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Data Mining with Billy Allen
One of the most powerful and important tools in today’s industry – Data mining allows agents the ability to truly take target marketing to a whole new level. Join Billy as he shares with you how to manipulate national databases to segment your marketing, increase your response rates, find new niche markets and of course, continuously build your book of business!

Recruiting for Results in a Shifting Market with Carol Johnson
Industry Icon Carol Johnson joins us to share some of the superstar strategies she has gleaned from the best in the business for getting real recruiting results in today’s quickly changing market.

ProspectsPLUS! 101 with Billy Allen
For those of you just starting (or restarting) to use your ProspectsPLUS! software, Customer Support Manager Billy Allen walks you through the simple step-by-step processes for putting your systems in place and making the most of your marketing!

Unlock the Magic of with Becky Keyt
Discover the hints, how-to’s and magic of automation using our patented system for automating your Just Listed/Just Sold postcard marketing!

Presentation Tools with Gay Jones
Ever hear the old saying, “Presentation is everything?” That’s especially true in today’s competitive market. Learn the tops tricks of the trade from Regional Director Gay Jones on how to effectively use your ProspectsPLUS!
Presentation Tools!

Planning for Profits in 2008! Presented by Wayne Einhorn
Learn the inside secrets and best solutions in the industry for leveraging a changing market, maximizing your earning potential and creating repeatable, sustainable success. Are you ready for your best year ever? Join Wayne for a step-by-step plan to close out ’07 and have a great ’08!

Working with Expireds with Mike O’Boyle
Effectively marketing to this segment of consumers takes the right tools, technology and mindset. Learn all three and more with Mike O’Boyle as he shares the secrets to success top producers use to turn Expireds into Listings and Listings into SALES.

BusinessBASETM with Tanja Kor
Ready to earn your EXTRA 6 COMMISSIONS IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS? We’re here to help! Regional Director Tanja Kor takes you through the most powerful tool around for building your book of business to consistently and effectively achieve repeatable, sustainable success.

Get Recruiting Results Every Time with Guest Wayne Einhorn
Join industry leader and coach Wayne Einhorn as he shares top recruiting and management strategies for getting real results every time – in EVERY market.

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Roberta RossThree Keys to Thriving in Today’s Economy
By Roberta Ross, National Speaker
You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” right? While it’s a great adage, I believe more to the point in today’s tightening market is, “When the going gets tough, the tough dig deeper.”Tough times call for tough measures, thicker skin, smarter strategies, finite focus and the ability to embrace adversities. I am reminded of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s words, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Well, friends, since it’s not our time to go, let’s seek the strength to not merely survive, but thrive in any market. Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Turn challenges into opportunities. As Floyd Wickman put it, adversity can be an anchor or a rocket booster, depending on your attitude and your actions. I invite you to see today’s market changes for the tremendous opportunities they present. Challenges are great conduits for change. They force us to examine what we are doing and take our professionalism, focus and efficiency to the next level. Look to the agents who have successfully navigated tough markets and real adversity in their careers, and you’ll discover that many of them made more money, captured more market share and developed some of their sharpest skills as salespeople and negotiators during down economic times. hy? Simple: Timing is everything, and when they looked around and saw 80% or better of their colleagues in the industry going into fear mode or leaving the business altogether, they recognized the opportunity to ignite the rocket fuel before them and take their careers to the next level. Do you want to be weighed down by an anchor or realize new career heights? The choice is yours.

2. Clean house. I’m not talking about dusting the baseboards here. In a changing market, you need to tidy up your thought processes, habits and priorities. Having these three things at the top of your spring cleaning list sets the stage for a fresher outlook, a streamlined business plan and a clearer sense of direction:

A. Thought processes. Your thoughts are the springboard for your actions, and your actions determine your direction. Do you really want to start that whole process with a negative? Of course not. There’s enough negative news out there to go around; feel free to leave your share on the table, television or driveway when you head into work each day. Your brain is still the best computer in the world and, like all computers, it is susceptible to what we used to call “garbage in, garbage out.” Feed your mind with affirmations for success and viable information that helps you help your clients.

B. Habits. Old habits do indeed die hard, but kicking those unproductive habits off of our daily to-do lists is critical to building momentum. I’ll give you an example: I know many of you are bloggers and enjoy incredible success from this online networking portion of your business. I caution you, however, to make sure that your “blogging time” doesn’t cut into your “prospecting time” with live, voice-to-voice, face-to-face contacts. Many of you are willing to spend hours designing marketing pieces, newsletters, postcards and business letters or redecorating your office space. While that’s all wonderful, it doesn’t make you money. I challenge you to focus on building GOOD habits such as committing at least an “Hour of Power” each day of no-nonsense, full-tilt prospecting.

C. Priorities. In our seminars, we teach real foundation builders for salespeople. Understanding and IMPLEMENTING basics such as smart budgeting, measurability and consistency is key. One of my favorite foundation cornerstones is “work high-priority activities first.” Professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to put themselves ahead of the competition and achieve repeatable, sustainable success in ANY market stay true to the items closest to their revenue line. As a REALTOR®, you get paid to prospect, present and close. Make it a priority, then, to prospect, consistently fine-tune and tweak your presentation and learn to close like the pro you are. Although some agents might disagree on which is most important, all will agree that successful agents need to be good at all three. If you are strong and confident in your presentation and close, it takes some fear out of prospecting. Ifyou are terrific at prospecting, you know you’ll be in front of more people and forced to perfect your presentation and close. Stick to these top priorities and delegate the busywork that bogs you down, and your revenue line will build before
your eyes!

3. Raise your standards. Shed the negative influences, thoughts and habits that tether weaker agents to mediocre income levels. Toughen up, get back to basics and dig deep when it comes to the core activities that will help you weather any market:

A. Stay close. Your sphere of influence is the lifeblood of your business, both in “now” revenue and future referrals. Stay in touch consistently, creatively and with care,
EVERY month.

B. Farm effectively. It’s more important to reach the people who count than to count the people you reach. In other words, know your best customers, farm using targeted data mining to find more of the same, and concentrate your efforts, energy and marketing dollars on the people with the highest likelihood of working with you.

C. Get out there. Are you an active, visible part of your community? Today’s consumers look for people they can trust and communicate with on a first-name basis. Forge those relationships with smart networking and community involvement.

D. Put systems in place. We all know that profit and productivity in a challenging market is no small thing and not easily achieved by those who “fly by their seat.” Top producers ensure that systems are in place to automate their marketing, allow for checks and balances and provide a constant stream of prospects. Systemize! It will save your sanity and help you earn top dollar!

Now more than ever, it is time to dig deep and find those nooks and niche markets that fit your personality. It is time to carefully measure your results while remaining a visible presence in the market. It is time to know what you are made of and, as always, where you are headed by way of goals and dreams. The right goals, mindset and attitude coupled with a fierce determination to control YOUR economy regardless of THE economy will win results and instill not only survival skills, but also the kind of spark and staying power that most entrepreneurs strive for.

Go ahead and get tough! We’re right here with you.

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FloydIndustry icon Floyd Wickman shares insight, ideas and inspiration
for staying at the top of your game in a changing market.
By Julie Escobar

The going is most definitely tough in many parts of our country. I have talked to hundreds of agents lately who are seeking the inside secrets to maintaining momentum (or simply surviving) in a changing economy. Having been around this industry long enough to have some of the best minds in the business on speed dial, I let my fingers do the walking to answer some of the most difficult questions. Floyd Wickman was the first to come to mind. Having weathered the storms and surges of every possible market condition during the past 40 years—and having trained, motivated, coached and cultivated hundreds of thousands of agents and managers—there was no doubt that this industry icon would have a few thoughts to share. Here is how our conversation went:

Q: It’s no secret that the market is tough. What are some of the biggest challenges today’s agents are up against?

A: Like you and your ProspectsPLUS! account executives, our team has been inundated with questions just like this. I guess if I had to say what I hear agents struggling with the most right now it would be, first of all, getting their deals closed or pending sales that do not go to closing. Second, agents have more inventory than many are used to handling. And third, the length of time between listing and sold is much longer, making it more difficult to manage.

Many agents are simply not used to these challenges and, in a lot of cases, neither are their managers. Many managers have just not been in the business long enough to have experienced market conditions like this, so where do agents turn?

Q: I guess they turn to us! So pretend I am a struggling agent. What advice do you have for me with regard to a higher percentage of deals NOT closing?

A: First, I would have you look at the reasons why deals are not closing. Understand why lenders are pulling back and changing the way they do business. The increased foreclosure rate makes them more likely to turn down loans and less apt to give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to appraisals. Buyers, too, have an attitude that there are unlimited property choices and are more demanding, sometimes even to the point of arrogance.

Second, master the art of straight-line communication. It is more essential than ever that the buyer is met in the office, pre-qualified, pre-approved and PREPARED to expect the worst AND make a decision. Choose your words wisely. For example: “Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, we are going to start today with a meeting of the minds. There is a lot of inventory available, and I am going to ask you to make a decision if you find something you like—and to be reasonable when you make that decision. I am not in the business of helping steal homes. I am in the business of finding the right homes at the right price in the shortest period of time.”

I love to see agents get buyers pre-approved through their own suggested mortgage source, because it gives them more clout when it comes to keeping the process moving. In the case of a buyer who has been pre-approved elsewhere, you might say, “Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, if there is a better deal out there, it doesn’t hurt you to find out. Let’s talk to my lender and see what they have to say as well, and you can choose which works best for you.”

Remember, too, that “pre-qualify” does not just mean what is the best they are looking for, but what is the worst, as well. Find the urgency, and you can communicate the value of making a decision quicker and negotiate the subtleties of helping them accept rather than settle. In other words, accept a property and get settled into what they need, not necessarily all they want.

There is little doubt that there are pockets of the country where agents struggle to keep their heads above water in this changing market.  We are curious as to what you think about all the tough market talk.  Do you buy into the “can’t earn a living” syndrome or are you more the type to subscribe to the, “there are still 4 million homes that will be sold in the next year and I will be selling my fair share” attitude? 

Whether you have insight to share, or questions to ask,  I invite you to post your thoughts, tools or techniques with your fellow agents and brokers.   We’re here to help – so tap in, turn on and tell us what you need to succeed!