Make Way for the Holidays!

It’s ALL in the preparation!Holiday Gift
By Julia Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing

From marketing and meal making to everything in-between, surviving the mad holiday dash while maintaining your momentum (and sanity) requires the same common sense and careful planning needed before a big feast, a houseful of company or the exam of a lifetime. It’s ALL in the preparation!

1. Find your center. That might sound like a lot of new-age hot air to some, but there is real power in finding and keeping your focus when your world is spinning at lightning speed. Knowing who you are and where you are going gives you the energy you need to succeed and keeps you grounded as you put one foot in front of the other each day. A good way to start is to begin each morning with positive affirmations of your goals and life and an open journal page on which to write your daily to-do list. No time, you say? Turn that clock back an extra 15 to 20 minutes, and make the time. Success in this industry and in this market requires balance, dedication and fearless focus. Find your center, and you might just be pleasantly surprised to feel your energy increase, your momentum build and your quality of life improve beyond your dreams.

2. Have a plan. Ready, set, go! Grab your calendar, your kids and your significant other, and plot your course before the holidays arrive so that you can carve out a healthy balance of fun and work–and even capture a few precious moments for yourself! Take a look at your travel schedule, school calendars, office events and customer needs, and carefully block out your time in advance–including some well-deserved “you” time so that you can regroup and reenergize each week in an effort to be your personal best.

3. Gift list. ‘Tis the season to get a jump on those holiday gift lists for family and friends as well as your VIP customers. Online shopping makes it quick and simple and, in many cases, offers free gift wrapping and shipping. If “cybershopping” isn’t your thing, set aside a few hours each week for some in-person power shopping. Consider Lowe’s gift cards (where you can reap REALTOR® benefits); treat towers or fruit from Harry and David or The Popcorn Factory; gift cards for local restaurants; personalized mugs with cocoa or coffee; CDs of holiday music to ring in the season; or fresh evergreen wreaths or rosemary plants. These all make great gifts and allow for one-stop shopping to keep you on task during this busy time.

4. Look ahead. There’s no time to play “catch-up” in a changing market; you have to be forward thinking and first to the game. So while you are prioritizing your November and December, plan to meet with your family first, then with your office teammates and manager for a last look at where you stand in 2007 and a good look at your 2008 goals. Doing so will enable you to develop your business plan early and be one step ahead of the competition come January.

5. Give thanks. Building your book of business to the point where it becomes a sellable asset when you are ready to retire is no small thing. First and foremost, it takes commitment to the relationships you’ve built with the VIPs in your sphere of influence. Now more than ever, it is vital that you take the time to connect with your client base each day. Download our free BusinessBASE™ for an extensive list of ideas on how and when to contact your customers. It will teach you to segment your sphere so that you can make contacting them via our SEND-CALL-SEE technique part of your daily prospecting without being overwhelmed. It’s simple during this time of year: Send holiday wishes via postcards, presents or greeting cards; or call to say thanks for their business, and ask if they have any questions or need any help in our changing market. Be sure to see the top clients who consistently send referrals your way in person–take them to lunch, invite them to dinner, or stop by with a holiday pie and a warm hello.

6. Take care of yourself. You are the CEO of your own business and are ready to make 2008 your best year ever, right? Then remember to take care of you this season. Give yourself the gift of personal time when you need it. Acquire the tools and training to do your job more effectively and efficiently. Delegate what you can, and prioritize the rest. Focus on the high-priority activities that are closest to your bottom line at work. Savor those precious memories made when snuggling your child, watching a holiday performance, eating together as a family and celebrating the blessings in your life.

During this season of thanks, we want you to know how very much we appreciate you letting us into your lives. Our commitment to you and the real estate industry at large is to consistently offer new ideas, solutions and training that help make a better life for you and your family. So from our team to yours, have a happy and safe holiday season!

Julie brings more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the real estate and speaking industries. From copy writing to convention management, you will find her consistently seeking out innovative solutions, fresh ideas, as well as creative products and tools for the real estate industry.


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