How Strong is your “Agent Value Package”?

Three Changes That Could be Worth an Extra 5-20 Closings Per Year

With Real Estate Coach and Speaker Todd Robertson

Here you are – hopefully, rocking and rolling through this busy start of the year.  If you’re like many agents, you met 2015 feeling rejuvenated, and fresh-out-of-the-gate with new goals and a sense of purpose.  That’s GREAT!  But if you are like most agents, unfortunately, there may be one area that you’ve overlooked that could be worth an extra $5,000 to $25,000 dollars to you in terms of more business this year.

It’s your SILENT MESSAGE. In other words, what is the message you convey every day to your customer and colleagues?   It’s a subject most agents are not willing to discuss, let alone work on – WHY? It’s UNCOMFORTABLE.  It’s truth-telling.  And it takes COURAGE to get to the heart of.  In Jack Welch’s incredible book Winning, he talks about candor.  He shares the value in having other people tell you the truth in terms of what you can improve upon, and taking a look at yourself and taking a long, honest assessment of your overall Value Package.  Below are three areas, where if implemented or improved upon, will drastically improve the value you bring to your clients and the marketplace.

Presentation.  How confident are you in delivering your presentation to both buyers and sellers?    If your presentation is not powerful, strong and full of confidence, then you are bringing fear and uncertainty to the marketplace. This diminishes your Value Package.  Begin practicing both your buyer and seller Presentations at a 10-1 ratio to increase your confidence.  This means for every one presentation you deliver, you are practicing ten times!   This will increase your confidence, get you excited about prospecting, and that will ultimately lead to more referrals, more closings and an increased Value Package.

Pre-Sell Electronically. This strategy is often overlooked by 80% of the agents in your marketplace. Adopt a new business practice.  Once an appointment has been set, send your pre-listing and pre-buyers package to your potential clients electronically, and follow – up to make sure the clients read the information. Include testimonials, past results, training courses taken, your game-plan etc.  What else would you include in yours?   Once you have implemented this strategy you will begin to notice fewer objections, more referrals and more cooperative clients. Can you see how your Value Package will begin to increase?

Deploy the Market Dominator. Farming a geographical area has been discussed for years, yet for many agents it takes forever and costs too much money. Picture this: imagine a great marketing piece going out to a selected zip code that is 12 X 15. (Remember, Abe Lincoln saying that “Perception is Reality”?)   It’s literally filled with market specific information that people will actually read.  Now visualize the flip side of this marketing piece split between two people who you actually work with and can help you close transactions.  (Such as a lender and a title company.)  And the best part is they pay to be on your marketing piece monthly, meaning potentially–you pay zero.  Remember that patience and persistence wins the game.   If you kept this up for a two year time frame, combined with your current prospecting strategies – this strategy should yield between 10-30 extra closings.   Learn more about how to make the “Market Dominator” work in your market.

Pick one or all three of the above strategies to build your Agent Value Package, and watch your business soar.  We look forward to being a resource and helping you hit all of your 2014 Real Estate goals. Need help? Call the marketing team at at 866.405.3638. They’ve got you covered.  

Todd Robertson
Todd is a national real estate sales trainer, and was recently a featured speaker at the Century 21 Global Conference in Las Vegas. After winning numerous speech contests with Toastmasters International, and enjoying a dominating Real Estate career in California, Todd went on to work with mentors Anthony Robbins, Floyd Wickman and Mike Ferry.


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