Sunday, June 25, 2017

January’s ProspectsPLUS! Review Contest!250 gift

Wow! We had some GREAT response from the January review contest on our Google+ Page!  Our big winner is Terri Lawson!  Terri, we’ll be sending you a $250 gift card!  Perfect for getting all your marketing tools rocking for the spring season!

Here’s what Terri had to say: “I’ve been working with ProspectsPLUS! for a few years now and their cards I send not only look great but I get great comments back from my clients.  On the Just Sold cards I have prospects that turn into clients.  Affordable and it works!”

Our $100 winner is Tami Klingenberg — she shared, “Love these guys.  The postcards I have ordered have always been top quality.  The product arrives SO fast.  They are my ‘go to’ full cycle marketing print partner!!!”

And our $50 winner is Tara Lopez!  Tara shared, “I am creatively challenged.  There, I said it.  ProspectsPLUS! helps me with relevant marketing material and makes me look like a rock star.  I love the postcards and would refer ProspectsPLUS! to any agent who needs to take their marketing efforts to the highest level.”

Thank you to everyone who entered!  Want another chance to win?  Simply Just leave a review on our Google+ page for a chance to win!  The next drawing will be held March 4th!  Enter today!

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Small Company + Big Ideas + Great Systems = Take to the Bank Results
An Interview with Barb Smed of Smed & Associates Realty

by Julie Escobar

Our recent contest  spurred a lot of great stories of success from clients across North America.  I was taken by the enthusiasm and outside-the-box thinking of Barb Smed and her team from Iowa.  Undeterred and in fact, inspired as the “small company on the block” – she and her agents and staff are focused, determined and on track to continuously grow their business and market share.  I thought she had much to share both in how-to’s, success stories and a commitment to positive personal and professional growth.  That’s why we’ve chosen them as  our recipe for success this week.

I hope you enjoy!

Q:  Hi Barb – Congrats on the contest!  I wanted to learn a little more about your story and how your team is using the ProspectsPLUS! products to build your reputation (and your production) even as a smaller brokerage in your market.  Can you share a little about your experience?   

A:  We may be small, but we are very personable.  We take the selling of your property as seriously as if it were our own and we work hard to brand ourselves as an agency committed to buyers/sellers, with a fun approach, high energy and a can-do attitude.

We love technology and marketing – we are not afraid to go outside the norm and try new approaches.  We truly enjoy working with people and want them to feel comfortable with us.

We started with ProspectPLUS! by using the SOLD postcards.  The first time we used it was following the sale of a hobby farm about 45 miles from our office.  I knew the cards were getting read, because within days of the mailing, my listing agent got a call from a gentleman who was wondering how we got his name/address for the postcard.  The agent and this man had a cordial talk, once he found out that we think it is a good idea to contact potential sellers through postcards, he shared that he actually owns land closer to our main office and when he is ready to sell, he will contact our office.  If a 160 acre farm results from a $90 mailing – return on investment is pretty good!

Q:  Can you tell our readers which of the systems you guys are using?   

A:  We own the ProspectsPLUS! Personal Real Estate Marketing Software.  We routinely order SOLD postcards through and as well.

Q:  How is your team using the products to brand yours business?

A:  We are using the products to build our brand as a resource.  When we have brochures and info available for buyers and sellers that are professional and include our personal office information,  that brands us as the go-to resource for real estate in our market.  When potential clients have questions about real estate or are looking to buy or sell, I want to be well-established as an expert so that they will turn to my agency for services – just as they have gotten used to turning to us for information.

Q:  What are a few of your favorite feature products?

A:   FSBO flyers, info for buyers and sellers, newsletters, marketing presentations and the sold postcards.  We are adding a new agent in 2012 and will be using postcards to introduce him as well.

Q:  How have they worked well for you?

A:  Extremely well!  One way to evaluate a product’s effectiveness is by the response it brings.  We ALWAYS get a response from a postcard mailing.  We get comments on the flyers, brochures, newsletters and presentation tools we use and I know it raises our level of professionalism as viewed by sellers.

Q:  How do you intend to make these pieces a part of your 2012 marketing and business plans?

A:  In 2012, my business plan will be based on having systems in place so that I can effectively and proactively connect with our client base — those who either know us and like us and trust us, or those who have been referred by our past clients.  We will grow our lists so that we reach top of mind awareness.  My intention is to connect with our list systematically 6-12 times per year; to utilize not only SOLD cards, but JUST LISTED, as well.  We will also explore other options, but the majority of my advertising budget will include ProspectsPLUS! and internet strategies

Thanks so much Barb for sharing your experience with us!  You’re terrific! If you’d like to learn more about Barb and her team – visit them online at  If you would like to learn more about the products or services that Barb and her team are using to generate big results in their market, seamlessly, easily and affordably – give us a call today at 1.866.405.3641 or visit or  


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