Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“I used the April Newsletter as a ‘Spring Into Spring’ tool to spark some interest. I sent the newsletter in PDF format via email to my sphere of influence. I received several positive replies about how nice the newsletter was, and 2 people replied to tell me ‘We were just thinking about starting to look.’ We now have appointments scheduled to start looking for homes!

“I think this form of marketing is wonderful for those who are tech savvy and communicate through email. I have also printed these out and used them as part of my handouts at my open houses.”

“I am fairly new in real estate and was asked to participate in bank days, where we sit in the lobby of the bank and hand out cards and listing sheets. I had not received any leads that worked out until last week. I printed out some of the flyers from ProspectsPLUS!, and I was amazed. I got 7 leads and one is an investor that I am working with. I used the ‘Are you still renting?’ flyer and the ‘First-Time Buyer’ flyer. They really work! I will never do bank days or the Costco road show days again without them. I know now that marketing is easy with your product. Thank you so much!”

“ is truly the future of real estate lead generation. Fast, simple and out the door–and we don’t even have to touch it? That’s just SMART PROSPECTING! This is a system that works and a company with integrity. To us, that’s a winning combination! If you want results in a changing market, learn from this team!”

“I recently decided to go out on my own after being on a Top 25 Georgia Team for 9 years. Very fearful of how I would accomplish everything that my previous Listing Manager did for me, my first purchase was ProspectsPLUS! I quickly saw the advantage of the program.

It has been a tremendous relief to know that consistent marketing that had been a critical part of my plan was able to continue, and I only had to make contact one time, set up the program, and within days of a listing the word is out automatically!

How awesome to be able to have something so simple right at my fingertips. I continue to get calls for listing appointments as a result of these mailings, without my having to remember a thing! In this market where time is money, I am very thankful that I can carry on without having to worry about the time needed to create, identify a mailing list, address, drive to the post office and more. Thanks so much!”

“I receive the ProspectsPLUS! Master Marketing Newsletter email and read every line every time it comes in. One particular month, I was impressed by a woman who had used the Expired Listing letter (the one that talks about the Merchandising Review Form) and decided to give it a try myself. I mailed the form to a group of expireds on November 15, and just two weeks later I received a call, set the appointment and took the listing two days after the call!

You can bet I will continue to send this mailer out to expireds and grow my list of happy clients. Thank you so much, ProspectsPLUS!, for the many ingenious options you offer to us!”