Saturday, March 24, 2018

To Drive Credibility and Customers

By Julie Escobar

Now with 65 different card choices, agents can’t seem to get enough of our powerful Content Card series. There are so many versatile ways of using them.  And in a world where ‘content is king’ – sometimes it’s just really nice to NOT have to come up with your own-right?

Here are five ways you can use the content cards to drive more customer leads, increase your credibility, and present yourself as the turn-to agent to call:

  1. Send one per month to your sphere or farm (or both) to easily stay in touch and brand yourself as an information specialist.
  2. Choose several of your favorites and have them printed and shipped to you to use as leave-behinds in local businesses, as open house collateral, or as fair trade offers when prospecting.
  3. Purchase as a PDF and use as a downloadable item of value on your website.  This allows you to build your email database.
  4. Each one of these is popular subject matter for consumers. Why not channel your inner Toast Master and create some local real estate workshops that you can present to area consumers?  Print and ship the card with the topic of your choice to hand out at your event.
  5. Share on social media.  For many agents figuring out WHAT to say on social media leaves them stumped.  These tools are perfect – with titles like ‘4 keys”, “5 ways”, “5 factors” – you can share one a day during the work week and invite followers to email you for the whole list (and you can send them the pdf you’ve downloaded!

Get started today and kick your fall marketing into high gear!  See our Content Cards, choose your favorites and start driving credibility and new customers!  Oh, and click here to get our latest promo codes and save 10% on your order!

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Happy listing!

When the Right Piece at the Right Time Equals a Signaturereal estate brochures

by Julie Escobar

Top trainers will tell you that having the right words in any presentation situation is vital, but the right words coupled with a powerful visual is the equivalent of a one-two punch.  Why?

First – Visuals create AUTHORITY. Whether they are in the form of a brochure, report, newspaper article, graph, or a combination of all of the above in a listing or pre-listing presentation — lend CREDIBILITY to the words that you are using.  They help create a tie-down and focus when handling objections and helping sellers and buyers better understand the decisions before them.

And secondly – they help keep  you ON TRACK.  It’s easy to get flustered when objections are coming at you, but having collateral material that you can reference is a great way to keep focus and keep control of the conversation and the presentation.

Let’s use our commission brochure as an example.  It kicks off with a title that BrochuresWhatYouDontKnowTHUMB4says some agents DO REDUCE their commissions – and they should!  And delivers six reasons agents cut their commissions and explains that what people DON’T know about commissions as sellers can cost them plenty.

This piece is great for heading off the question, “will you cut your commission?” or the objection, “other agents will cut their commission,” before either even arises.  Couple it with some well chosen words, “Well, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, you’re right, some agents DO cut their commissions, and there’s good reason for that. Let me walk you through the top reasons why some agents do and then we can discuss why that’s not really in your best interest.  May I show you?”  Then walk them through the steps.

Click here to get your copy of this powerful commission brochure visual today.  Or take a look at any of our personal, objection handling or pricing brochures to add that one-two punch to your next presentation!

We’ve even got a quick video you can watch on how to quickly and easy order the brochure of your choice!


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