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Shake off the
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We’ve made our top agent favorites your key to savings this month!

Choose from any of these postcard series between now and September 10th and save 15%. Just click on any of the postcards below to get started and enter Promo Code: AGENTFAVES when checking out!

Savvy agents know that whatever they do now will affect how they finish their year. Here are the top ProspectsPLUS! campaign choices from agents across the nation. Leverage the free reports found in our resource section with the direct mail postcards that support them. Just click on any of the postcards below to get started!


Seven Must Know Facts about Short Sales and Foreclosures

Still holding as our top agent campaign, agents everywhere are joining the ranks of distressed property experts to ensure homeowners in trouble get the help they need.

If you’d like to make this niche your own or expand your presence as a short sale or distressed property specialist in your market, click on the postcards below to get started and don’t forget to download this valuable free report to use as collateral with your new prospects!

Short Sale and Foreclosure Series cards:


FSBO First Aid

The FSBO Series is getting a lot of attention in the last few months as top agents and FSBO specialists turn up the heat on area do-it-yourself sellers and show them just what they need to get the job done in today’s market.

Download and use the FSBO First Aid Kit as a terrific fair trade item when following up with local FSBOs! Be sure to “warm up” those calls by sending a series of at least three postcards ideally spaced just a week apart for best success!

FSBO Series cards:


Six Tips for Selling Your Home in a Shifting Market

Top agents know that when the national news is a constant barrage of “market watch” negativity, they’ve got to showcase the positive side of local markets and let homeowners know that sometimes “shifting” can be a benefit to them.

This free report and postcard series let’s all those would-be sellers still “holding their breath” and waiting for a change know that you’re available to answer their questions and help them make an informed decision.

Fence Sitter Series cards:


Tap into HOT Q2 agent picks!

Three hot trends, three simple solutions… Get started today. Choose from any of these postcard series between now and June 1st and save 15%. Just click on any of the postcards below to get started and enter Promo Code: HOTPICKS when checking out!

Short Sale Series

Wow—they’re everywhere and if you’re a Short Sale Specialist we have just the thing to reach out and capture the attention of distressed homeowners in YOUR market!

It’s easy: pick a card, upload or enter your mailing list, and calendar your campaign!

Short Sales not your thing? No problem! Join the online conversation with our On the Web Series!

On the Web Series

Savvy agents across the nation are driving OFFLINE traffic to their ONLINE websites, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIN, and more… It’s a great way to communicate and an even better way to stay connected. But how do you get all the email addresses? It’s easier than you think!

Schedule them to your sphere, neighborhood farm area or offline network today and watch your “fan club” grow—along with your referrals!

Free Workshop Series

Group Effort! How do you get GROUPS of people into your sphere at one time?

Now it’s simple! Agents everywhere are tapping into their “inner Toastmaster” and hosting community workshops on a wide variety of topics! These easy to order, results-producing invites are just the thing to bring neighbors together and business to your doorstep.

We’ll even throw in a free report about hosting “goof-proof” workshops in your neck of the woods!

freewebinar_imageOur webinar has unfortunately had to be postponed.  We will post a link here for the rescheduled webinar as soon as possible.  THANKS! 

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You’ll learn how to:

  • Create consistent systems for success
  • Ensure you’re capturing the 60-70% of business that SHOULD come from your Sphere
  • Deploy cost-effective, highest return, relevant marketing solutions
  • Calculate the lifetime value of your customers
  • Create a powerful referral network
  • Plan for your future
  • and so much more…




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