, meaningful speaking style and travels nationwide speaking to real estate professionals about marketing and prospecting.

Her unique blend of business and public speaking experience enables her to educate, entertain and motivate real estate professionals to achieve their goals. She believes in working smart and structuring a plan that is effective, efficient and enjoyable! To invite Roberta to teach your associates how to play at the next level or to sharpen your company’s competitive edge, contact her today at 800.287.5710.

Julie brings more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the real estate and speaking industries. From copy writing to convention management, you will find her consistently seeking out innovative solutions, fresh ideas, as well as creative products and tools for the real estate industry.


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