Dennis Moorcroft, Northwood Realty

“I have owned ProspectsPLUS! software for about two years now, and it has been a very useful tool in support of my real estate practice. I have been sending periodic mailings to my farm area since I started in the business 3 years ago. I have sent various magnets, calendars and fliers but never generated any business from the marketing.

I recently started to utilize, the automatic postcard service, along with sending a postcard to my farm area of approximately 300 homes each time I get a new listing or when I sell a house.

After just a couple of months of mailings to my farm area, I received a call from prospects that had outgrown their current residence and were looking to upgrade. I got a listing appointment and landed the listing. I sold their house and helped them find their new home, generating $500,000 in new business.

The commission generated from those sales more than paid for all of the postcards I have sent. Thank you, ProspectsPLUS!, for an affordable and effective means of reaching my prospects!”

Julie brings more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the real estate and speaking industries. From copy writing to convention management, you will find her consistently seeking out innovative solutions, fresh ideas, as well as creative products and tools for the real estate industry.


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